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The two Winchesters set up camp at the Cooper's factory. They were in the middle of doing a job. A ghost had turned to stalking a model- unfortunately for Dean's imagination it was a plus sized model. The factory had closed down two years ago, but nobody had cleaned it since. Sam had just completed the summoning spell they necessary for summoning Marie Baker. They heard footsteps. They looked at each other and peeked over the side of the crate they were behind. Ghosts shouldn't have footsteps, they both thought. They saw movement and pointed their shotguns at it.

"Don't shoot!" A feminine voice shouted as two guns were trained on her over the rim of waist high crate. Sam and Dean looked at each other in confusion. The factory should have been empty; they had made sure of it before they set their traps.

"Ghost?" Dean whispered.

"Do ghosts usually ask not to be shot?" Sam replied.

"Good point," he agreed. "So, demon?" They both looked back at the intruder as if they could tell just by looking at her.

"I'm not a demon," she called over. Sam pulled a face at Dean, this girl knew about demons?

"That's what they all say," Dean shouted back.

"I got an idea," Sam whispered. He raised his head slightly and called over to the girl. "Hey, walk towards us, in a straight line."

"That sounds more like a test to see if I'm drunk," she commented. "Which I'm not by the way," but she did as she was told and walked straight towards them, over a pile of old fabric, a discarded wooden board and some empty bottles. "So what was the point of that?"

"Devil's trap," Sam said, pointing towards the wooden board.

"A what?" she replied.

"Long story," Dean interjected before Sam started explaining. "Why are you here?"

"Same as you I'd guess."

"I doubt it."

"So you boys aren't hunting the ghost of Marie Baker?" The boys looked at each other again. She pulled out the gun she had hidden in the back of her jeans and showed them it. "Now can you lower your guns?" Dean glanced at his shotgun, he had forgotten he had it pointed at her. He lowered it and raised an eyebrow at her pistol.

"You do know a gun will just piss the ghost off?"

"Yeah I do, but rock salt? It's all good." They looked at her in confusion. "My uncle found a way to cover the bullets in rock salt. Half bullet, half rock salt. Same affect as yours, but more practical." Sam looked intrigued.

"How? I mean that's amazing-"

"All right, Sammy. That can wait," Dean interrupted before Sam could really start. "Ghost, remember?"

"So you're Sam," the girl stated looking at Sam. "What does that make you?"

"Dean," he said shortly.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Serena. Now if you two could just leave and let me sort out this ghost…"

"I don't think so," Dean smirked. "We were here first."

"What, you're still in high school?"

"Dean, it's here," Sam shouted and raised his gun to a point behind Serena. Dean mimicked him while Serena automatically rolled to the side and raised her gun in the same direction.

"Ok, keep it busy Sammy, I'm gonna find the hand," Dean stated, referring to the piece of Marie's body that was not cremated.

"I'll go with you," Serena announced. She stood up and started away from the crate they were standing near. Sam nodded and walked towards the ghost.

"Hurry up," he said, knowing it would be time spent being beaten up by the ghost. But better that than the intended victim. Dean glared at him for letting Serena go with him, but nodded.

"Good luck bro," he said before pulling his bag onto his shoulders and catching up with Serena.

"Uh, Marie, over here," Sam called, trying to get the ghost's attention and braced himself for the violence.

"So, any idea where she'll be," Serena asked, she stood a few metres away from Dean, using a flashlight to help her see into the shadows. Dean mirrored her on the other side of the office they were in. He pulled out his EMF reader and switched it on. He scanned the room and headed towards the point where the EMF reader went wild.

"Over there," Dean replied. Serena rolled her eyes but hurried towards Dean.

"Cheat," she commented. There was nothing that looked suspicious, all that was there was a filing cabinet with a bin next to it and a framed map on the wall.

"I don't suppose the remains will be in the bin?" she asked lightly.

"Be my guest," Dean said, indicating for her to look through it. "I don't think anyone's emptied it for at least a year." Serena scrunched up her face but knelt down to look into it. Dean watched her for a moment then turned to the filing cabinet. He scanned it and realised nothing supernatural was in there. He glanced at the map and moved it aside. Just as he had thought, there was a safe hidden behind it.

"You couldn't have scanned the bin?" Serena complained, wiping her hands on her jeans. "There was a rotten banana in there." She saw the safe and groaned.

"How are we gonna get in there?"

"Well," Dean started. He pointed his shotgun at the safe and fired. It hit the dial and blasted through it. "I so didn't think that would work."

