A/N: Okay I want to know what story to update next. I just got out of the hospital and i feel amazing. So i want to write you a next chapter. Now lets go through the rundown of whats in store for the stories.

Fox Sage: Naruto Faces the swords while Zabuza and co face vs team 7 vs Hydra

Dragon Sannin: Jiraiya comes back to face Hanzo. Then its the battle Jiraiya vs Orochimaru

Chimera: Naruto comes back to the academy and is put on a team whose team you will find out.

Whats in the scroll: Naruto activates his sword and gets put on a team. He also gets another sensei

Naruto of the Nine: My person favorite We find out what happen with Naruto, Haruno, and Itachi or Ithica.

Rinnegan amongst the Sharingans: I'm going to skip the council meeting and go through his training. Also the Massacre Will happen.

Message me your thoughts and if you want to help just tell me which story. Also I am trying to write a Naruto story in which he must become a sage in the 7 elements if you want to help tell me. Ja Ne