Stargate: Birth of the Federation

Author's Note: This story changes the canon Stargate time line since 2009; I will try to take into account new canon events especially from Stargate universe, but the new time line will be given priority.


RS27, Terran Federation

Research Station # 27

Operations Center

January 18, 2010

"Report!" said Captain George Giffen entering the small Command and Control center of the newly built research station 27, which was task in performing a full planetary analysis before a decision was made in colonizing the planet.

"Sir, one contact just enter sensor range and is heading towards us, E.T.A. Two hours and 44 minutes" said the sensor officer on duty.

"I.D.?" said Captain Giffen showing a concerned face, and getting near the big LCD sensor screens.

"Not enough resolution yet sir, but its approaching at three point sixty five light years per hour, that's the maximum speed of a Ha'tak class vessel, my guess its one of them; either Jaffa, Tok'ra or Lucian Alliance," said the sensor officer watching the screen in which a small dot could be seen with its present course and speed displayed alongside, just inside a big sphere representing the 10 ly maximum range of the station's sensors.

"COM, open a channel," said Captain Giffen

"Channel opened," said the communications officer

"Unidentified vessel, you are entering Terran Federation Space please identify yourself." the Captain said with slight tension in his voice.

"No response, Sir." said the communications officer

"Well we can guess who they are then," said Captain Giffen opening transmission again "Lucian Alliance vessel, you are in violation of Terran Federation space, retreat immediately." said the Captain closing transmission and turning to the com station "Com?"

"No response again, but they are receiving, Sir." said the communication officer verifying that the subspace signal was indeed being received by the contact's subspace signal receivers, when the packet integrity algorithms returned RS27's signal back for confirmation, this told them that the unknown vessel's crew at least was hearing what they where saying.

"Dammit, ….send a T5 to command," said Captain Giffen to the com officer, opening transmission again "Lucian Alliance vessel, this is your last warning, retreat immediately or you will be considered a threat and be dealt with accordingly,"

"No response again Sir; sending level five threat recognition signal to command," said the communication officer pressing the T5 button of his communications console, a simple signal that indicated that the station was facing a hostile threat that it could not engage alone.

"Good. Tactical set condition red, charge shield's and weapon's capacitors, and energize shield grid with direct feed, lets leave the capacitors as backup for now, and order all personal ready for immediate evac," said Captain Giffen

"Sir, all three Naquada Reactors at full power and supplying 12 Peta Watts, capacitors charge in 25 seconds, and shield grid will be fully energize to 300 Peta Joules max capacity in four and a half minutes,"

It was normal to charge the shields directly from the capacitors, because it only took 25 seconds to charge them to maximum and then use that energy to fully energize the shield grid and use the power output of the reactors to keep it up, but because they still have time for the unknown vessel to arrive, it was better to charge the capacitors, and then direct energy from the reactors to the shield grid matrix, it took more time to charge because all the energy being directed to the grid needed 1/25 of it to keep up, so the higher percentage in capacity the more energy used to maintain the grid, but at least they will have the capacitors as backup.

"… Evacuation command received by all personnel and expected ready with removable data cores in 7 minutes," said the tactical officer.

"Great, now let's hope command can send a vessel fast enough", said Captain Giffen a little worried, he knew that the Federation's ships were far faster than a Ha'tak, and that if sent they'd arrive in no time, but he couldn't foresee if any were available, and he also knew that if his station had to face the situation alone, it would not stand for more than 15 second to the firepower of a Lucian Alliance mother ship.

Earth, Terran Federation

Atlantis City Ship, Federation Capitol

Command and Control

1 minute later

Admiral Hans Voss, an ex German military General, who was given the rank of Admiral in the newly instituted ranking system of the Terran Federation Space Force, was sitting in his command chair looking at the massive holographic representation of the Milky Way Galaxy in the middle of the circular room situated in one of the towers adjacent to the main spire. There were blue dots representing the nearly 400 star systems that currently had some kind of Terran Federation presence.

In 328 the only presence were replicated reconnaissance satellites, that were deployed through a stargate and reached orbit via antigravity repulsors, with a very small Naquada reactor as their power source, were scanning the planets they were orbiting to verify if they were colonizable, another 41 systems had a research station, manned by 250 people, this prefabricated modular bases were sent disassembled through a stargate and assembled on site without the need of heavy machinery, they were performing an in depth analysis of the planet they were assigned to, with the purpose of guaranteeing that no unpleasant surprises came to the next wave of colonization.