"That stinks," Serena noted gagging slightly, but swung it open and pulled out the contents. Dean coughed and covered his nose. It was heavier than it looked – just a large folded green fabric. She held it to her chest as that was the easiest way to hold it. The last thing she wanted was to seem weak in front of strangers.

"Dean!" Sam shouted. "Watch out!" Dean swung round and came face to face with Marie Baker.

"Great," he muttered. He hadn't reloaded his shotgun.

"Duck," Serena ordered, she held the fabric in her left arm, and her pistol in her right hand. Dean obeyed quickly and Serena fired off a shot. It hit Marie and she disappeared. "Burn this, I'll cover you." She tossed the folded cloth in her arms at Dean and then fired at the ghost again. Without hesitating Dean put the fabric on the floor and reached into his bag. He pulled out what he needed and quickly poured fuel onto the fabric then sprinkled a good amount of salt over it to purify the bones before dropping a lighted match on top of it. All the while Serena shot at Marie, pausing to reload a couple of times. Dean, who had his back to her, heard her grunt and drop to the floor. He assumed Marie had gotten in a hit before she died for good. Dean jumped to his feet in time to see the ghost disappear in a flash of green light. He helped Serena stand up and noticed a large cut on her cheek.

"Now the fun begins," he commented as Sam came into sight. He had a cut across his forehead and bruises were already forming on this cheek and jaw. Serena looked at them in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"There's a demon attached to the spirit," Sam explained quickly. Serena became more confused.

"What demon? This was a straight forward restless spirit." Sam and Dean exchanged looks.

"Did you research this at all before you arrived?" Dean asked bluntly.

"Of course I did, I saw no evidence of a demon."

"So you missed the electrical storms, cattle mutilations-" Serena opened her mouth to argue, but closed it. She had missed those signs. "The sulphur at the model's home?"

"Sloppy Bates, real sloppy," she chided herself quietly, turning away from the brothers. She took a deep breath and faced them. "So what's the plan?"

"The plan is you leave, and let the professionals work," Dean smiled mockingly.

"Dean," Sam said. "I have an idea…" They walked a few paces away from Serena and had a muttered exchange. Serena took the time to inspect the pain on her cheek and realised it was a cut. It didn't feel that deep to her, but it was bleeding quite a bit. She had assumed the moisture was just from the stress of the situation. She dug around in her jeans pocket and found a scrunched up tissue. She sighed and used it to wipe up some of the blood; it was cleaner than anything else in the area. The brothers moved back towards her and she looked at them expectantly.


"One word: bait," Dean said happily. She was momentarily confused, Bates being her surname but then the penny dropped. She folded her arms across her chest.

"That's your brilliant idea? Use a girl you've known 10 minutes as bait? You better know what you're doing," she stated and walked back into the room she had met them in. She jumped onto the crate and sat on the edge of it. She heard Sam and Dean enter the room behind her but she ignored them, instead she pulled a silver knife out of her boot and played with it. She wasn't a massive fan of other hunters, she respected them, but as was the case of the few hunters she knew: she was a lone wolf. For reasons much like the situation she was in now. She wondered how long it would take for the demon to arrive. She was scared, facing demons was always dangerous, and now she was the bait? It was a little too close to home. Not a fun time. But she wanted to prove she wasn't just a poor hunter.

The door she had used earlier crashed to the floor, startling Serena. She stayed as casual as she could and glanced up through her long hair. She was surprised to see that the person standing across the room from her was quite attractive: blonde hair spiked up showing off gorgeous cheek bones. She stood up slowly and smiled.

"Hey there," she said. Where had this confidence come from? The knowledge that Sam and Dean were somewhere behind her? She doubted it, for all she knew they had left her. She walked towards the edge of the wooden board on the floor and stood as cockily as she could.

"Serena Bates," the demon said. "You're way out of your depth." The demon moved at a lightening fast speed and stood in front of her. She blanched. His eyes flashed from hazel to pure black. She stepped backwards involuntarily. "You will beg for us to kill you soon enough." The demon tried to step towards her, but couldn't. Dean and Sam came out from behind different crates at the back of the room. Both had guns pointed at the demon.

"Winchester," the demon spat when it saw them.

"Devil's trap," Sam said calmly, pointing at the board. "You're not going anywhere." They came to stand either side of Serena. Sam pulled a book out of his rucksack and began reading from it.

"That won't work," the demon laughed, Sam paused in reaction.

"Oh but this is a new and improved version," Dean drawled, a mocking smile on his features. "Carry on Sam."

"I don't understand what's going on," Serena said in an undertone to Dean.

