Chapter 40

Serena had never felt so trapped in her life. She was a prisoner in her own body. As soon as the demon had taken over in the restroom, she had known that it was Lilith. It made sense; she knew how desperate Lilith had been to want to make a deal with Sam. It didn't make it any easier to be the one that was possessed. It made her angry that she didn't have the same tattoo as the Winchesters did. That was the first thing she would do if she got out of this situation. She tried to force Lilith out of her, to try and reclaim the use of her limbs, but it was harder than she could possibly have imagined. She used to think her will was strong enough to get her out of any situation, but she had underestimated the strength of demons, especially Lilith. It also angered her that Lilith could sift through her memories and get information from them. Of course Lilith focused of Sam and Dean. Serena did manage to block some memories without the demon knowing, but only by offering up memories to replace them.

Lilith had walked Serena's body straight back to her Celica and carried on towards Windom Minnesota, just like Serena had been doing. It scared her, she was worried for Dean. He wouldn't know it wasn't her. She gathered that Lilith had decided to drive the whole way instead of just appearing there because without her Celica, the Winchesters would get suspicious.

The rest of the journey took 7 hours. Lilith drove even faster than Serena, she drove recklessly, probably because it wouldn't kill the demon if they crashed. She spotted the Impala parked outside of a diner called Cousin Oliver's; Lilith parked up next to it and got out. Serena tried her hardest to get control of her body, but it only made Lilith chuckle.

"Give it a rest, Serena," Lilith told her. "I'm not leaving until I have what I want." Serena swore at her, making her laugh again. She turned around and checked her reflection in the window of the Celica. "I may have to do something about this hair."

"Hey," Dean greeted Serena when she walked into the diner. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

"Hey baby," Lilith replied. "Did you meet him yet?" It unnerved Serena that Lilith knew what they had spoken about before. Dean nodded.

"Yeah, he's not a demon or shape shifter. I'm stumped."

"He could be the real deal you know," Lilith suggested lightly. He glared at her. "I know it's unlikely..." Dean took a sip from his drink. He was dressed in a suit, but his tie was loosened. He blew out a breath and stared at the tablecloth.

"I suppose it shouldn't surprise me so much," he mused. "Just another thing dad didn't tell us." Lilith nodded but didn't say anything.

"We can always leave," Lilith said after a while. "I know a great place we could go to..." Dean couldn't tell if she was serious.

"A couple of hours ago and I would have," Dean sighed, deciding to respond anyway.

"What's changed?" He shrugged in response, glancing at the big clock on the wall.

"I should get back to them." He stood up and looked at Serena expectantly when she stayed seated.

"I don't think I should get involved," she said lightly. "I'll be here if you need me, but I have something to investigate not far from here." He nodded and walked out.

Lilith drove the Celica to a neighbouring town, parked up and then the next thing Serena knew the scenery changed. No longer were they in a small little town, they were in the living room of a very fancy house. Lilith wasted no time; she jogged up the stairs and into what appeared to the master bedroom. She pulled open the door to the walk-in closet and examined the clothing. Serena was not happy with the choice. Lilith stripped off the jeans and plaid shirt that Serena had been wearing and dropped them on the floor in disgust. She inspected Serena's body and pulled on the skin-tight black pants and a revealing dark blue lacy top. To complete the ensemble, Lilith put on the highest heels in the closet.

"Much better," Lilith said. She went back downstairs and sat down at the dining table. Words flowed through Serena's lips that she had never heard before, but she quickly understood what they meant. Other figures filed into the room and took seats at the dining table. They looked at her suspiciously, but once they had all taken their seats, Lilith rolled her eyes back to reveal the demon within.

"The plan worked then?" the demon closest to Serena's left asked, eying up Serena's body. Lilith's mind went over the plan, horrifying the hunter.

"It's under way," Lilith replied. Serena knew that Lilith hadn't told them her true plan, knowing they would object. "Are we any closer to completion?"

"49 seals have been broken," a demon wearing a teenage girl stated.

"Good," Lilith said. "I expect you to continue while I see this through. Now bring in our guests." Serena was horrified to see five small children being guided into the room, each of them wearing a matching mask of fear. She could tell they didn't understand what was going on, but they were terrified. What the hell was Lilith planning? She thought back over the things she knew about Lilith, remembering the poor family that Lilith had tortured before Dean had been sent to hell.