"Eighteen days, just eighteen days and we already have forty one research stations out there Admiral, I really think that we are going to fast on this one, we are sending a new one every ten and a half hours." said Dr. Beth Brown

The Admiral turned to see the young astrophysicist, "Well Beth, it all depends on the point of view."

"Oh, come on Admiral, not even you believe that, last week we had half of those dots up there." said the Dr. pointing to the hologram.

"Actually it's quite easy, all those satellites can be replicated in hours, the same for all the equipment on the research stations, not even manning them is a problem, this is a global effort, the real problem is the stargate, at full capacity we will be able to maintain around seven hundred of them and…"

Suddenly, one of the farthest of the blue dots turned red, and started blinking.

"Sir we are receiving a T5 from RS27," said the communications officer

Admiral Voss turned and started walking to the com station addressing the officer in charge "If they are sending a T5, they are either facing a Lucian Ha'tak or something worst, let's hope the first, get me the Musashi,"

Immediately the officer gave a mental command to the ancient consol activating communication with the upgraded Daedalus class in orbit "Channel opened," he said

The image of Captain Tameichi Hara a former Japanese officer in command of an Atago class destroyer of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force, appeared in one of the main screens of the command center "Captain, we have a situation, we just received a T5 from Research Station 27, we're dispatching you to assist," said Admiral Voss

"Yes Admiral, is there any lead on the forces involved?" answer Captain Hara with a distinct Japanese accent.

"Not yet, but we should receive sensor telemetry from RS27 in a few seconds, you should depart immediately, if the situation is more than you can handle, we'll order the evacuation and self destruct of the station, and a signal for you to return, Captain if it's a single Lucian ship you know what to do, god speed and good hunting, command out," said Admiral Voss

"Roger that, Musashi out," said Captain Hara disappearing from the main screen, and replaced by the image of the TFS-08 Musashi, almost immediately the main engines glowed bright yellow, propelling the ship out of Earth gravity well.

"Sir, the Musashi is leaving orbit," a few seconds later a hyperspace vortex opened. "… Its entering hyperspace, it's gone," said the sensor officer

"What's their ETA?" asked Admiral Voss

"RS27 is at 7254 light years from Earth, and at the Musashi's maximum speed, it will arrive in 14 minutes, Sir" said the sensor officer.

The new upgraded Daedalus, while already replaced in production by the replicated Achilles class, had almost the same systems as the standard one, but replacing the missile tubes with an Asgard neutrino ion generator (called a Gravimetric Enhanced Naquadria S Fusion Reactor or GENFR by the humans) increasing power output from 32 to 232 PW, an ancient drone firing mechanism with its corresponding magazine, a secondary bridge and Asgard cloaking, giving the upgraded model nearly 3.5 times faster hyperspace speed, and a formidable offensive weapon.

"Com, send RS27 a message with the Musashi's ETA, do you have telemetry yet?" said Admiral Voss

"Yes Sir, I sent it to tactical," Said the communications officer

"Well?" said Admiral Voss

"Its a single contact, speed three point sixty five light years per hour, probable Ha'tak class, RS27 should have sensor resolution for ID in a little more than an hour, but it is not responding to attempted hails, so we can infer Lucian Alliance, Sir" said the tactical officer

"Send that info to the Musashi, they should arrive well before RS27 has ID confirmation, and tell the Captain that he has command authority of the operation," said Admiral Voss


TFS-08 Musashi – Upgraded Daedalus class


518 light years from RS27

"Helm, give us a 45 degree approach to the contact in relation to RS27´s sensor line of sight, I want to be sure there are no other ships hidden in the shadow of the first one," said Captain Hara, "Tactical, engage cloak and mask our sensor profile to background radiation, Full sensor stealth mode".

"Approaching at 45 degree angle, will be in sensor range in less than a minute," said Helm

"Engaging cloak and sensors on stealth mode, Sir," said Tactical

The Musashi was streaming through hyperspace at 8.63 ly/s, the maximum design speed of its hyperdrive, which could only be maxed out with its new reactor or with a ZPM, and in a fraction of a minute, was entering sensor range of the unknown contact.

