A New Home

Renesmee POV

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"When are you coming home? Everyone is driving me crazy." Alice complained as I sat next to Jake on the plane, which was sitting on the Sea-Tac runway.

"We just landed. That's why I called you. We have to get our bags but we should be out in about fifteen minutes." I laughed.

"Oh ok then. Jasper and I will be waiting at the front entrance."

"Bye aunt Alice."

"Bye sweetheart."

I closed the phone and then put it back in my bag. I looked over at my husband who was reading a car magazine and couldn't get over how beautiful he looked in the mid summer light.



Jake and I were just finishing our amazing honeymoon in Greece and there was no way I could thank him enough for how wonderful he made me feel every time I looked at him.

Jacob and I had been through a lot in the past but by some divine miracle, we had made it. We were married and bound by every law imaginable.

There was nothing I wanted more in life and I couldn't see how I could be happier. I couldn't wait to start my life with him as his wife and hoped that I could make him as happy as he had made me in the past couple of years. He was so caring and loving with me even though I had screwed on more occasions that I cared to admit. In actuality, I didn't deserve him but I was sure as hell glad that I was his. He promised to never make me want for anything and I loved him for it.

Jacob had gone from being my babysitter to my brother to my best friend to my boyfriend all in a short amount of time but nothing seemed unnatural about it. Jake had imprinted on me, which in layman's terms meant that he was made especially for me but there still wasn't anything that made our relationship any less real or special.

From the beginning of my memoirs, all I could remember was Jake. He was always there for me and never questioned anything I asked him to do. Jake and I were two of the most stubborn people on the earth so we didn't come without our fights and small spats but our love never wavered. We had long separations and short separations, which caused us to only be more drawn to each other. There was one point in my life when I thought I would never see Jacob again and that nearly killed me as much as the physical pain I went through when I spent those four months locked in a cellar. Through that time, he was all I could think about and he was the reason I fought so hard.

As I thought more about what Jacob had done for more me over the years, I didn't even realize that the plane had landed and it was time to get off.

"Nessie, come on. I know you want to go home." Jacob chuckled bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Oh sorry, I was just thinking." I stuttered and went to get my bag from the overhead compartment but I should have known better. Jacob already had it over his shoulder and he took my hand as we walked off of the plane.

We went to the baggage claim and got out luggage before going to the front of the airport to find Alice.

"I hope she doesn't start screaming or anything when she sees us." Jacob said.

"I'm sure she'll compose herself." I answered hesitantly because I knew she just might.

"So, did I do good on our honeymoon Mrs. Black?" Jacob asked.

"Do you even have to ask? I've been complimenting you since we stepped off of the plane in Greece."

"I just wanted to make sure." He chuckled.

I was about to say something else but the wind was knocked out of me as the cold, rock solid arms of my aunt wrapped themselves around my body.

"I've missed you so much Nessie. I've found out that everything is boring with out you." Alice sobbed into my shoulder, "Don't ever leave me again with these crazy people."

"Alice darlin', you have to let her breathe." My uncle Jasper's southern drawl said as he pulled her off of me.

"I'm sorry but I'm just so happy that she's back. Oh and I totally forgot about Jake." Alice threw herself into Jacob's arms and he gave her just as much of a reception.

"Has she been like this the whole month?" I asked as uncle Jasper led us out to the parking lot.

"Worse. She even made Rose give up on shopping after the fifth trip to LA." He chuckled.

"Good lord Alice, what have you bought?" I said, "There's only so much stuff in the world and I'm pretty sure you have it all." I joked.

"Well I had to totally restock someone's new house missy." She poked my shoulder.

"Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that." I started bouncing at the prospect of seeing the house that Jacob had helped design for us.

"You're going to love it babe. I promise." He hooked his arm around my waist as we continued to walk.

"We brought your baby so that you could get used to her again." Jasper laughed as he threw Jake the keys to his huge black Escalade.

"Thank God. I was starting to think that they were just rotting away in the garage."

Jake and Jasper put all our luggage in the backseat before we got in the car and Jake pulled out of the parking garage.