"Lilith, don't you dare hurt these children," Serena ordered voicelessly. Lilith ignored her and told the other demons to leave. She gestured for the children to sit at the table. She could also feel the strange thrill that Lilith was feeling, it disgusted her.

"Eenie, Meenie, Minie Mo..." Lilith sang, pointing at each of the children. She ended on the smallest child, a girl who couldn't be older than four. What happened next made Serena vow to kill Lilith. It made her want to do something similar to what Dean did to Alastair.

During the time that passed, Bobby and Nate were still in Eden, Texas searching for the sword. Since Serena's departure they had had more luck in their quest. Now that they were focused on the surrounding land outside of Eden they felt a renewed sense of purpose. Bobby managed to get his hands on a turbo charged EMF device that he believed was strong enough to locate the sword even after all the time it had been in the earth.

"There must be something we're missing," Nate muttered on the afternoon of the third day. "Something that's as powerful as this is supposed to be wouldn't lie quietly."

"I couldn't find anything in the town archives that sounds related," Bobby told him.

"Look again, trembling earth, forests growing over night, lightening trap..." Nate stated. He was fed up, as was Bobby, and they were beginning to grate on each other.

The first thing Dean did when he left the motel room after arguing with Sam was to call Serena. When she didn't answer, he kicked the side of the Impala. It didn't make him feel better and now his foot hurt. This case was so much more messed up than any others he had ever worked on. Dean left Sam and Adam in the motel room and searched for any leads he could think of. The first place he visited, after renting a suit, was the police station. He claimed to be Agent Young from the FBI. The detectives at the station were helpful, they gave him access to the files on Kate Milligan's death and the grave robbing information he requested. He slumped back into the Impala and started going through the files. His phone began to ring.


"Who else," she greeted silkily. "How's the case?"

"It's insane Rena," Dean told her. "I don't know what to do. He seems legit. I don't know, Sam wants to bring him into our world."

"D'you want me to come save the day?" Dean sighed.

"No, no," he said. "I just needed to hear your voice."

"Call me as soon as you've finished your case," Lilith told him. "We can ditch Sammy for a night or two."

"That sounds unbelievably great," Dean replied, hanging up afterwards.

The phone call to Dean had hurt Serena more than seeing him had. He had sounded so lost, and she couldn't do anything to help him. What's more, Lilith had promised him some sort of romantic break. She began trying with all of her will to gain some control over her body. It took a lot out of her and it only gained a few seconds, but it was enough time for her to tell whoever Lilith intended to kill to run as far away as possible. In the time that it took her to build up her will power, she kept mentally shouting as loud as she could at Lilith to distract her. Her rebellions were small but it kept her from despairing. She knew that eventually Lilith would go after Dean and Sam. She was surprised Lilith hadn't tried when she had visited Dean at the diner. The thought terrified her. Lilith had learnt enough about Serena's behaviour from her memories that Dean may not notice until it was too late. Lilith was careful not to do anything that might reveal any important information to Serena. This infuriated Serena, but occasionally, when Lilith was having too much fun, the demon's mental block lessened. Serena began to find ways of reading the demon's plans.

Lilith seemed to enjoy doing the things that tortured Serena the most. One of the things that she particularly liked to do was seduce men with Serena's body, lure them back to their houses and eventually kill them. That was when she wasn't tormenting children. Serena distanced herself as much as possible, closing her mind as much as she could. It wasn't enough. She could still feel everything, see everything, it was still her hand committing the murders, but she just wasn't in control.

"The woods," Bobby said suddenly. Nate looked over at him from the driver's seat of Bobby's car. Bobby had a book open in front of him. Nate waited impatiently for him to continue.

"The woods…?"

"The woods outside of Eden... In the biblical sense, it's a paradise: the Garden of Eden," Bobby expanded. "There's an apple orchard out that way."

"The woods," Nate replied in a more confident voice. It sounded way too obvious, but it was the first real lead they had. He turned around on the road they were on and headed towards it.

Dean rushed Sam to the nearest hospital after their encounter with the ghouls. He was worried about the amount of blood Sam had lost; he was turning a rather nasty white. The older Winchester tried to dodge as many questions as he could, but the doctors were suspicious of Sam's wrist cuts, assuming it was self harm. He explained that they had been attacked. They had given Sam a blood transfusion as soon as they had assessed his condition. Now Sam was sitting on a bed in a treatment room while Dean was standing in the corridor arguing with the doctors.

