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Sometimes, Hero's Need Saving.

Tyler was preparing dinner for herself, Bobby, Sam, Dean and Grace. Dean and Sam had arrived over two hours before and were filling Bobby in on their latest adventure of demons, ghosts and ghouls.

Tyler and her 12 year old sister, Grace, had been at their Uncle Bobby's for 3 months now ever since Bobby had been told he would probably be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. Bobby had no other family so Tyler had no other choice but to uproot her sister from school and her friends and bring her to Bobby's to take care of him.

Grace thought it was amazing, the best thing ever! She loved her Uncle Bobby. When Bobby first called Tyler and asked her to come and live with him for a while to help him out Tyler had had no other choice than to explain to Grace that the Supernatural books she loved so much and demons and evil were real, that things that go bump in the night were real.

Grace had surprised her and told her that she had read all of Uncle Bobby's letters to Tyler keeping her updated on the hunting world and about Dean and Sam, so Grace already knew that demons were real but wanted Tyler to tell her when she was ready.

It was a huge weight off Tyler's shoulders but she still resented the fact that Grace wasn't allowed to be an innocent child the way she should be, she couldn't have the childhood Tyler, Dean and Sam missed out on.

Tyler walked in to the main room where Sam was in the middle of a demonstration of how he had killed the latest evil thing. "I'm gonna go pick up Grace from school" Tyler began putting on her coat

"I'll go get her, could do with some fresh air" Bobby replied. Although Bobby was in a wheelchair he, Dean and Sam had managed to 'customise' a car in order for him not to use his feet.

"No you stay here, catch up with the boys" Tyler insisted

"Its fine they'll be here for a few days anyway"

Great! Tyler thought but didn't say. "Grab some beers from the store on your way back" Tyler told him retreating to the kitchen.

Dean and Sam had made the house more accessible for Bobby and his chair, which Tyler was thankful for as she didn't want to have to do it, although in the three months she had been there she had tidied up a lot, books were now in a book case, tables were used to eat off not horde junk, all mechanical items were to be left outside in the outhouse, she had even had some carpets fitted in the living room (with a devils trap underneath of course) and she had purchased three large sofas and a large screen TV. If her and Grace were going to live there they needed some basic essentials (although cable TV wasn't essential as Bobby had pointed out). Basically she had made the house a home and not a pit stop/library/research facility/demon prison.

"You need some help fixing dinner?" Dean asked following her in to the kitchen as Bobby left the house.

"Nope" Tyler told him as she pottered around the kitchen wiping surfaces.

"Ok, what is your problem?" Dean snapped at her

"Dean don't" Sam warned

"No Sammy, I'm sick of this, we've been coming here over three months now and every time she's around she treats us like crap so come on Tyler get it off your chest what's up?"

Tyler took a deep breath "you know what? I promised myself I wouldn't do this, I wouldn't let Bobby down…but screw it, my problem is YOU" Tyler shouted turning to face the brothers who stood in the doorway of the kitchen. "YOU TWO ARE MY PROBLEM!" Sam and Dean starred at her astonished; neither of them expected the fury in her voice "YOU WALTZ IN HERE EVERY COUPLE WEEKS AND FILL BOBBY IN ON YOUR LATEST WAR STORIES THEN ASK FOR HIS HELP. TELL ME SOMETHING WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU JUST CALLED BOBBY TO SEE HOW HE IS?" Neither Sam nor Dean replied "yeah that's what I thought. Tell me Sam when's Bobby's birthday?" Sam looked at his feet "Dean what's the name of Bobby's dead wife, my aunt's name?"

"I…I…don't…I think" Dean stumbled over his words

"See that's my problem. Bobby bends over backwards for you two, runs to help you whenever you need it, never forgets your birthday, he's the father your dad never was and you two can't even remember his birthday. Don't get me wrong Bobby worships you two, and I truly believe that you will stop the apocalypse I really do and after Bobby you two would be next on my list to call if I had a demon problem, but that doesn't mean I like either of you. Just once, just one time why can't you call Bobby when you don't need his help?"

"Your right" Dean sighed sitting in the nearest chair at the kitchen table.

