Naruto was walking through Konoha, head down, looking depressed. He had just attempted to bring Sasuke back to Konoha, trying to keep him from being taken to Orochimaru to have his body absorbed, but he had failed. Luckily, though, Gaara was with him, so they got to talk a lot. Gaara helped him to get almost totally out of his depression, and it was just good to have a friend who knew what it was like to go through what he had in his life. Unfortunately, Gaara was returning to Suna tomorrow. After that, Naruto knew that he would probably slip into another bout of depression.


Laser fire was flying everywhere, and Anakin Skywalker was having a hard time keeping track of all of it. He deflected everything he could, but even then, some of his troops were hit. He really did hate fighting inside a Star Destroyer, especially when he was being overrun in it. He had attempted to remove the droids from General Mace Windu's ship, and allow them to escape to another Destroyer, which they did, but these droids were just relentless.

"Master!" he heard Ahsoka yell, and he glanced back. "Snips, did you get the charges set up?" he yelled back, deflecting a rapid flurry of shots from a Droideka, before dropping a stack of crates on it. "Yes, Master! We have to get out of here now!" "Rex! Get your men out of here now, and head back to the ship! Ahsoka and I will try and lead the incoming ships onto the planet below, and take them out there!" Rex saluted, and led his men out of the fire. Anakin and Ahsoka managed to make it back to the Twilight, and shot down to the unknown planet below.

Back in Konoha…

"Yo! Gaara!" Naruto yelled as he saw Gaara walk by. "I gotta show ya something!" Gaara nodded, and followed up to the top of the Hokage Monument. They both just lied down on the ground, and stared up at the stars. "Dude, whenever I feel sad or anything, I just find it relaxing to lie on the ground and stare up at the stars. Someday, I'm gonna find out just what is past them, and I'll see everything I can see.

Gaara looked over and grinned. "Count me in, man." They grinned, and shook on it. "Someday. We'll show them all. We may be demons to them, but we'll be heroes someday. They looked back at the sky, and suddenly saw what seemed like thousands of streaks crossing their field of vision. They both made a wish, and without even saying it, they both knew that they were wishing for the same thing; to finally become what they were destined to be; heroes.

Onboard the Twilight

Anakin was quickly checking over all the charts he had, but unfortunately for him, this place was too far deep into the Outer Rim for any mapmakers to visit. He ground his teeth in frustration. If he didn't aim his trajectory, he could easily crash into a mountain, a lake, a town, a city… he was about to aim when a shot hit the ship. The Twilight jerked, sending Ahsoka flying into the controls, sending them rapidly spinning through the atmosphere. Try as he might, he could not level out with a smoking engine.

"Can't you level this out, Master?" Ahsoka yelled, as she tried to pick C3PO off the deck. "I'm trying! You kind of jammed the gears!" he yelled back. He pulled out a fusion cutter, and quickly removed the surface board. He changed a few wires, and managed to level them out just long enough to change their trajectory. His scans showed that there were no droids whatsoever on this planet. It did, however, have massive life form readings.

"Master?" Ahsoka asked, suddenly quiet. "Do you feel that?" Anakin reached out in the Force, and sensed two massive Force signatures. The planet was loaded with minor fluctuations, but in all his years as a Jedi, he had never felt something so powerful. "Yeah, Snips. Wherever we are, I think we might be getting into something big here. And, as Obi-Wan would say, I have a bad feeling about this."

Hokage Stone Monument…

Naruto and Gaara jumped as they saw one of the shooting stars suddenly jerk, and start heading towards them. "Gaara, you think you might be able to stop that thing?" Naruto frantically asked, looking for anything that might help them. "Maybe, but it would require my transformation, and I'm not going to do that," came the reply. A sudden bout of inspiration struck Naruto, and he sliced his finger open with his tooth. He started flying through the familiar seals, and, beckoning Gaara slammed his palm on the ground, yelling out, "Summoning Jutsu!"

They stood on Gamabunta's head, and as Gaara started creating sand to form a wall, Naruto had to deal with the Chief's usual greeting. Once that was done, Bunta made a plan to slice up the meteor, which Naruto would then explode with tags, and Gaara would catch with his sand. The only thing left to do was wait.


They were coming in far too quickly for Anakin's comfort, and it didn't help to have 3PO go into his usual rant. He just snapped. "3PO, WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST SHUT UP! WE ARE NOT GOING TO DIE!" The deck went silent, except for the alarms. Anakin pulled hard on the controls, and managed to pull the ship level, flying over a large Village toward… a giant toad?

"Master, what is that?" Ahsoka yelled, grabbing her lightsaber. "I don't know, but hold on!" he yelled, banking the Twilight hard to the left. It was not a moment too soon, either, as a large sword slashed through where they had just been. A small streak went flying as well, followed by a huge shockwave. Anakin managed to land the ship, and, lightsabers ready, the two Jedis ran into the field.

Naruto and Gaara stared at the two figures. One of them was a normal human, like them, holding some strange, glowing blue sword-like object. The other… she was new to them, to say the least. They had never seen anyone with what appeared to be tentacles coming off their head, and she appeared to be orange. However, they didn't have long to admire her features before she charged them with a green version of the sword. Naruto performed the familiar Shadow Clone seal, but before he could perform the attack, he and Gaara went flying back from some unknown force. They rolled back up, and Naruto threw an exploding tag near the girl. She jumped away just before it exploded. He noticed Gaara's sand slowly creeping up on the two, and was wondering why the man hadn't done anything but stretch out his palm toward them.

Just as the girl charged again, Gaara's sand shot up, encasing them in his Sand Coffin, only their heads showing. Gaara glanced over, silently asking if he should kill them. Naruto held out his hand, and Gaara slowly lowered them to the ground, keeping them encased, out of paranoia.

"What do you want with us?" Naruto asked, glancing between the two. They had both dropped their swords, so Naruto created two clones to grab them and bring them to him, much to the surprise of the two… for lack of a better word, people. He looked over the swords, as the girl screamed, "Give us back our lightsabers, you jerks!" "Ahsoka!" the man yelled, obviously cross. "Insulting our attackers is not the smartest move here! They could probably kill us with all this… sand," he said, shuddering. "Anakin, please don't," she said, noticing Gaara's look. "God, I hate sand." Gaara glared at Anakin.

"What do you mean, attackers?" Naruto asked. "You attacked us, you sent that giant… whatever it is flying at us, and then you charged us with these, lightsabers, did you say?" "You're the one who attacked us with that giant toad!" Ahsoka yelled, struggling to escape from the sand. Gamabunta looked furious. "This TOAD has a name, you know," he said in his grumbling voice. Ahsoka looked at it in fear, while Anakin nodded, and politely asked, "What is your name, great toad?" "Gamabunta," came the reply.

Right then, several escape pods came careening down towards them. "Friends of yours?" Naruto asked as they landed. "No! Those are droid pods!" Ahsoka yelled, desperately trying to free herself. The hatches opened, and the droids came charging out. They shot off a blast at Naruto, who, by instinct, activated the lightsabers and deflected the shots. He looked surprised as it killed the droid, and decided to see how good he was with a sword. He charged the droids, and, using both lightsabers, quickly made short work of them.

Anakin looked at the blond in complete awe. He had never before seen a lightsaber, and he was using both his and Ahsoka's as if he were an old pro. Nobody, not even himself, had been that good when they started. A thought struck him, and, reaching out, he confirmed that the Force signatures he detected earlier were coming from the two boys. He saw the redhead using sand to crush some of the droids. These two would make powerful Jedis, he thought. If we survive this, I'm taking them with us back to the Temple.