"Sir, we are at 42 ly from the target, its entering sensor range; Sir confirmed one target, Ha'tak class vessel, Bearing 0 mark 0, Heading 127 mark 192, directly towards RS27" said Tactical

"Good… Helm, approach to sensor visual resolution and match target speed, let see if we can find some markings," said Captain Hara "then proceed to RS27 and enter normal space behind the planet, we are cloaked but they can still detect our hyperspace window,"

"Aye, Aye Sir," said the helm officer, a few seconds later the Musashi transition to normal space behind the planet, away from the Ha'tak's line of sight "Entering system."

"Tactical, anything?" said the Captain

"No Sir, no markings it could be anyone," said Tactical

"Helm, get us into geostationary orbit above the research station," said Captain Hara pressing his intercom to the Flag Bridge "Commander Mehta please respond!"

Commander Deepak Mehta former Lieutenant Colonel of the Indian Army, was the XO of the Musashi, and was currently in the Flag Bridge (Battle Bridge when in combat situations), because protocol dictated it to be operational when in tactical alerts.

"Mehta here, what can I do for you Captain," said the Commander

"You are aware of our situation?" said Hara

"Yes Captain, but I strongly believe they are Lucian alliance, and if not, we can still consider them hostile, because they are not answering RS27's hails," said Deepak

"Yes, I am thinking on the same lines, but we will be unable to initiate the operation unless we are attacked," said the Captain

"RS27 will be at risk Captain, its shields are not powerful enough to withstand a full attack from a Ha'tak," said Commander Mehta

"Yes that worries me, but the political implication if we are mistaken could be worse, we don't know if it's a malfunctioning com system, or if the crew is in trouble and in autopilot, even if those possibilities are pretty low, we shouldn't take the risk… We'll have to change some things, evacuate RS27, and position the ship between the Ha'tak and the Station,"

"I agree Captain, and we could also use RS27 security personnel to reinforce our assault team if things go wrong," said Mehta

"Let's hope they don't, I'll get in contact with Captain Giffen and we'll be joining you soon in the Flag Bridge, and inform Lieutenant Commander Stoletov to join us, bridge out," said Captain Hara

"Yes Captain, Mehta out,"

The Musashi advanced under cloak, to position itself on top of Research Station 27, once there the sublight drives shut down, erasing the low humming heard on the bridge.

"Sir, orbit secure," said the helm officer

"Com, open a channel with RS27, encrypted tight beam transmission," said Captain Hara

"Channel opened," said Com

"On screen," the image of Captain Giffen appeared on the main screen a few seconds later "Captain Giffen, good to see you,"

"Like wise Captain, our satellites detected your hyperspace window opening, is there a reason you are under cloak?" said Captain Giffen

"Yes commander, as a matter of fact that is one of the reasons I'm calling, I may need to borrow some of your people, specifically your security personal,"

"Security personnel? Is there a reason Captain?" answer Giffen

"Yes, we are going to capture the Ha'tak, that…" said Captain Hara being cut off by an upset looking Captain Giffen

"Captain, my people are not commandos, I will not …" said Captain Giffen being cut off by Captain Hara returning the favor

"Calm down Captain, if every thing goes well your people will only have visited orbit, I will like you to come first, so that I can explain the operation at hand, and at the same time I will send a group down there to prepare your teams in case we need them," said Captain Hara

"Mmm, Ok Captain, lets see what you got first, I am ready to beam up," said Captain Giffen

RS27 Orbit, Terran Federation

TFS-08 Musashi – Upgraded Daedalus class

Flag Bridge

10 minutes later

Captain Hara, Captain Giffen and Commander Mehta, were watching as Lieutenant Commander Stoletov a former Russian Spetsnaz in charge of the Musashi's Special Forces was explaining the operation to them. He was standing besides the main Flag Bridge screen, in which was being displayed the schematics of a Ha'tak class mother ship, a ship that was produced by the Goa'uld, but inherited by the Tok'ra, Jaffa and Lucian Alliance when the formers were defeated.