My whole body was tingling with excitement because I could tell that I was home. We made our way out of Seattle and I rolled down the window so that I could smell the ocean and the scent of the Northwest pine forests that covered Washington. I loved my old home Vermont but nothing could compare to the rocky stone beaches of LaPush or the wet air of the Forks forests. I didn't even realize how much I had missed it until I watched the mossy trees pass us by on the highway. Now that I was home, I didn't ever want to leave.

Everyone was chatting idly in the car but my mind was focused on everything that was passing by my window. Jake took my hand and held it in his lap during the three hour drive back to Forks, which could have easily been made in an hour with Jake driving but he took it slow. I think he was trying to see everything that was passing by just like I was.

We pulled into the driveway of the Cullen mansion where the whole family was waiting to greet us.

"My baby's home." Mama pulled me into a hug before I could even open the door fully.

"Its good to see you too mama." I said straining for breath, "I've missed you."

"You're never leaving again." She said sternly.

"I think I might have to one day."

"Then I'm coming with you."

"Calm down down Bella." My daddy said as he pulled her closer to him after giving me a hug,"Welcome home sweetheart."

The rest of the family greeted Jake and me the same way before leading us inside.

"So, how was the honeymoon?" My grandmother asked as we sat on the couches.

"The best. There was so much to do and I don't think I'll ever forget it. Greece was perfect." I sighed longingly.

"That's not what she meant. What mom wanted to say was 'how was the sex'?" My uncle Emmett snickered.

"You don't want to know my friend." Jake said suggestively and I elbowed him in the stomach.

I prayed that mama's shield was up because daddy didn't need to know about the things that Jacob and I did in the privacy of our own honeymoon.

"I see Jacob didn't die when you guys went sailing." Jasper said.

"He did really well actually. I was proud." I remarked.

"I did better than well. I was fucking amazing. You should have seen me Jasper. I don't even think we swayed." Jacob stated proudly.

"Just make sure you don't get one anytime soon." Mama said seriuosly.

"I was just about to go online to see what options we have. I can't wait to get back out there." Jake chuckled.

"How's it been going here? Nothing to report?" I asked.

I kind of felt guilty for not speaking to anyone in my family for an entire month but I'm sure they understood since I was kind of busy the whole time.

"Noting important. We just finished up your house, which looks amazing by the way and took a hunting trip to see the Denalis but everything else was same as normal." Alice shrugged.

"Are you ready to start school?" Rose asked and I groaned.

"If you guys weren't forcing me to go, I would stay at home all day. Good thing I still have another month before I even have to worry about it."

"That's why you have to go. There isn't anything better to do." Jake kissed my cheek and I immediately softened.

"Well fine but I'm not going to enjoy it just to spite you all." I replied.

"As long as you're there." Daddy snickered.

We continued to talk for the rest of the afternoon and grandma made Jake and I a huge meal because she said she didn't have the chance while we were away. I had forgoteen how good of a cook she was for not having eaten in the past century. I made sure to get some of her recipes so that I could try them at home. She was practically bouncing at the stove as she pulled out a huge pot roast that looked bigger than my head but I didn't complain becuase it tasted delicious.

As grandpa promised, nothing major had happened over the past month and everyone seemed happy to get back to Forks. Although we all loved Vermont, which had been our home for the past four years, Forks was where we were meant to be. It just felt like home and everything was made right.

Everyone was going to the University of Washington in Seattle and we were going to commute every morning. Grandpa got a job at a hospital that was affiliated with the University and Jake was going to be building his new empire with the garage that he, Seth and Embry were going to be starting within the next couple of months. When he showed me the plans, emprie was the only word I could come up with to descibe his lofty goals. I knew he could accomplish it but not without a hefty amount of work on his part.

"When do we get to see the house?" I asked excitedly as the sun was setting.

"Now if you want. We just wanted to see you guys before our schedules got to busy." Grandma smiled.

"I can't wait. What does it look like Jake?" I asked.

"You'll just have to wait and see." He laughed.

