This is my first Chronicles of Narnia fanfic. I've always liked the Lucy and Tumnus pairing and stories so I decided to write my own lol. This has some Christian symbolism btw. I've tried to use proper grammar so if you see any grammar mistakes plz tell me. I had a hard time with deciding how old Tumnus is in this story. The books never said how old he is and I've always thought him young. James McAvoy was 25 when he played Tumnus but whatever I'm making Tumnus that age now! Haha! Plz review

All characters in this story belong to C. S, Lewis except for Shanty, Naylandi, and Zadis.

Ice and Snow

Chapter 1:

I, Tumnus, have fallen in love with Lucy, Queen of Narnia. I am not sure how it happened. I had first met her 7 years ago when she was just 10 and I 18 (in faun years…Tumnus is really in his hundreds). Now she was 17 and I 25. I think I have loved her awhile. I have always been protective over Lucy ever since she came to Narnia. I think everyone noticed my protectiveness for they made me her body guard…….

Now Lucy was about to marry a prince from a different kingdom. It was not her choice either. High King Peter said that she was of age and it was only proper she marry soon and very soon. Queen Susan had already married 2 years ago. She still lived in Cair Paravel with her husband Naylandi, Prince of Calormen.

I was not fond of Naylandi, for the people of Calormen thought us fauns strange and every other creature that was neither beast nor human. He looked me warily like he could not trust me.

Lucy was to marry Shanty, Prince of Tashbaan. He was worse than Naylandi, not to mention the rudest in the Palace. Lucy did not like him either.

At least Naylandi was hardly ever at the Palace really, for he had to be with his kingdom and so would Shanty.

Lucy was mad at Peter and she stormed out to the balcony overlooking the ocean which was her favorite spot to be.

I watched her from the corner spot I stood.

She was crying.

My heart went out to her. I wanted so much to comfort her. But I just stood right where I was. That was not my place I was her body guard not her comforter. I wanted to tell her how I felt toward her but it would not matter, I was a faun and she a human. It would not work even if she felt the same. There was not a faun I knew that loved or married a human being……And that is why I kept my mouth shut and watched her sobs rack her small body.

You Coward!I thought furiously. I was likely to go ballistic with myself if I did not go and comfort her.

It was then I realized she was mumbling things to herself. It came out in pieces,"I…don't…want…to…marry Shanty. Why?" she said loud enough for me to hear.

Each word pulled my heart sharply. I was just about to go to her finally when I froze as she cried out, "I want him…I want Tumnus….I don't care what everyone says of me," Lucy wipes her face.

I stood where I was stunned stupid, hearing her say those things.

Did I hear that right?

"I know he'll never love me. He's a faun and I am simply human and a child in his eyes still. I wish he knew so maybe I wouldn't have to marry a man I will never love or anyone else….," her voice trailed off.

I smiled slightly then wanted to kick myself.

I need to tell her now! And we both could save ourselves from being unhappy for life.

I decided I would come up to her like I did not have the slightest idea what was going on. I went to her. She jumped as I asked, "What's wrong dear Lucy?" I stood beside her.

"I'm engaged to that awful Prince Shanty. I have not any choice but to marry him. He's the only one who would marry a girl like me. I'm too wild and adventurous for anyone else or at least that's what my siblings tell me," she was bout to fist the balcony wall.

I grabbed her fist and she looked up at me, "You're not wild, adventurous that you are," I told her honestly.

"Oh, Tumnus, stop trying to make me feel better, nothing will help me now. I will never love Shanty or any other man. I only love--," she broke off, blushing scarlet.

Her eyes looked frightened and curious at the same time as I raised her chin up and she met my eyes. I think she knew I knew what she was going to say.

"Whom?" I asked, though knew she would not say.

"I—I—I have to go!" she struggled from my grip.

"Wait. Lucy!" I tried to grab her as she fled but I did not follow her.

Coward! Coward! Coward!The thoughts screamed in my head……