"As you all know, this is a Ha'tak class vessel, it is the standard capital ship of the Tok'ra, Jaffa, and Lucian Alliance fleets, while there are some internal variations to the class, the overall schematics are the same for all ships," said Lt. Commander Stoletov, "While the combat specifications can be better explained by Commander Mehta or Captain Hara, my concern is on the internal distribution of the ship, there are several key locations that we need to control in order to achieve a successful mission, First the Bridge,"

The main screen zooms to a location in the center of the vessel where the pel'tak or bridge of the Ha'tak was located

"The bridge controls the vessel's main systems, self destruct, weapons, hyper drives and sublight engines, if we take it out, they will be unable to move, retreat to hyperspace or fire weapons, and we'll control one of the self destruct locations, next the Reactor room," The screen now changed to the lower levels of the ship were the main Reactor was located, "Once we take the bridge, the only other location were the crew could destroy their vessel is the Reactor Room, they could create a feed back loop that will end with any intention we have on capturing the vessel." said Lt. Commander Stoletov

The screen now changed a few levels down the main bridge, "... and this is our main objective, the main computer room, were all data crystals containing the information we're seeking is stored, Commander Mehta, will you explain the first part of the operation?"

The Commander stood up and approached the main screen while the Lt. Commander took a sit. "The First Phase involves knocking the Ha'tak's shields out in order to be able to beam the assault team to their objectives, the vessel is equipped with a 1.25 EJ single matrix non adaptive shield system and a 50 PW recharge rate, it's frequency modulation is fixed and while its difficult to detect with sensors our Asgard beams are adaptive, that means that once they hit the shield, they immediately adapt to it's frequency and bypass it completely," said Commander Mehta "Our beams have a 100 PW power output, that once they adapt will hit the structure and will most likely completely destroy the vessel, for this they are out of the equation, because in order to take the shield out we will need to hit the main shield emitters power distribution nodes, which are inside of the structure," A simulation demonstrating the results appeared on the main screen, showing the Ha'tak being hit by the beams which bypass it from side to side causing the destruction of the vessel.

"Our point defense rail guns, will not be able to penetrate those shields no matter how much we fire, their recharge rate is far to strong for them, so that lives us the drone weapons," said the Commander "The drones can be charge accordingly to their needs, while a fully charge one has a total of 5 PJ which is more than enough to destroy a Ha'tak, they can be fired with the required energy to accomplish the task, we need them to phase out to be able to bypass the shield and armor, and phase in again to hit the power distribution nodes with sufficient force to knock them out, but no to much as to destroy the vessel,"

"What about the shields that are already charged, even if you destroy the nodes the energy already in the shield matrix will take several seconds to dissipate," said Captain Giffen, "As you all know the shields on all Research Stations have the same technology as that of a Ha'tak, so I know their capabilities pretty well,"

"Yes Captain, I was going in to that," said Commander Mehta

"Sorry Commander, Please continue," said Giffen

"Once we hit the distribution nodes with drone weapons, the remaining energy in the shield grid will be drain in less than 30 seconds, in order to attain the maximum surprise, we should beam the assault teams immediately, so we are going to fire two beam weapons in non adaptive mode in an angle that does not compromise the Ha'tak structural integrity, in case the shields comes down faster than anticipated, combining the normal dissipation and the hit from the two beams, we expect the shield to come down completely in 5 seconds max.," said Commander Mehta

"What will happened if the Ha'tak fires into the station regardless if it is being attacked," said Captain Giffen

"Well, we intend to position ourselves between the station and the vessel, that should absorb most of the fire, and any fire bypassing us could easily be absorbed by the stations shields," said Commander Mehta

"Wouldn't it be better to target their weapons with drones also?" said Captain Giffen

"Not if we want to capture it Sir, while the shields of the Ha'tak are similar to that of our Research Stations their weapons are not; We use our reactor's power output both to feed our shields and weapons, the Ha'tak uses it's reactor power for hyperspace travel, sublight engines and shields, but their weapons are powered by liquid Naquada, if we hit one with our drones we risk blowing the ship up, at least a good chunk of it, We just can't risk it," said Commander Mehta "Lt. Commander please continue with Phase two,"

Stoletov stood up and walk to the main screen, as Commander Mehta sited down.

