Alright this is my first fanfic for a book, so please play nicely, this story goes with some things reviled in Catching Fire, however, it veers off into my own story. Katniss and Peeta are still in the area trying to survive, so they can get home, but Katniss has realized that she really is in love with Peeta, they did get married before the quell and are pregnant. So now that you know were everybody is at, read, review and enjoy. ;)

Okay, I know I shouldn't be at all surprised that the Capitol had sent me back into the area, really what else are they going to do to me? But I would've thought that a pregnant tribute, along with her husband, might have changed their minds, or at least some of the rules.

I must say, Peeta is handling everything surprisingly well, certainly better than me. After the last games we participated in, and after we were all healed and sent home, I realized what a great man Peeta was, of course I already knew that from our time in the area, but I had never fully let my heart go there, I was too afraid that if I did, and I lost him, I wouldn't be able to bear it. I knew he loved me, how could I not? He would've sacrificed himself for me, at a moments notice, and how many times had he told me he loved me, or showed me with a kiss?

I guess I just needed a little bit longer to realize that I truly did love him back. And amazing me once again, he was alright with that. I had met him outside his house, and I had an entire speech planned, but we all know how ineloquent I am with words, so instead, I ran to him, wrapped my arms around his neck, kissed him more earnestly than I ever had before, and said I loved him.

When he said he loved me too, and that he wanted to marry me, I knew I should've felt scared, but I didn't. I felt warm, and safe and for the first time in along time, happy and complete. I had always said that marriage was a waste of time and that it only lead to children that you couldn't feed or protect, from the Capitol. But I was wrong. Peeta and I had won more money than thought possible, and when the Capitol had found out of our marriage and my pregnancy, before we allowed them to do interviews or anything of the sort we made them promise that our children's names would never go into the reaping balls.

And us being the two favorite victors in the history of the games, they agreed. However that did not save us, from the Quell. So if we were to save our families, our child and any other children we have, we have to find a way, to win in this area once again, and beat the odds. They already gave the same rule as last time, that if two tributes from the same district are left, they can win. This was the only insurance, Peeta and I had, that would allow us, to survive and save our baby.

I took in my image one last time before I was loaded onto the disk that project into an unknown place, were I would kill to survive. I had placed my hair back into it's braid, and pulled on the outfit Cinna had carefully made for me, it was a black long sleeved top and pants, with no decorations of any kind, however, it did insulate in cold and reflect heat in sun. At also, was slightly padded from my neck down, to just below my waist, the material, was soft, but impenetrable. One safety item Cinna could provide in way of clothes, this way if any other tribute tried to use my pregnancy in a way to kill me, my child would be safe and me as well. My only token allowed into the arena was my wedding ring, a platinum band with tiny diamonds all they way around the band itself.

I step out onto the platform, and am taken into the area for the second time. I catch a glimpse of Peeta across the way from me, as we take in the water surrounding us from every direction, I know a pregnant woman, normally would've thought longer before jumping into the water, but Peeta and I immediately would be targets, and we knew that us being married and having a child, not to mention winners form last year only added to that large target on our heads.

I make it to the Cornucopia, just about the time Peeta does. I instantly grab a bow and two sheaths of arrows, as well as a backpack. I see Peeta, grab a bag as well and some more knives. This is when the tribute from District 3 tries to take Peeta out from behind. Over my dead body is that going to happen, I sent an arrow through his eye before he even had his spear raised. After he falls, Peeta takes my hand and we jump into the water and make it to other side, once there we run, until, I can't run anymore.

I try to breath in and out as well as I can, but I can tell I'm going to be sick, I've been sick since I found out I was pregnant. My tiny body may be muscled and strong, however morning sickness kicks my butt, and our swimming and running, wasn't helping in anyway.

"Katniss, it's alright. I don't think we'll need to go any further tonight. We've put a lot of distance between us and everyone else. Are you going to be alright?" Peeta asks as he holds me upright. I'm too dizzy and nauseous to say anything, so I simply shake my head, but as I do I know, I'm not. I lean away from his as best I can, before throwing up. Peeta instantly is behind me, one hand holding back my hair, his other, helping keep me from falling over.

Once I'm done, he sets me down at the base of a tree and finds me the water bottle out of one of our packs.

"Peeta I can't." I argue as I try to push it away, knowing water is likely to be scarce.

"Katniss, don't argue with me. Remember, you're taking care of someone else along with you. Now drink this slowly, then nibble on these." he says handing me some crackers.

I know he is right so I do as he says, and when I'm done, I realize I'm cold and tried. He of course already knows this, so he wraps me in the blanket form my pack, and tucks me in next to him, so that my head is resting on his chest. I'm about to doze off, but then I say, "Peeta, thank you, I love you."

I can feel him smile from above my head, "I love you too, baby." he says kissing my forehead. And I fall asleep to the rhythm of his heart beat, with one hand resting on my abdomen.

When I wake up the next morning, it's warm, and I know we need to get moving. But I realize Peeta is missing, I look around frantically, but then I see him about twenty yards in front of me. But he's not alone, he's fighting with some of the tributes, I can't tell who they are, I only know that I need to help him. I stand up, and grab my bow, and am able to shoot down three of the five, before I fall unconscious, the last thing I hear before hit the ground, is Peeta's voice.

"Katniss, no! Wake up baby, please wake up!" and I wish I could.