Beast Boy sprinted into the cave as a cheetah and quickly formed back into himself. He saw Terra, standing there looking very happy. "Terra?" He asked.

Terra turned to Beast Boy and she smiled widely. "Beast Boy!" She said. Running up to him, she planted a kiss on his lips. Beast Boy pushed her away and stared at her.

"You're different," He said. "Like really, really different."

Smirking, Terra went to kiss him again. But, Beast Boy's hand blocked her before she could get to him. "Where's Raven?" He asked. Terra frowned and crossed her arms.

"Why does it matter, BB?" She asked, "We're together now and that's all that matters."

Shaking his head, Beast Boy said, "No. Where's Raven?" Terra frowned and her eyes turned yellow.

"She's gone and you still care about her!?" She yelled. She threw down her fists, causing the earth behind her to tremble and erupt upwards. Through the dust and all, Beast Boy could vaguely see a limp body.

He yelled, "Raven!" Running as fast as he could through the cave, he made it to her body. Lifting her up, he looked at her pale face. "Rae…" He whispered. Narrowing his eyes, he placed her gently down and turned to Terra. "What did you do?"

"Nothing, BB! I just showed her how to stay away from other girl's men," She responded as she walked up to him, her hips swaying.

He looked up and yelled, "So, throwing her into the center of the earth is how you do that!?" Angry and out of control of his sanity, Beast Boy ran up and slapped Terra's cheek. Terra's head swung to the side and she put a hand up to her cheek. Turning back to Beast Boy, Terra swung her fist back and punched his cheek hard, sending him to the floor.

Walking up to Beast Boy, Terra asked, "What has that witch done to you? What kind of spell does she have you under?"

Standing up and feeling his pupils shrink, Beast Boy responded with a growl, "Her spell." Then he leapt forward, feeling his body grow fur and become three times its size. He roared with anger and Terra gasped. He grabbed her body and roared into her face. Terra's eyes widened and she was frozen out of terror. Beast Boy threw Terra out into the forest and roared as a beastly way of saying 'and don't come back'. Then, he turned and morphed back into himself. Running back to Raven, he knelt beside her and watched as her body floated, healing itself.

"Oh, Rae," Beast Boy whispered, wiping blood off her forehead from a head wound. "I'm so sorry… I've been selfish and ignorant this whole time and didn't notice how you really felt about me…." He picked up her hand and laced his fingers with hers. "And how I felt about you…" Leaning down, he gently kissed her cheek. "I didn't eat because I wanted your attention. I only pretended to cut that time you caught me after you asked me to stop because I wanted you there to hold. I'm not saying that I pretended this whole time, but I did a little because I wanted you there…"

Sighing, Beast Boy picked up Raven's body and walked out of the cave, making his way down the mountain. Talking to a body wasn't going to help. He had to get Raven to Titans Tower so she could fully heal. Thinking about what he said, Beast Boy looked down at Raven, only to cause him to almost have a heart attack. There she lay, looking up at him with beautiful violet eyes, her lips slightly smiling. He stopped walking and before she could say anything, Beast Boy leaned down and kissed her. Raven jumped out of surprise and leaned into the kiss. Her hair spun around her head and a few trees fell, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. After a few seconds, they parted and Beast Boy looked down at Raven.

"How?" He asked.

Raven said weakly, "Not fully healed, but I heard what you said… I was half awake. Beast Boy, is that true?"

"Well, I kissed you didn't I?" Beast Boy asked, smiling.

Shaking her head, Raven said, "No. I get that you like me. I meant about the whole pretending to cut to get me attention." Beast Boy gulped and let her down. She swayed and then Beast Boy lifted her again.

"Well," He said, "Only kind of."

Raven narrowed her eyes and hit Beast Boy's forehead lightly, "You idiot…"

"But, I'm your idiot?"

Rolling her eyes, Raven responded, "That was so corny…"

"I know," Beast Boy whispered before leaning down to kiss his Raven again. Raven smiled and wrapped her arms around Beast Boy's neck. They were happy and that's all that mattered. And plus, Beast Boy wasn't depressed anymore. He had Raven and he was as happy as can be.

Out in the forest, Terra woke up from her unconsciousness and gasped. She remembered the hideous Beast that was her Beast Boy. Getting up and dusting her clothes off, Terra looked down at her chest and frowned. She ran a hand down her shirt and threw all the socks out. Then, she froze, hearing something near her. Turning, she saw a tree hit the ground behind her, almost hitting her. Terra gasped and jumped back. Past the broken branches, Terra could clearly make out two Titans kissing each other passionately. Growling, Terra clenched her fists together as she watched them go.

"I'll get you my pretty," Terra hissed, smirking psychotically, "and your little green bean, too." Then, she turned and laughed up to the sky, which roared with revenge.

"What was that?" Raven asked. She heard the laughing. But, thunder struck just after it. Beast Boy shrugged and Raven said, "Maybe it's just thunder. Come on, I need to rest more." Beast Boy smiled and continued to walk down the path to Titans Tower.

Beast Boy said, "I was so stupid. I was obsessing over a demon, when in reality, I had an angel all along." Raven blushed and looked out to the sky, which was thundering and lightning with hatred and sorrow. Something was coming, but she just couldn't figure out what. Terra was gone, as far as she knew, and there was no one else to threaten them. What could it be?" Ignoring the feeling, Raven leaned her head on Beast Boy's chest and closed her eyes, enjoying his beautiful nature-like scent. She knew she loved him. Doesn't matter what he thought his imperfections were, because she thought his imperfections were perfection.

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