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The trip to Cair Paravel was an agonizing one. It was difficult trying to keep up with Aslan and Lucy when my legs were so hard to use. We didn't have any horses to carry Lucy and me.

Eventually though we made it after about 20 falls by me we made it to the castle.

Immediately after we were there Aslan sent a small army back to the Ice Castle to set free all the Narnians that were enslaved.

"Wait here," Aslan demanded as he ran into the castle quickly.

Lucy began pacing around then sat down by a tree. I sat down beside her before I had the chance to tip over once again.

"Are you okay?" I questioned my fiancée, well Lucy. I couldn't believe I was a human and Lucy and I were about to be married. I was so happy I felt like dancing if I wasn't so hungry and sore.

"I don't know, Tumnus. I'm happy that Zadis and Shanty are gone for good and that Peter, Edmund, and Susan are going to live. I really am, I just well-," she gave me a weak smile.

I planted a kiss on her forehead just as Aslan came out with the Lucy's siblings. I didn't have the chance to ask Lucy what she meant to say.

Lucy shot up quickly and ran to them. She started crying then and wrapped her siblings each in a bear hug.

I then smiled; everything was back to normal except well I was now a human and was marrying my best friend.

Peter was the first to notice my presence. He stepped up to me, "I'm sorry for all that I've done. I'm sorry I didn't let you see Lucy all those days and nights. I didn't suspect Shanty. Something just came over all of us," he shook his head, "Aslan told us about Zadis."

"It's alright, it's all the past now. Let's put it all behind us," I assured, trying not to wobble.

He started to stare at me then, finally he really looked at me. Susan and Edmund were already staring at me.

"You're a human—what happened?" Edmund questioned, coming up to me then.

"Ah, yes it's a long story," I felt myself go red at all this attention. Aslan must not have told them about this.

"A very long story," Lucy giggled, looping her arm in mine. She stood on her toes and kissed me. I was a quite tall now that I was a human.

Lucy's siblings' mouth dropped open in shock. They had not expected a display like that.

Aslan started to chuckle, "I will explain all there is to explained while Lucy and Tumnus get something to eat and freshen up," he suggested.

About the time he said that my stomach began to growl loudly. Lucy elbowed me, trying not to laugh.

I then remembered King Peter's sword and unbuckled the belt that held it and handed it to him, "I believe this belongs to you."

He looked down at it strangely but took it with a "thanks".

"And there is going to be a wedding if you three don't mind these two being together," Aslan said as Lucy and I started for Cair Paravel.

"Why wouldn't we?" Susan cried out, excitedly, "I've always known they were made for each other. Peter and Edmund think so too," she said glancing at her brothers who gave a nod of approval.

"Get ready for that wedding!" Edmund yelled at us.

I was so glad that they approved of us that I spun Lucy around and surprisingly without falling.

We were so excited about getting married we quickly rushed eating even though we hadn't eaten in days to get ready. The cook made us eat soup so we wouldn't get sick from not eating in so long.

Susan let Lucy borrow her wedding dress.

It wasn't long until we were standing in front of Aslan saying our wedding vows.

It went so fast it was already to the "I do" part and then it was time to kiss the bride.

We both had tears running down our faces as I placed a kiss on her lips.

It was a happily ever after for then.

That is all I have in account for you. Maybe someday I will have the courage to write the rest of my life's story. I am getting much older now.

It wasn't but five years after Lucy and I were married that her and her siblings disappeared from Narnia. Ever since then I have been devastated but I am very glad to have our son Tarus, the only thing left of Lucy I have left. He keeps me from becoming deep in depression and gives me a reason to live.

So long for now faithful readers.

Signed, Tumnus.