"I'm sorry sir, but its procedure to bring in a professional to assess-"

"It wasn't a suicide attempt, just give him some meds and we'll leave," Dean snapped. He glared at the petite doctor in front of him, who nodded.

"We can't by law keep him against his will," she allowed. She prescribed Sam some B12 tablets and changed the dressings on his wounds. Dean led his brother out of the hospital as quickly as he could, but the paperwork slowed him down. He drove them to the motel to check out and they hit the road. He tried ringing Serena's cell to arrange a meeting but couldn't get hold of her. Making a split second decision, he headed towards Texas, where he knew Bobby and Nate were. Perhaps Serena had started back there already. Sam needed a place to rest for a few days, and that seemed like the perfect place. Bobby could keep an eye on him while Dean took Serena up on her offer. He said as much on Serena's voice mail and waited for her to ring him back. She did within minutes, telling him to meet her at Bobby's instead as it was closer.

Dean called Bobby again after he arrived at the older hunter's house. Within an hour Serena had turned up and they sat in Bobby's living room. Dean looked at Serena's outfit; he looked confused, but grinned appreciatively when she told him she had been undercover. Sam was crashed out in Bobby's spare room upstairs. Dean had decided that he didn't want to talk about it; he needed to forget about the whole nasty situation. Instead he pulled Serena closer to him. She seemed to pick up on his thoughts.

"We could stop hunting, just go somewhere far away, like Greece, and just live. Mexico even. Get out of this bitch of a war. Dean, there are other people that can fight." Dean stopped kissing her neck and looked at her, his head titled to the side in confusion.


"What are the chances of us both getting out alive and Sam as well?" She sighed. "If we could just stop hunting, leave it all behind us." Dean looked her squarely in the eyes.

"We can't Serena, you know-"

"All I know is that the angels think you can stop Lilith and put an end to the apocalypse. Really Dean? How are you gonna do that? Let's just leave! Swear to me now that we will just walk away. Deal?" She kissed him hard and started unbuttoning his shirt. "I just want to go far away Dean; it's too much for me." She whispered in his ear. He responded, pulling the lacy top over her head, but then seemed to come to his senses. He pushed her off of his lap and stared at her in silence.

"What's happened to you?" He stood up and reached into his bag, grabbing his gun. She sat on the floor in confusion, but then stood up, trying to cover more of her torso as if suddenly uncomfortable in just her bra and jeans. Dean pointed the gun at Serena.

"See I thought something was up when you wanted us to leave Windom, but I let it slide. Assumed you wanted some down time. But Serena would never give up and run away."

"Dean. What are you talking about, I'm Serena," she pleaded, her hands held in front of her. "I know this week's been traumatic…" He kept the gun trained on her and reached into his bag again. He found his hipflask and flipped the lid. In one fluid motion he sprayed Serena with the Holy Water. She screamed and stepped back.

"You son of a bitch," Dean spat. "Get the hell out of her now." Serena's eyes watered from shock and fear, making him start to think he had gotten it wrong, that the water had just been cold. He was about to lower his weapon when Serena's entire expression changed.

"Oopsie," she said. Her eyes rolled back to reveal white demon eyes. "You're more perceptive than I gave you credit for."

"Lilith," Dean growled, his finger twitched on the trigger.

"Oh please Dean, you wouldn't dare shoot this body," Lilith drawled. "Not my usual choice, too… Well never mind. Right now it's the safest place to be."

"Why are you here?"

"I'm here to make a deal."

"So when Sam wouldn't bite, you came crawling to me?"

"I should have started with you; you're the one in charge, your brother's keeper. I thought I'd make it as easy as possible for you." She gestured at the body again.

"You've invaded Serena to make it easier?" She laughed.

"Dean, making deals with me, it's more…intense than other deals."

"Sam told me. I'm not getting freaky with a demon."

"I had hoped to trick you into it, but we can talk terms. It's a good deal if you bothered to listen," Lilith replied, walking closer to him. "Better than what I offered Sammy. You and Serena are free to leave if you never hunt again. We won't come after you. Heck I'll even stop with the seals. I don't want to die." Lilith could tell he was tempted by the offer. He rubbed a hand over his mouth and chin with his free hand.

"What about Sam?"

"Well…I still want his head gift wrapped."

"That's the deal breaker right there," Dean spat.

"Oh Dean, you Winchester's are destined to die, why not like this? Sam would die protecting people. There are worse ways to go."