"Damn straight I'm right! I know you're good at what you do and I know you've saved thousands, maybe millions of people but answer me this how many innocent people have suffered or died helping you? Pamela, Anna, Henriksen, hell me and Grace!"

"We can't be perfect" Sam told her

"and I wouldn't expect you to be, and I'm sure your both really nice people but I just…Bobby sent me letters, sometimes 3 or 4 in a week and told me all about your latest adventures, kept me up to date on everything to do with you but did Bobby ever tell you about me and Grace? I wonder why?"

"Cause he doesn't want us to use you the way we use him" Dean sighed

"Your not as dumb as you look" Tyler said as she heard Bobby's car pull up outside "dinner's ready, help yourselves I've lost my appetite" Tyler left the room as Bobby and Grace entered the house.

Sam walked around the scrap yard looking for Tyler, she hadn't come back in to the house since storming out, that had been three hours ago. Sam, Dean and Bobby had decided it would be best for Sam to stay at Bobby's until he was 100% sure that the demon blood was out of his system, until then he had no business hunting but Bobby had told Sam that he had to be the one to break the news to Tyler.

Sam saw Tyler a few feet in front of him lying on the bonnet of a car with her headphones in and her eyes closed. Sam took a deep breath preparing himself to approach her. What was he going to say? How was he going to tell her? How would she react?

"Stop starring at me and just say what you gotta say" Tyler told him taking her headphones out of her ears. Sam let out the breath he hadn't realised he had been holding in and crossed the distance between him and the car. "If you're looking for an apology you're not going to get one"

Sam shook his head "no, not at all, your right…I just, I need to tell you something without you blowing up"

"I'm gonna blow up if you don't spit it out already"

"Can I?" Sam asked pointing to the bonnet of the car, Tyler nodded and moved over so Sam could fit beside her once he was comfortable he began "you know all about the demon blood right?"

"I got the censored version yeah"

"Well me, Bobby and Dean decided I shouldn't be hunting until we know that it's…"

"Your staying here aren't you?" Tyler interrupted him

Sam nodded "Dean's already left. If it's a problem I'll go, I'll go somewhere else, do this on my own"

"No, Bobby would never forgive me and I guess Hero's need saving sometimes to"

"Thank you"

"Oh you're not getting off that easily!" Tyler told him turning to face him for the first time "there are conditions!"

"I'm not gonna like this am I?"

"Probably not. Firstly, no moping around the house, no self pity! Secondly you can tutor Grace, your some boy genius right, use it, thirdly you can help out round the house, I'm not a maid, and lastly I want to keep things as normal as possible for Grace, so I'm gonna get a job and you can help Bobby out when I'm at work"

"I think I can live with them conditions" Sam agreed as Tyler slid down the bonnet of the car and stood up.

"Oh and anything bad happens to Grace whilst you're here I'll shoot you in your sleep" Tyler smiled sweetly at him before walking away.

Tyler knocked on Grace's bedroom door "come in" Grace called from inside.

"Hey squirt" Tyler said crossing the room and sitting beside her sister on her bed. "What you reading?"

"I'm reading 'The Monster At The End Of This Book', Chuck posted it a couple days ago. Sam and Dean are just finding out Chuck's a prophet" once Dean and Sam had told Chuck about Grace he decided he was going to send Grace his 'rough drafts' and she was to send them all to his publisher upon his death, if that would ever happen.

"So you're almost up to date on the whole Dean and Sam saga?"

"Yeah" Grace almost squealed with excitement

"Would it not be easier to just go downstairs and ask Sam, get a first hand account?"

"No, I like the way Chuck writes, plus Sam would censor bits, or miss bits out"

Tyler laughed "ok I see your point. You know that Sam's staying a while?"

Grace's smile grew and touched her eyes "I know its great isn't it"

Tyler forced a smile "yeah. It will be good for Bobby to have a guy in the house"

"You don't want him here?" Tyler never could hide her true feelings from Grace so she never understood why she tried.

"It's not that, it's just…"

"He's not as bad as you think. Give him a chance. For Bobby's sake!"

"Yes sir" Tyler saluted "few more pages then lights out" she kissed her head.

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