Chapter 4

3 weeks later…

Tyler stood in front of the mirror in her room, the little black dress with a rounded neck and plunging v back looked nice, it fit her figure perfectly, hugged her in all the right places. Her normally long black straight hair was not subtly curled and for once it didn't look she had been electrocuted with frizzy bits sticking out.

She sighed and sat on the edge of her bed and starred at herself in the mirror. What was she doing? Getting all dressed up to go for Sam's-going-back-to-hunting-and-will-probably-die-or-become-the-devils-puppet dinner? Bobby, Grace, Ellen, Jo and Dean would also be in attendance. And even though no one had said the words aloud she suspected that they were all thinking the same that this was a goodbye dinner. She didn't want Sam to go, she wanted him to stay at Bobby's with her and be safe and happy. Not that she had revealed that information to anyone.

When Sam had first invited her she was 100% that he wanted it to be just the two of them alone and she had been quite excited at the prospect of spending some alone time with Sam. But Bobby and Grace had invited them selves and them somehow Dean, Ellen and Jo were coming in to town to join them.

Tyler had tried to think of excuses in order for her to not to have to attend but she couldn't think of a valid one unless she was physically dying.

Tyler was pulled from her I-really-don't-want-to-do-this train of thought by someone knocking on her bedroom door; she guessed it was Grace coming to get Tyler's approval on her outfit. Tyler stood up and called for them to enter and was surprised when Sam opened the door and closed it behind him.

Whilst Sam's back was Tyler she plastered on a smile that faltered slightly when she realised her and Sam were alone. "Wow you look amazing" Sam told her smiling, and she was sure it was a genuine one and not an awkward smile like she had.

Tyler laughed slightly "you scrub up well yourself" she looked him up and down and appreciated the dark denim jeans and smart white fitted shirt that he wore. Sam starred at her for what seemed liked forever and she suddenly felt self conscious and over dressed.

I knew this dress was too much! She thought. She had spent over an hour in the store deciding whether to purchase it or not. Sam looked like he wanted to say something but couldn't quite find the words and Tyler didn't like the soul searing stare they were locked in so she spoke and interrupted the silence "have I grown an extra head?" she joked felling the side of her neck as if checking for her second head.

Sam laughed "sorry, no" he shuffled his feet and looked awkward "I just need to say something, I know it's probably not the best time and I know I'm gonna screw it up but I just need to…" Sam was interrupted by Tyler's cell phone ringing and almost vibrating off her dresser.

Tyler caught it as it fell "Sorry…" she said looking at the caller id "I need to take it, its work" Sam smiled as she flipped the phone open "hello…err, yeah I guess…about half hour… yeah ok bye"

"You gotta go in to work" it wasn't a question it was a statement.

"Yeah sorry, Jean's called in sick and they need a bar maid and I need all the money I can get" Tyler told him

"Yeah" Sam cleared his throat "it's cool, guess I better let you get changed" Sam turned towards the door

"Sam" Tyler calling his name stopped him walking "what were you going to say?"

Sam shook his head slightly, a half smile creeping on to his lips "you already know. That's why you set up the whole fake gotta go in to work call" with that Sam left the room and left Tyler starring at the now empty room with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Sam sat starring in to space whilst Dean, Ellen, Jo, Bobby and Grace all laughed about something he hadn't been listening to. Its not that he wasn't interested he just couldn't concentrate. This wasn't exactly how he imagined this evening to be going.

When he had asked Tyler to dinner, he wanted it to be just the two of them, alone. He was going to thank her for all she had done, not that words could thank her enough. And he was going to finally tell her how he felt. He was sick of worrying about how she would react and he couldn't hold it in any longer he had to tell her but he wanted to do it right.

Sam loved Jess and some where deep down he always would, but he had changed he wasn't the Sam Jess had fallen in love with and he didn't think she would love him the way he was now and if she did he wouldn't have loved her.

Tyler was something different, Tyler was in a whole other ball park, Tyler was exactly what he needed and wanted. To him Tyler was what his mother had been to his father.

But she had set up the whole fake got to go to work thing and it made him have second thoughts about ever telling her how he felt.