"I can't stand the wait. Come on." I pulled him out of the door followed by the rest of my family as they got in the cars that were in the garage.

Jake and I got in the Escalade , drove out of the driveway and followed grandpa's Mercedes down the street for about ten minutes. I noticed that we were heading towards the reservation.

"Are we going to be living on the rez?' I asked.

"No, I wanted to put us in the middle so that we could get to the pack or your family within seconds if we run." He said, "Its about a six minute drive in each direction."

"You thought of everything didn't you?" I kissed the side of his mouth and he turned his head to capture his lips with mine.

"Of course I did."

Our caravan went for another minute before grandpa pulled into a secluded drive that was hidden by trees and shrubs. I got progressively more excited the closer we came to the house.

"I think I can see it." I pointed out of the window to a giant white, stone house that could have probably accommodated a small country.

"Yup, that's it. 13,000 square feet of pristine Italian marble situated on the rolling hills of beautiful northern Washington." Jake said with his best cheesy voice.

"Maybe real estate should be your new career. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

We pulled up to a wrought iron gate and I saw grandpa enter in a code on the box off to the side of the drive before we drove into the expansive cobblestone driveway of my new home.

"Do you like it?" Jake asked as he helped me out of the car.

"I'm speechless. I have no I idea where to look first." I said truthfully.

The whole compound was in the European architectural style with beautiful arches and huge open windows that reflected the moonlight that was streaming down. It looked like a giant Spanish villa with connecting sections of the house that was held together with a red tiled roof and a massive green lawn. To the side of the house was a garage that looked like it could hold at least five cars, which wouldn't be much of a shock if anyone knew Jacob.

Jake pulled me closer to his body as the rest of the family got out of the cars.

"Did you build all this?" I asked.

"I designed it but Esme built it. I put in everything I thought you might like so if you don't want anything, we can take it out." He said worriedly but I shut him up with a passionate kiss that showed him how much I appreciated him.

I pulled away and continued to look at the house with my husband and saw my future here and how I was going to have a life with Jacob in this house. My life couldn't be more perfect.

"I just wanted to make this our home." He whispered in my ear.

"Its perfect and I haven't even seen the inside yet." I laughed.

"Well let's get this show on the road." Alice bounced up and down and it seemed like she was more excited than I was about the whole thing.

She pulled me by the cuff of my shirt, up the front marble steps in front of the giant wooden and glass double doors.

"Wait, wait." My grandmother called from the car, "I have to give her the key." She pulled something out of her purse and then ran to my side.

I took the brass key and put it in the golden keyhole before I was greeted with something that came out of a magazine.

Mama flickered on the lights behind me and I stared in awe at everything. No one spoke as I looked at the giant foyer that we were standing in and I don't even think I could breathe correctly.

Everything was made of a gleaming, shinny neutral colored marble that was actually blinding. A massive round, hardwood table sat in the middle of the room under a hanging chandelier that I had to crane my neck to see because it was lifted so high up on the ceiling. To my left was the family room and to my right was the dinning room that could both be accessed by large arch walkways. There were dual winding staircases that were made out of a dark wood and had a wrought iron railing, which led up to the second floor.

I didn't even know what to do.

"Do you like it?" Esme asked hesitantly.

I pulled her into a tight hug because I couldn't say anything and then peppered her face with kiss while I heard laughter in the background. I then jumped to Jacob and wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Thank you so much for this." I gave him another deep kiss and wasn't even embarrassed in front of my family.

I'm sure they've seen worse.

"Come on, let's see this place." Jacob said but didn't set me down.

He carried me first into the archway on the left into the family room that was floored with a thick white carpet. The soft couches and chairs were all a dark, chocolate brown. They looked massive enough to host the wolves who I knew would be over sooner rather than later but I didn't mind if they camped out for a little while.

There was a gigantic white fireplace that I couldn't wait to use when it got colder and it already had a framed candid picture of Jake and I that Alice took before our first date. I remembered that night perfectly and I could already feel the tears forming but I wouldn't let them spill out. I saw a ebony baby grand piano sitting in front of the window in the corner and jumped off of Jake to get a closer look. I ran my fingers over the new keys. I still couldn't comprehend that all of this was mine.

