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"Raven, I'm bored," Beast Boy complained, plopping down on the couch.

Raven, her nose in her book, said simply, "Then go do something."

"I don't have anything to do," said Beast Boy. He slumped down and crossed his arms over his lean stomach. Raven sighed and closed her book, placing it next to her. She turned her head and looked at Beast Boy. She noticed that he looked a little fatigued and tired. He blinked a few times and then looked up at Raven. "What?" he asked.

Raven replied, "You look really tired." Beast Boy shrugged and sighed. Then, it hit Raven. Today was the anniversary…. Of when Beast Boy claimed Terra told him things change. Raven sighed and asked, "Today's the day, isn't it?"

Beast Boy nodded and his hand flopped down and he played with the seams of his uniform. Today was a hard day for him. It's only been a year and he really did love Terra. "What did I do wrong?" He suddenly asked, looking down at the foor.

"Nothing," Raven said. "Don't even think that way, Beast Boy." She noticed that he didn't perk up or even acknowledge that she was right. He didn't do anything wrong; it was all Terra's fault.

His hand then traveled to his ear and then his fang. "Is it my ears? Or my fang? Or my skin?"

"No," Raven said. She placed a hand on his shoulder and said, "You did absolutely nothing wrong and you're fine the way you are. Terra made a mistake of letting you go." She meant it. Beast Boy was really special and anyone would be a fool for letting something as precious as him go.

Beast Boy then smiled and turned to Raven. "Thanks, Rae."

"It's Raven," Raven replied with a slight smile. As he got up to leave, Raven realized that his smile did not reach his eyes. His mouth was wide and his teeth showing, but his eyes remained dull. She sighed and watched his back retreat to the door and then him turn down the hallway. Cyborg then walked in and had a weird look on his face, stealing a glance at something down the hall.

Cyborg raised an eyebrow, but walked in with a smile. "Hey, Raven," He greeted. "What's wrong with B?" Cyborg went into the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator.

"He's sad," she replied. "Today's that day."

Cyborg lifted his head from the fridge and asked, "When Terra seemingly told him off?"

"Yeah," Raven replied. She picked up her book and went around the couch. "He looked really sad. He wanted to know if he did anything wrong."

Nodding, and taking a hamburger that he never finished out, Cyborg replied, "He looked sad when I saw him walking through the hallway." He placed the hamburger into the microwave and started it. Crossing his large, metallic arms, he said, "I asked him if he wanted to play Mega Monkeys and he said no."

"That's weird," Raven said. "He never gives up videogames. Not for anything."

Cyborg sighed and said, "He really loved her, Raven. She was just too stupid and mental to notice."

"I guess," Raven replied. Cyborg turned to take his lunch out from the fridge and Raven thought for a second. Maybe if she'd ask him to do something with her, he'd be more happy and realize that he already had friends who cared for him. Standing up, Raven said, "I'm going to go to my room. I'll talk to you later."

Waving goodbye, Cyborg continued to prepare his meal. The doors slid open and Raven turned, walking down the hallway. Her shoes tapped lightly on the rug as she made her way through the dimly lit hallways. Turning a few corners and going up some stairs, Raven finally made it to his room. She raised her pale hand and knocked on the door three times. She waited a few seconds, but nobody answered. Knocking once more, Raven started to get worried. "Beast Boy?" She called.

Then, she heard from his room, "One second!" A few seconds later, Beast Boy showed up at his door, looking as tired and depressed as before. "Yeah?" He asked.

"Do you want to go do something? Like maybe," Raven gulped, "Play videogames?" Beast Boy smiled a little and then the smile faded.

He slowly shook his head, "Sorry, Raven. I'm really busy with something and I don't feel like it today." With that, he shut the door and Raven stood there, completely confused.

"He really did say no to videogames," She whispered. Raising an eyebrow, Raven placed her book on the ground. She whispered, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" her body went through the door and she blended in with the darkness of the corner of his room.

Beast Boy was there, on his bed, facing a picture of Terra that sat on his desk. Next to him was a silver box that was shaped like a heart. Raven tried to keep as quiet as she could, making her breaths long and slow. Beast Boy said sadly to the picture, "Terra, you let me down. I don't know what I did wrong or why… but apparently something, because it messed you up."

He turned and picked up something next to him that Raven couldn't see. He put it near him and said, "This is for me being stupid," He slashed something, his body tensing. Raven narrowed her eyes, trying to see what he was doing. "And for being green," he slashed again, "and for having fangs," another slash, "and huge, pointy ears." He slashed again.

"I know that we could never be now, but I sure hoped so," He whispered. "This is for me being…" he sighed, "me… not perfect enough for you." He slashed something again and then leaned down, sobbing. Raven slowly stepped out from the dark and went closer to Beast Boy. "What are you doing?" He choked out.

Raven was caught. "I should be asking you the same question," She said. Then, she saw the knife that was covered with blood and his arm, with several cuts on it. Her eyes went wide and she gasped. "Beast Boy!"

"Don't tell the others," He said, not looking at her. "I deserve this, I don't deserve to be healthy if I messed up Terra." Raven was about to protest, but Beast Boy said, "And don't say I that I didn't. I did. Ever since she thought I told you guys about her problems, and she ran off… and I let her go, it was my fault. All of it."

Raven had enough. She ripped the knife from his hand and yelled, "Beast Boy, you're an idiot! Why would you result to this!?" She pointed to the knife. Then, she threw the knife into his garbage can. Leaning in, she sat down next to him and reached for his arm. Beast Boy flinched at her aura, but then the cuts were healed and his arm looked fine.

"You can't tell the others," he said.

Shaking her head, Raven said, "You're nuts, Beast Boy. Of course I'm going to tell, this is crazy."

"But, it's the only way," Beast Boy said, finally looking her in the eye. "I'm a horrible person."

Raven groaned and said, "Beast Boy… no you're not." She put a hand on his shoulder. "You're a hero. People depend on you to help us save the city. You're smarter than you think, you're handsome-," "And green…" He whispered.

Sighing, Raven said, "There's nothing wrong with being green."

Jumping up, Beast Boy yelled. "Yes there is!" He turned and said, "Do you know what people ask me when they see me? They ask if I'm permanently sea sick! I was asked if I chewed grass when I was a kid and then I was asked if I was half green bean!" He turned and faced Raven, tears streaming down his face. "And not only am I not good looking, but I'm a horrible friend. I let her sacrifice her life. I let her go and be brainwashed by Slade and I didn't try to get her out of there before I fought her. I-,"

"Just shut up," Raven said.

Beast Boy asked, "What?"

"Shut up," Raven said again. She stood and faced Beast Boy. Only now did she realize that he grew a little. He was about her height now. If not, taller. She looked into his eyes and said, "You are not a horrible friend. Who cheered me up after Malchior? Who gave me that lucky nickel during the Trigon incident? Who wants to make me smile all the time?" Raven looked him even deeper into the eyes, finding things she'd never thought she'd see. Regret, sadness and angst. Clearing her throat, she answered, "You."

Beast Boy felt tears start again and he sat back down on his bed, but missed, sliding to the floor. Raven sat next to him and rubbed his back. Then, he looked up for a second and then collapsed on her, hugging her. She did the only thing she could think necessary for that moment; hug back. Beast Boy whispered, "You're the best friend I've ever had."

"Promise me that you will never pick up that knife again," Raven said.

Beast Boy slowly said, "Okay." Raven smiled, thinking that he meant it. Little did she know, his fingers were crossed.

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