The Fox Sage

There has been a legend of a fox sage. Parents tell stories about this sage defeating hydras, minotaurs, and dragons to put the kids to bed. Teachers tell their students a few legendary tales for they can take training seriously. The problem is no one knows where or for that matter who he is. Konoha is about to find out who he is and that he really is real.

The sun has just risen over Konohagakure No Sato (Village Hidden in the Leaves). The business people were getting ready to open the stores. The schools were just opening all the while the village leader is looking out of his window.

He is old, with bags upon bags under his eyes. He lost most of his muscle mass. What used to be 'The Professor' who could fight 500 ninja and come back on top now is and old brittle man. This man is Hiruzen Sarutobi. This shell of the great shinobi was having a weird feelings about today. 'something is off about today', He thought. He doesn't know how right he is.

Konoha Gates

"There is nothing as boring as guard duty" Kotetsu Hagane said to Izumo.

"Yea I know what you mean nothing interesting ever happens here", Izumo said. As this was said a swirl of fire occurred. Out of this fiery vortex came a man.

He was 5'11 with a black and red cloak covering him. The cloak is black with with fire on the bottom that glow. On the back it has a fox curled up with 9 tails that are going in a spiral. It has a kanji for Fox Sage The hood of the cape has a fox in a swirl with a kanji that stood for Trickster. His right sleeve had 9 orange triangles that have highly complicated seals that seem to spin. On the side of the cloak it has the words Demon. The word Demon glowed orange as if it was a secret compartment (hint). The left side had a weapon launcher. The launcher had over 10,000 senbons, 5,000 kunai and 3,000 shurikens. The arm had the words Kitsune. The thing that ultiloaked wately caught them off guard was the fact that cloak seem alive. It started to growl and grow some more.

"Excuse me gentlemen I have an important business with the Hokage." the man said calmly while the cloak covered his eyes.

"Sir write down your name and you will be on your way. The man wrote down his name and disappeared in a solar flare. The two guards covered their eyes for they do not become blind. When they finally opened them, they were shocked at the name on the paper. ' Things are surely going to get interesting around here' , They both thought.

The Hokage Tower

The Hokage sighed for what felt like the trillionth time this morning. It was the Uchiha should get this, get that, the CRA. He truly thought about killing every single one them. 'Wont they ever shut up, blah, blah I wish I could kill them quickly' he smiled deviously thinking about jumping and slicing their throats.

It is the civilian's council that causes so many problems. This is a ninja village but they act like it is a Democracy. It's Martial Law DAMNIT. The Hokage is the leader that's that, but the power of the Hokage has been greatly dimished. Now he sits behind the desk having to hear this shit everyday and do paperwork. Yup this is the job of the Hokage.

As the council kept discussing this civilian problem a fire vortex appeared in the middle of the room. A man came out of the vortex. His face had a mask on while the cloak covered his head. The man stood as if he was a natural born leader. The man wore the mask of coldness and his killer intent was off the charts. Some of the council passed out from it. The shinobi council was not able to breathe. The elders and the Hokage started to sweat.

"Well, well, well, its funny how we are all here together like a happy family" the man said with this errie smile that none of them could see.

"Who are you?" this pink hailed lady said. The man turned around and looked at her and replied, "No one was talking to you, You pink haired freak of nature. Now why don't stop screeching that everyone in this whole universe has heard and not from that thing you called pleasure. I feel sorry for your daughter being deaf and all." Some snickered at that the shinobi were laughing, the elders were trying to hold it in. The pink haired woman turned red and was about to screech when she saw the senbon launcher at her throat. She promptly shut up.

Danzo, one of the elders sent a code that he thought this man did not see. But as the man put his arm down 20 people with Ne symbol fell to the ground dead. The council was shocked and Danzo was fuming. 'How did he kill them without even moving. Who is he?' , Danzo thought. Then he started to feel that killing intent again.

The man knew they were there and sent a customized shuriken at one that goes right through them killing them from the inside. He said,"You thought those pathetic excuse for shinobi attack me and win? I just got here and I'm already tired of the rotten shit going on here so....." the man clapped his hands and the sonic boom knocked the civillian council out of the building. The Hokage wanted to ask how can he learn that jutsu.

"Now onto to business. It has been awhile since i have seen your faces.", the man said. The Hokage looked at the man now with the face of the 'Professor' and asked, "Who are you before I kill you". The shinobi council were about to attack but then you hear a laugh. "Old man you can't even touch me even in your prime. But you want to know who I am well...." the man took off his mask ans the hood of his cloak.

All of the people in the room except the man gasped. 'Minato has returned!" they all thought happily. Soon their happiness turned to horror as the man started to smile. As he said with as much killing intent they have ever felt, "Naruto Namikaze:The Fox Sage is BACK"