"Thanks Commander," said Stoletov, "Phase two begins as soon as the shields are down, by beaming three assault teams into the bridge and reactor and computer rooms, a total of 12 people will perform this task, and we'll maintain a fourth team as backup in case one of the groups faces strong opposition, in all 16 special forces personnel will be involved, if the situation gets out of hand, we intend to beam RS27 security personnel into the secured areas, while re beaming special forces to the hot zones; once the data crystals are secured we will beam them out and we'll proceed to secure the vessel," said Lt. Commander Stoletov

"Well Captain what do you think," said Captain Hara

"It's risky, but I have to agree that it's well planned, and you really think that you can crack the Lucian Alliance with this," said Captain Giffen

"It all depends on the information we retrieve, but if we get hold of their nav computer, we could have access to every Lucian Alliance base of operations, and fleet yards, that will allow us to make surgical strikes in to their territory, and end their piracy activity once and for all," said Captain Hara "Now we have to wait for the Ha'tak to arrives."


Earth, Terran Federation

Atlantis City Ship, Federation Capitol

Science and Technology conference room

"Hello everyone, welcome to Atlantis, I'm Dr. Rodney McKay, I'm Head of the Terran Federation Science and Technology Department, and you are all here well… simply because you are the best in your specific areas of expertise," said Rodney to the nearly 100 new Egg heads (with a capital "E") recruits of the Science and Technology Department. "I know all of you had been given the normal fast intro into how we came to have an Ancient city ship, the Ancient and Asgard repository of knowledge, of hostile and friendly aliens and etc. etc. etc; but little had been said about the goals of the Terran Federation and what it is doing with all the acquire technology,"

"First, you all know the official reason as to why the Terran Federation is composed of a little more than a quarter of a million people instead of the billions currently on this planet," said Rodney as one of the Doctors raised her hand. "Yes,"

"Sorry Dr. Official reason? Do you mean? It's a slow learning process, we have our scientist on it, we this and we that, sorry Dr. but I have seen technology on the introductory vids that could solve all the problems of this world in less than a year and…," said the Dr. interrupted by Rodney

"Wait, wait, I know what you have been shown and that is not even the tip of the iceberg, and I also know that your I.Q. is well above Official reasons, but there IS a reason as to why we have not release that technology to the world, and if you give me a little break here, I will gladly tell you," said Rodney slightly losing his temper, "When the stargate program got release to the public last year, we where a fragmented society, consisting of more than a hundred countries, with cities operating in a very fragile balance, any disruption to any of its integral elements and those cities functionality comes crumbling to a halt, the very reason as to Earth problems is exactly that lack of prevision and planning, and if you add the mistrust between different countries, and that they do what its best for the leaders personal agendas, well if we release the technology that we have, it will be like sentencing this planet to death, and that is without considering the leaking of technology to potentially hostile aliens,"

"So, a decision was made to prevent all of that, first the government, well it is simply impossible for all parties to decide what type of government to use, and many were not willing to change it in their territories because of that "fragile balance", so a compromise was reach in which we will use the government employed by the ancients and Asgard, they both use what we call a Federated Council Meritocracy, that means that their leaders are selected by their merits rather than their popularity as in a Democracy, they are also a council in which different members represent a different part of society, yes NO president, and are also a Federation in which the different territories are sovereign but also contribute with the others as a whole," said Rodney a little out of breath "That's the type of government that the Terran Federation employs,"

"Second, we have the problem of social stability, all of our problems reside mostly on lack of city planning, you all now what happens when there's a road block, traffic goes to hell, you scare the people that an economy crisis is looming, every ones pockets its money and… oh yeah an economic crisis, we have became so dependant on corrupt and badly planed systems that our economy and society are constantly on that "fragile balance", Again the ancients and the Asgard came to our rescue, and this city ship is a prime example of what I mean, a completely self sufficient city, every individual contributes a small amount of their time in manning it, and in response they have all of their basic needs covered, no worries about health care, housing, education, food, no worries at all, and after that they have time to devote themselves to their own desires," said Rodney keeping everybody paying attention.