"That's the story of your life Serena," the demon stared straight into her eyes. "Too stupid to see what's right in front of you before it's much too late? Isn't that why everybody turns their backs on you? Your friends, parents, your uncle, you're all alone-"

"Shut up," Serena snapped, the demon was talking about things she didn't want to think about, she didn't want Sam or Dean asking questions. She pointed her gun at him.

"You can't shoot me, or the human dies," he laughed.

"I don't usually like to kill humans, but for you I may just make an exception…" Serena snapped. She gritted her teeth as if that could stop her remembering.

"Sam, hurry up," Dean ordered. No-one should have to listen to these demons bringing up their darkest memories. He put his hand on the top of her gun and lowered it. The demon let out a howl and looked as if he was about to be sick. Thick black smoke poured from his mouth into the air above him. It couldn't escape the circle. The man fell to the floor as the demon smoke was sent back to hell. Sam rushed over to the man and checked his pulse. He sighed in relief.

"His pulse is relatively strong," he told them. "He should survive. The demon must have switched hosts recently."

"We should get him to a hospital then," Dean suggested.

"I'm gonna take this opportunity to leave," Serena said, checking she had clicked the safety on before habitually tucking her gun into the back of her jeans. After what the demon had said, she just wanted to leave. Sam nodded at Dean.

"I don't think so," Dean replied, grabbing the top of her arm. "Let's go." Sam led the way, supporting the weight of the man. Dean dragged Serena after them.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Serena snapped. "Hey, get off me!" Dean ignored her.

"We need to talk before you go running off," Sam commented as he attempted to put the man in the backseat of the Impala. Dean led Serena to the other side of the car and shoved her in next to the unconscious man. Serena growled but helped Sam sit the man down. Dean jumped in the driving seat and waited for Sam to get into the car.

"This is kidnap," Serena snapped. "I have nothing to say to you!" Dean turned the radio up to block out her whining.

An hour later, Serena found herself sitting on the edge of a bed in the Winchesters motel room. Sam sat at a chair by a small table flicking through some sort of notebook. Serena sighed and looked over at the other bed. Dean lay sprawled across it on his back with his head resting on his hands. They had forced her into the motel room and since then they had barely spoken. She had no idea what was going on, she had expected some sort of interrogation. She stood up.

"Look, if you're not gonna say anything, I'm getting out of here," she stated.

"Pay up Dean," Sam grinned. Dean groaned as he sat up and fished in his pocket. He pulled out what looked like a $10 bill and held it out for Sam to claim. Serena looked at the scene with confusion.

"What was the bet?" She asked.

"How long it would take you to try to leave," Sam explained, getting up to claim his winnings. "Dean thought it would be ten minutes. I guessed 45, so I won."

"Yeah thanks for being so patient," Dean added sarcastically.

"When did you have time to bet?" She asked, ignoring Dean's comment.

"Hospital," Dean replied. "Anyway, now that's sorted…"

"It's not a good idea for you to be hunting," Sam said carefully.

"The puppy dog eyes are supposed to make me feel better about that?" Serena asked in disbelief. "What gives you the right to stop me?"

"This is a war," Dean snapped. "Its life or death out there, we don't want any more good people getting killed."

"If that's the way you feel then I'll leave now and you won't have to worry about it anymore." Serena didn't plan on giving up hunting, she had a mission in life and she wouldn't let them stop her. She glared at Dean and then at Sam. How dare they act superior?

"We've been doing this for a long time Serena," Sam reasoned. "And if you missed the signs-"

"Which may as well have been in neon lights with flashing arrows," Dean interjected.

"-then maybe for your own safety you should stop," Sam finished as if Dean hadn't interrupted.

"So using me as bait was for my own safety as well?" It was a good question in Serena's eyes. She would play their game if she had too. They stayed silent. "That's what I thought. You want me in danger if it benefits you."

"No that's not true-" Sam said quickly, his eyes pleading.

"It was your idea Sammy, don't act all innocent now," Dean accused, Sam shot a look at him for his betrayal and Dean shrugged back.

"Whatever," Serena snapped. "I'm out of here." She stormed towards the door, but was blocked by Dean. "Get out of the way."

"You're not leaving yet," he replied.

"The only way you're gonna stop me is by shooting me," she told him evenly. "Now move."

"No," he stated. Serena rolled her eyes but let her shoulders drop in defeat. Dean, thinking he had won, lowered his guard. Serena punched him across the jaw and watched him sink to the floor. She stepped around him and walked out of the door.

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