"I put in all the latest technology and the coolest equipment I could find." Uncle Emmett gestured expansively.

"Oh please, that's nothing. Wait til' you see everything else that I did." Uncle Jasper banged his chest.

"Will you two shut up. I'm trying to take Nessie on a tour of our house." Jake huffed and took me into the kitchen, which was behind the family room.

The floor was made of an expensive Spanish marble. The counters were made of granite with a speckling of bright pink and black throughout. I knew from my studies in geology that the more pink the coloring of the rocks, the more rare the granite was so I knew this didn't come cheap. I ran my hand across the smooth, cool top and still didn't believe that this was my house.

"We have all brand new appliances with stainless steel and I knew that you would want to cook right away so I made sure that your father stocked everything up." Esme said and opened the refrigerator to reveal almost every food item I would ever need.

I opened the cabinets to see blenders, baking sheets, mixers, and every other kitchen appliance ever made. The drawers held silverware and cooking utensils. The granite island in the middle of the kitchen looked like it could hold a huge Thanksgiving feast and I couldn't wait until the time when I could hold my own dinners here.

There was a large window that let me look out over the backyard but I couldn't even think about seeing that right now.

"This is too much. I still can't believe that this is my house." I said in awe.

"I know." Mama said, "Edward, let's move in." She suggested.

"I don't think so sweetheart."

"Don't even go there." I said sternly, "I mean it mama."

"I'm sure she was just kidding sweetheart." Daddy pulled mama into a tight embrace that said more than his words. She pouted but I knew she wasn't serious.

"Shut up Edward. You know you wish this was your house." Rose smirked.

"Still, I don't wish to live with my daughter and her new husband." He said, "That might be a little too weird."

"You're telling me." Jacob rubbed the back of his neck.

"Yeah, who knows what's going to go down on this puppy." Emmett banged his fist on the squared, wooden table that had a couple chairs around it. It was so big and I could see all the wolves sitting around it whenever they came over.

"Stop making those comments or I'm going to rip your throat out." Daddy said viciously through his teeth.

"You can't deny the fact that your daughter is a hell cat in the bed. She gets it from her mother. I've heard you and Bella sometime." Emmett wiggled his eyebrows and the next thing I knew, they were both on the ground with loud thrashing filing the air.

Not in my kitchen. No sir.

I was about to say something but of course grandma was there first.

She ran and pulled daddy off of Emmett while screaming punishments. I knew she was a tough mother but I had no idea she was so ruthless.

"Outside, now!" She growled and daddy along with Emmett sulked out of the back door, "I'm sorry about that dear." She turned to me with a smile that kind of scared me.

Mama and Rose followed them both.

"That's why I don't open my mouth around this family." Grandpa chuckled, "Sweetheart, why don't you and Jake go see the rest of the house while we stay down here to give you some privacy." He suggested.

"Thank you. This family is even too freaky for my own good." Jake pulled me out of the kitchen and we finished the tour of the first floor.

The archway to the right of the foyer held the formal dinning room that was complete with a dark, cherry table that had twenty chairs situated around it and an oriental rug, which had intricate designs.

"I imported this table from Italy." Jacob said proudly as we walked around the dinning room. He turned on the light and another chandelier illuminated the room in a soft glow. There was china cabinet on the far wall that held beautiful crystal and sparkling plates.

"Are you trying to impress me Jacob?" I smirked.

"Yes." And then his face fell, "You've grown up with the best and I just want to give you everything you deserve." He said seriously.

I pulled him into a hug and rested my head on his chest under his chin, "You don't have to impress me Jacob. All of this is nice and I love it but I don't need all this."

"I know, but once I got started, I couldn't stop. I kind of went overboard with everything." He chuckled, "I wanted to make this house just as beautiful as the one in Vermont or down the street."

"Please don't tell me that you bought a spaceship or something." I laughed.

"Almost. Come on, let's finish this tour."