"Third, we have the problem left to us by the Ancients and Asgard, their entire repository of knowledge," said Rodney while everybody started laughing "No really I mean it, a very big problem, that kind of technology on the wrong hands could be disastrous, we owe it to the people of earth, of this galaxy and the ones beyond not to allow something like the Goa'uld or the replicators to happen again,"

"That is why the Terran Federation was formed, to expand fast, expand strong, expand stable, and expand safely," said Rodney "What do I mean with that, well expand fast means get the people out of this planet as fast as we can, the more planets we have the more redundant we become, expand strong means with sufficient force to repel every attack directed on us, expand stable means with a self sufficient city centered society, and expand safely means that our most priced technology is on our most powerful worlds,"

"Well, this is exactly were you all come in, we are focusing our entire research to accomplish that. The first phase of our expansion is prospection, we seek out planets capable of sustaining life and we send reconnaissance satellites to determine that no intelligent life exists and that it is really capable of sustaining us," said Rodney and again another Doctor raised his hand

"Sorry doctor but how do you find those planets,"

"Well, at the moment we are using Atlantis Milky Way's stargate addresses, which number in the thousands, and send the satellites through those star gates, but as more ships became available we will start exploring the galaxy with ships sensors or even automated probes," said Rodney continuing with his speech, "After the reconnaissance satellites complete their jobs, we have the ground open for colonization and in order to expand fast we need to send people to as many planets as we are capable off, but that will weaken us, as those planets will not have enough population to repel a determine attack, and that not only puts our colonists at risk but also our technology,"

"In order to avoid that, the colonization process is being divided into 5 technological and population tiers," said McKay "Tier 1 being the one with the least population capacity as well as technological level, and tier 5 the most populated and more technologically advanced,"

"On colonization terms tier 1 is separated from the rest, in that it is not yet consider a colony, tier 1 planets will only have a research station manned by 250 people, but tier 2 to 5 planets will be colony worlds, that will range from 250,000 thousand to 8 billion people," said Rodney giving another doctor a chance to speak.

"Doctor I imagine that this is long term planning right? Because we don't have that amount of people, at least not here on Earth, are you considering people from other planets?" said another doctor

"Yes it's a long term plan, and no we are not considering people from other planets, at least nor yet," said Rodney "We only have Tier 1 to 3 designs ready, but only Tier 1 and 2 are deployed, we expect Tier 3 to star in one year, and to complete Tier 4 design in at least 10 years and Tier 5 design in 40 if we are lucky,"

"From Tier 2 onwards the distribution of cities per planets, their population capacity, and expected technological level is as follows, Tier 2 will have …," Rodney continue with explaining in detail all of the mentioned tiers.

RS27 Orbit, Terran Federation

TFS-08 Musashi – Upgraded Daedalus class


3 minutes to Ha'tak arrival

"Ha'tak slowing for transition Captain," said the sensor officer

The Captain slowly nodded, "Report, all stations,"

"Shields at maximum and weapons capacitors fully charged, we are still under cloak," said the tactical officer

"Sensors operating at 100% efficiency, Sir," said the sensor officer

"Sub light engines powered up, and ready to engage," said the helm officer

"Transport beam on the green, Sir," said another officer

"Good," said Captain Hara, activating communications "Lt. Commander Stoletov, ready your teams for beam up, you will not receive another call," He knew that in the thick of battle the less amount of orders required the better; he always wanted his crew to respond immediately to commands in order to avoid lagging.

"Acknowledge Captain, all teams are ready for transport," answered Stoletov

A few moments later, a big hyperspace window tore through the fabrics of normal space, dropping a Ha'tak before closing itself up.

"Hyperspace window opening, bearing 010 mark 005, distance 22,000 km, well beyond RS27 weapons range," said the sensor officer "Ha'tak transition complete, Sir it's shields are down," It was normal for a vessel to travel through hyperspace with minimal shields only to protect from radiation, because almost all power was devoted to the hyperspace engines, but entering a system that you were expecting battle with shields down was another thing completely different.

"What?" said the Captain taking a little to understand his luck, he knew the Ha'tak didn't expect the Musashi, and that it was well beyond RS27 firing capabilities but it was still a lot of luck, "Beam the teams NOW," he barked "Now, now, now," he repeated leaving no room for confusion. While he required confirmation of hostilities in order to disable another ships shield to beam his teams, he didn't need that with an unshielded vessel, he will get his confirmation from the assault itself, and if the ship turns out to be non hostile, no harm would have been done.

A few seconds later, 12 figures disappeared in a blue flash from the Musashi.