"No, you bitch," he snapped. It felt very surreal to have this conversation with Serena. He pulled the trigger and shot Serena in the shoulder with rock-salt. Serena's eyes were wide with Lilith's shock. "Leave before I exorcise your skanky demon ass."

"You wouldn't shoot again," she stated, sounding less sure of herself. She let her shoulders droop. "Dean? Oh god, Dean. You have to kill me. This is your one chance to kill Lilith." Dean tilted his head again and pouted slightly.

"Serena? How...?"

"There's no time. Kill me, Dean. She wants me to tell you to make the deal. But I won't." She screamed in pain as Lilith did something to her. Dean took a step towards her, but paused. Was this a trick? He let off another shot, this time hitting her square in the chest.

"It's only salt; hurts you a hell of a lot more than it hurts Serena's body," Dean explained. He wracked his brain for the words needed for the exorcism. Lilith straightened up and waved her hand, sending him flying into the wall and pinning him there.

"Fine," she stated. "I can't make you seal the deal, but I can kill you myself. And I can torture this body. In fact I'm happy in the stupid meat sack. Maybe I'll move in permanently." Dean couldn't see a way out of this. It was times like these he wished that the angels did keep a closer eye on what was happening. He screwed his face up in pain at the pressure on his chest. He closed his eyes as Lilith revealed her white eyes again and smiled sadistically. This was the end. When nothing happened, he opened his eyes slowly. His surroundings were not the room he had been in. He looked around quickly, dropping to his feet. It looked a lot more like the abandoned barn he had been in when Serena had returned. He saw a familiar face.

"Anna? Am I dead?"

"Dean, we don't have much time. I can't appear to you, Lilith is too powerful even for me. But you can use this," the angel touched Dean on the forehead. "Chant this three times. You need to use some blood as well."

"What is it?"

"Prehistoric magic, it's powerful. Powerful enough to blow Lilith out of Serena. It won't send her to hell though. Be careful." Dean blinked and found himself pinned against the wall in the living room at Bobby's. It seemed like Lilith had not moved. He must have passed out. Dean didn't waste another moment; he chanted the strange words that Anna had put in his head. The words felt strange on his tongue, but the effect was immediate. The pressure on his body stopped abruptly and Dean had time to cut his palm and draw the symbol Anna had shown him. Dark smoke rushed out of every pore of Serena's being and flew straight out of the window. Both Serena and Dean dropped to the floor. He crawled towards her. He could see where the rock salt had hit her. She opened her eyes slightly and found his. Her hand reached up and touched his face.

"You okay?" she whispered. Dean rolled his eyes.

"Are you?" She let out a rough chuckle.

"Never better," She lied, pulling herself into a sitting position on the floor. She cringed as the salt stung in her wounds. Looking down she realised her clothing predicament, which made her frown.

"How long…?" Dean asked.

"I don't know, bitch caught me off guard. I was half way to meeting you."

"That was about 2 weeks ago. Do you remember any of it?"

"No," she closed her eyes and shook her head. "I just remember the smoke coming at me. Was it Lilith?" Dean nodded, looking at her closely.

"I don't suppose you got a look inside her head?" He asked after a while. She opened her eyes and shook her head.

"Sorry. Look, can we talk later? I need to sleep." she asked as a yawn interrupted her. "And have some food. I feel like I've not eaten for months." Dean grinned at her and pulled her to her feet. He passed her a t-shirt out of his bag, which she put on gratefully. Then he led her to Bobby's kitchen and went upstairs to check on Sam. Serena rustled up a sandwich and began to wolf it down. She turned to lean her back on the kitchen cabinet and jumped when she saw Zachariah standing in front of her.

"You did the right thing," he informed her. "Lying to Dean like that." She glared at him.

"I'm so glad that you approve," she snapped, putting her sandwich on the counter.

"Now you understand what we're up against," Zachariah stated, smirking at her tone. His facial expressions annoyed Serena more than any other persons ever had.

"That's an exaggeration," she replied.

"You're in a unique position, Serena," he pretended that she hadn't spoken. "You are privy to some delicate information. All I'm here to do is suggest how you use it."

"Let me guess, you want me to tell you everything, tell Dean nothing and pretend like everything is peachy?"

"You have a gift of summing things up," the angel replied, smiling.

"It's true then?"

"That part is, yes," Zach stated.

"I won't be able to hide it for long," Serena reminded him.

So, what do you think?