He led me to the laundry room, which could have been its own guest bedroom if we wanted it to be. There were two large bedrooms in the back where I figured Billy would stay if he visited. There were stairs that led to the carpeted basement and we went downstairs to see a "man palace" as Jake called it. There were weights and exercise equipment along with a monstrous flat screen with recliners situated in a separate room.

There was a whole kitchen downstairs with a pool table and gaming equipment with everything else that Jacob would have ever dreamed of.

"I can't believe you did all this."

"This is the perfect place to escape." He sighed longingly.

"Why would you need to escape?" I rasied my eyebrow.

"Just...for..uh.."He stuttered.

"I don't want to find you down here at night playing around."

"I promise but I couldn't resist putting all this stuff in." He smiled impishly.

We went back upstairs to the first floor before going up on of the wooden staircases to the second floor.

To best honest, the whole house was just a little too much for just me and Jake but I could see people staying over because there was no way that we could ever fill up the seven rooms. Each room was painted a different color and had a decent size bed along with the necessary furniture.

The hallways were lined with photos of our families and some of the paintings that I had done over the years. Jake took every necessity into account and didn't spare any expense when it came to lighting, or furniture, or technology.

"Are you done with all the small rooms?" Jake asked as he leaned against the door frame of the last room we visited.

"Small rooms? I don't think you can get much bigger than this." I said but he just laughed and pulled me to a room down the hall.

Of course I was wrong and he opened the double doors to reveal something that I know must have put him in debt because it looked like the whole thing came out of a movie.

"Wow. I don't even know if I can live in something like this."

"Well you'll have to because this is your new home." He chuckled.

"Wow." I said again as I looked at our bedroom.

"Its all sound proof so we don't have to worry about people hearing us if we get a little wild."

"Shut up Jacob. You're going to make me blush." I joked.

"This is where we will be spending every night." He said sincerely.

"Its perfect."

The whole room was in a color palette of red, black and white. The main thing that dominate the room was the giant bed that was obviously larger than king size but I didn't know what to classify it as because it was just too big. There were large throw pillows on the bed and I could only wonder how deep the bed would sink if I got on top of the covers.

I noticed glass doors that led out to the terrace. I went outside and didn't believe my eyes. Not only was I looking down at my expansive backyard, but I could see past the land to the forests and mountains in the distance. It was an amazing sight and since we were so high up, I could pretty much see for miles.

I felt Jacob's arms wrap around my waist from behind but I couldn't stop staring. There was black patio furniture that looked more comfortable than some of the beds in the house. Now that I could properly see the backyard, I was able to appreciate it for what it was.

It was closed off by another iron gate but went on for a good hundred yards of manicured, green lawn until it reached the forests behind the house. There was a crystal blue pool that was huge and completed with a small waterfall. We had a patio downstairs that was connected to the kitchen and I could see the soft light flow out from the windows.

"This is amazing." I said.

"We need to definitely thank Esme for building all this."

"I don't even know how I can thank her for everything. Nothing could compare."

"You're right."

"What's that?" I asked as I saw a smaller yet still impressive structure just beyond the gate.

"That's the guest house but its not really going to be anything but kind of a locker room."

"Looker room?"

"Yeah, you know us wolves get dirty so instead of them trekking mud in the house, there are showers and stuff in there. If we ever have too many guests, they can stay out there."

"Wow, you really did think of everything."

"I told you I would." He chuckled before leading me back inside our room.

On the opposite wall facing the bed was a flat screen that was of course massive and a couple of dressers, which I assumed held some clothes. As my brain thought about my clothes, I remembered my closet and frantically searched for it.

My excitement must have given me away.

"Its in the other room." Jacob laughed and pointed through the connecting bathroom.

I saw that everything was made of white marble but my mind was only focused on the double doors were I prayed held the huge closet I begged for.

I opened them up and for the first time since my wedding, actually cried.

Yes, I cried because it was so beautiful.