"Sir, its launching fighters," said the sensor officer "plus two Al'kesh," Half a squadron of death gliders, three to each Al'kesh poured from the Ha'tak hangars and glided towards RS27 at maximum speed

"Transport report," said the Captain

"Sir, three teams transported safely to the Ha'tak," said the transporter officer

"Sir, we are being hailed by the assault team," said the communications officer

"So soon? Let's hear it," said the Captain "Lt. Commander report,"

"Sir, Bridge secure, my other teams report the same, we received very low opposition, the computer room team report no engagement, they have lock access and are in the process of removing the data crystals, the reactor room team, faced and stunned only one unarmed personnel, and we only faced two on the bridge the operator and the ships master, both are unconscious," said Stoletov "Oh, and Sir, they are Lucian Alliance,"

"Excellent work Lt. Commander, coordinate with Mehta for reinforcement, and secure the ship, be advise you may have fighters trying to return to their vessel, if that is so, raise your shields and fire a warning shot, we will deal with them, Bridge out," said Captain Hara

"Acknowledge Captain, assault team out" said Stoletov

"Tactical, disengage cloak and fire two drones, I want those Al'kesh disabled," said the Captain "and lock rail guns on the fighters"

The Musashi fired its first drones in battle, a weapon system that humanity was just able to replicate through the use of Asgard scanning and replicating technology.

The two little guided weapons flew out of their launch tubes in the dorsal area of the ship, and streaked towards the Al'keshes at their maximum speed, in less than a minute they covered the distance and phased through their shields and armor as if they didn't exist, hitting the sublight and hyperdrive distribution node, severing all power and leaving the two bombers coasting on inertia towards the planet.

"Both Al'kesh disabled Sir, but they are heading right to the planet, if we don't beam the out of there, they'll crash," said the Tactical officer

"Com, open a channel to those fighters and Al'keshes," said Hara

"Channel open, Sir"

"Lucian alliance pilots this is Captain Tameichi Hara from the Terran Federation Ship Musashi, your Mother ship had been captured, and both Al'kesh disabled, your only way out of here is gone, surrender yourselves immediately, Al'keshes lower your shields and fighters power down your engines, this is your only warning, Musashi out," said the Captain

"Sir two fighter have broken off the main group and are heading towards us," said the tactical officer

"Oh, what are we playing at, can we get a lock on their pilots," said Hara

"I believe so Captain," said the transport officer

"Transport them directly to one of the Ha'tak brigs and inform the assault team, and tactical take those unmanned fighter out of my space, and with force Lt., I want them to think that we don't care," said the Captain

"Yes Sir," said the Lt. manning tactical, soon a full burst of Rail gun fire shattered the two fighters leaving a pair of wings tumbling in different directions. "Both targets destroyed, Sir,"

"Sir one Al'kesh its droping its shields, the other one too," said the sensor officer

"Sir, they are hailing us, audio only," said the com officer

"No talking, transport them to the Ha'tak's brig, the same for those fighter pilots, we'll interrogate them later," said the Captain "... and plot a course for those Al'keshes and fighters, will tractor them to the Ha'tak,"

"Yes Sir," answered both the Helm and Transport officers

The Captain activated the internal com systems, "Commander Mehta, report,"

"Sir, the vessel is secured, we used our sensors and those of the Ha'tak to locate all Lucian alliance personnel, and they were all beamed to the brigs, in total we captured including the pilots and those in the Al'keshes 73 people, that ship was extremely undermanned Captain, we have a total of 16 special forces, and 7 RS27 security personnel on board the vessel, and we already have the data crystals here," said the Commander

"Excellent Commander, keep me informed, bridge out," said the Captain

Earth, Terran Federation

Atlantis city ship, Federation Capitol

Council meeting

3 hours later

The meeting had been going on for nearly half an hour, in which important subjects to the handling of the Federation were being discussed, from simple status reports on different projects to strategically important decisions, one of them being discussed at that very moment.

"... and what do you propose Admiral, if the capture of that Ha'tak didn't provide new information on the whereabouts of their fleets and primary bases, we are back to square one," said one of the council members

"Beats me," said Admiral Jack O'Neill

"Ehh, Jaaack?" said Daniel Jackson with his usual verbal smack in the face

Jack turn to see his friend saying "What?" with his I´m innocent face, and when Daniel didn't flicker he added "OK," with his you didn't get the joke again face.

"Well councilor, we can't get to the Wraith in Pegasus which is a far smaller galaxy than this one, and they have far greater numbers, so you can now imagine the difficulty in finding the Lucians that have less ships and a greater area to hide," said Jack "What we do know is that both factions keep mobile, and that they are both dependent on food, we currently have three ships in Pegasus that are being given the heads up via subspace when a Wraith cruiser arrives for culling, and we where highly successful in intercepting them, but now they are sending cruisers to all planets at the same time and that guaranties that many planets will get culled, and with the Lucians, well we have no relations with planets that provide food, and that's because they protect them, we planned on capturing one of their vessels to download their nav records but that didn't help, well at least not much,"

"So what I propose with the Lucians, is to keep infiltration teams trying to gather as much information on their movements, we know that they don't have shipbuilding capabilities and that every ship they get is stolen, we also know that they lack trained personnel and their ships are highly undermanned, and we also know that our Early warning systems even in the small Research Stations are quite capable of detecting them with enough time to send a ship to intercept," said Jack adding "We are going to eliminate their threat slowly by attrition,"

"With the Wraith, there is not much we can do with three vessels, and our stop gap Achilles class replicator while providing us with one new vessel per week, We are still a long way of having sufficient ships to deal with them, not until our tier 3 cities became operational next year, that we are going to have sufficient production capabilities to threaten them. So, we just need to buy us some time for that to happened, and I recommend we send To'kra tunneling crystals, surplus Surface to Air missiles and infantry weapons, to our allies in Pegasus," said Jack

"With what end councilor," said another council member

"Councilor?" said Jack

"Jaaack!" said Daniel

"Oh, yes councilor, I'm also a councilor," murmured jack "Well, the To'kra crystals will allow our allies to dig themselves when culling approaches, and infantry weapons will allow them to protect their newly constructed tunnels to wraith infantry attack, and our SAMs will force the Wraith to pay a heavy price for any approaching dart, that will give more survivability to Pegasus citizens and more time for our ships to move from planet to planet clearing orbit of Wraith ships,"

"Orrr, we could make something completely different," added Rodney

Every body turned to see councilor Rodney McKay, which had been relatively quiet.

"What are you suggesting Rodney," said Daniel

"We'll I know you remember..., ehh well not you Daniel, you where ascended at the moment, but you Jack, you remember the time of the Prometheus hijack, when you were left stranded in deep space, and suddenly the Asgard appeared," said Rodney

"Yeah, I still have nightmares of replicators crawling up my ass. Your point," said Jack

"Well you all know, that active detection systems are completely dependent on power output, and in order to detect a ship hundreds of light years away you need a very powerful reactor, and at that moment no Asgard ship was present, Thor told you that they monitor Earth for ships entering Hyperspace, so I took a look into the Asgard computer core, and they used a satellite that only listens to the emissions of special subatomic particles that are generated when a hyperspace window is opened," said Rodney

"You do speak English?" said Jack

"Wait Jack, this is important, please continue Rodney," said Daniel

"Well this particles only travel through hyperspace so those satellites are deployed there, and they had one of them near every planet under the protected planets treaty, when a hyperspace window opens, those particles are detected by the satellites, and with three of them they can triangulate the position of every opening or closing, when they detected the opening on earth orbit, they dispatch Thor's ship, and the second opening gave Thor the exact location of the Prometheus," said Rodney

"Are you saying that we can do what the Allies made to the Germans U boats in WWII but on a Galactic scale," said Jack

"Yes," said Rodney

"Ahh, isn't that easier," said Jack turning to Daniel

"It doesn't gives us the location of their vessels but of their hyperspace openings, but that will tell us where the Wraith cruisers are returning, so that we can hunt their Hives, and where their ships are being grown when they jump to hyperspace the first time, in order to destroy those facilities, and the same thing on this Galaxy with the Lucians,"

"Excellent, I see your lessons with Carter are going splendidly" said Jack smiling "And when do you think you can have this detective satellites ready,"

"Eh, well you should proceed with your previous plans Jack, the SAMs and those things, because it may be a while, the detection system is quite easy actually but I still have to research their hyperspace anchor tech, I have no idea how they avoid those satellites drifting in hyperspace, but I'll get teams assign to it immediately."