The closet was exactly what I needed and I didn't even care that it was empty because I was looking forward to filling it with all my clothes that were in boxes downstairs. I walked in and noticed that it looked like a separate room all on its own. There were racks that could hold hundreds of shoes and I cried harder just thinking about how they would look in their new spaces. Jacob had his own side of the closet but it was still big enough that my side wasn't lacking any space.

"Do you like it?" I heard Jake ask from behind me, "Shit, you don't like it. I can have Seth come over and help me change everything." He said as he saw my tears.

I jumped on him and started kissing his neck furiously. I was beyond words so I just used my gift to show him exactly what I was thinking. Once he realized how happy I was, he laughed and carried me back into our bedroom.

I felt the plush softness of the sheets against my back as he laid me down and started kissing me back.

"Thank you so much." I cried.

"I did this all for you." He said against my neck.

"I don't deserve you. I'll never deserve you."

"Stop saying that because I think it's the other way around. You are more than anything I could have ever wished for and I just wanted to show you how much I loved you. I wanted to give you everything you ever desired."

"Well you blew my mind today with all of this. Thank You."

I didn't know if my family was downstairs or not but I really didn't care at this point. I had to thank Jacob properly and we christened our bed three times before falling into a deep sleep.

I woke up the next morning naked and tangled in Jacob's arms; the only place I wanted to be.

As I looked around my room, I couldn't contain my glee because this was my house. I wasn't living with my family anymore and even though I would miss them, it wasn't like I couldn't walk to their house to visit. To be honest, I would bet that I would be spending almost everyday with them because Jacob would be very busy within the next couple of months with the new garage so I would need something to occupy my time besides school.

I woke up fully and looked over at the clock on the nightstand to see eleven o'colck blinking on the screen.

I lightly untangled myself from Jacob and headed into the bathroom to do my morning routine. I had to look at my closet one more time before brushing my teeth and throwing on one of Jacob's shirts that was in our luggage from our honeymoon.

Alice didn't think that she should handle our clothes because she knew we would move them around anyway so she left them for us to do. Jake and I were going to have to do that before we got too busy.

I crept out of the bathroom and opened our door quietly before shutting it again, letting Jacob sleep. I noticed a note tapped to the door.


I hope you're having fun in there. I know you guys are newlyweds and all but this is ridiculous. Just kidding. But anyway, all your wedding gifts are in the closet down the hall. I really wanted to open them but your mother had a stick up her butt and wouldn't even let me take a peak even though I knew what everyone got you of course but I still wanted to see. So yeah, don't have too much sex. Its not healthy for a young girl your age but if you need some tips, you know I'm here.

We'll see you later on today because we have to go shopping again.

Loves ya,

Auntie Alice.

I giggled quietly as I read the letter for the second time and walked down the hall to the closet that she was talking about. I opened it up and was stunned that even the hallway closet was walk in. Good thing it was because there was an overabundance of gifts that were wrapped in brightly colored paper. There must have been hundreds of gifts of all different sizes and I added that to the mental list of things that Jake and I had to do shortly. We told our guests not to get us anything but it was obvious that they didn't really listen.

I trekked down the stairs and couldn't help but smile as I walked into my kitchen. I began pulling out things for the massive breakfast that I planned on making Jake for another appreciation gesture. I think I would probably be doing things like this for the rest of my life in order to give him the proper thank you that he deserved.

I started with the eggs and once I began, I couldn't seem to stop. By the end of an hour, I had made omelets, bacon, sausage patties and links, French toast, pancakes, along with three different types of smoothies.

I think I was just excited to use all my new cooking appliances but I didn't care.

"You don't know how good this looks?" I heard Jacob's voice and spun around to see him staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"First of all, you're in my clothes which is always a turn on. Second, you're in our kitchen making us breakfast and I never thought I would see that." He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my temple.

"What are you talking about? I always make breakfast."

"Yeah but not in our kitchen." He smirked.

He seemed to have the same thoughts running through his brain that I did and I could tell that he was overly proud of himself as he should have been. He designed all of this and it was his creation so I knew the pride he was feeling as he looked around our house.

I gave him a proper good morning kiss and I knew that there was no way in hell that I was ever going to give up this perfect man.