Maybe she didn't feel the same and she didn't want to be put in the situation alone with Sam where he could make a fool of himself and she wouldn't know how to react without being nasty or harsh. Or maybe she was scared. Just as scared as he was of never seeing her again after he left tomorrow.

Maybe Tyler was scared of being open and confessing her love for him to, and maybe Sam was being selfish by telling her one night he was in love with her then leaving the next.

Maybe it had been better that Tyler hadn't come.

"Earth to Sam" Dean called waving a hand in front of his face.

"Yeah sorry" Sam said coming back down to earth

"You ready to go?"

"Sure" Sam smiled standing up that was the best thing anyone had said all night. He could go home and get in to bed with Tyler, spend the night with her in his arms and be happy even if it was just for one more night.

Sam approached what he liked to call his and Tyler's car. They had spent numerous evenings lying on the bonnet of the old car and looking up at the stars talking and tonight was no different.

Tyler was lying on the bonnet looking up at the stars, as Sam got closer she moved over to give him space to lie down to. "I'm sorry" Tyler announced before Sam had got comfortable beside her. "I should have come tonight"

"It's cool I understand" Sam told her lying back "you didn't miss much anyway"

A long silence came across them and Tyler knew it was a matter of time before Sam blurted out the words that wouldn't help either of them. And she didn't want him to say it out loud.

"Tyler I…"

"DON'T" Tyler interrupted sitting up on the car bonnet "Please Sam don't. We both know what you're going to say and I want to say the same. I really, really do god knows how much I want to, but you'll say it and then I'll say it back and then I'll kiss you but its not going to change anything, your still leaving tomorrow. And that's hard enough to deal with without putting it out there in the open. So can we not?" Tyler turned to look at him "can we just sit here like we use to and talk about anything other than that?"

Sam nodded his head, she was right "Sure"

"Oh come on" Tyler laughed "of all the things you've seen monsters, demons, ghosts, angels and you don't believe in aliens?"

Sam shook his head "I think I'd have seen one by now"

"Maybe you have and you just don't know it" Tyler suggested "and maybe their not hostile"

this was how the conversation had gone all night, aliens, memories, embarrassing moments, food, TV shows, music, movies, everything except love and now that the sun was rising neither one wanted to move and neither one of them made any comment that it was almost time for Sam to be leaving.

Tyler would never ask him to stay and Sam would never expect her to put him in that position but Tyler wanted to ask him, she wanted to get down on her hands and knees and beg him not to go, to stay with her and Grace, to have a life with her, a real life, a normal life. But she knew as much as Sam did they never could have a normal life.

Tyler stood on the porch watching Sam and Dean load bags in to the Impala whilst Grace, Ellen and Jo stood to the side waiting for their goodbye hugs.

Bobby rolled to a stop beside Tyler on the porch "don't do anything or not do anything that you might regret later on" Bobby advised her

"That goes for you to" Tyler told him "stand up and give that boy a real hug" she stated before turning and walking back in to the house and closing the door.

Bobby sighed but stood from his chair and walked down the porch steps towards the boys.

Sam realised everyone was making small talk and putting off the whole "last hug" thing not to prolong his stay but because they were waiting for Tyler to come to her senses and say goodbye to him. He didn't blame her that she wasn't out her saying goodbye he knew exactly how she felt. He didn't want to leave her behind either but he would never ask her to g with him and she would never ask him to stay neither of them were that selfish.

"I'm still gonna call you for help with my homework" Grace told Sam as she wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her off the floor.

"And I'll always help" he told her as he placed her feet back on the floor.

"Bro I'm sorry we need to get going" Dean told him looking towards the house

Sam sighed "yeah I know"

"I'll go get her" Grace decided turning towards the house

Sam managed to grab her arm before she got too far to stop her "no don't. I understand why she doesn't want to do this and I'm not going to force her"

"Chicken shit" Bobby muttered.

Sam stared up at the house and sighed heavily, he would respect her decision to not say goodbye as much as he wanted to. He smiled softly at his goodbye party and then got in to the passenger seat of the Impala.

"You ready?" Dean asked Sam

"As I'll ever be" Sam told his brother. Dean started the Impala's engine and drove away from Bobby's house.

Sam watched Bobby, Grace, Ellen and Jo get smaller in the rear view mirror, he was going to miss being at Bobby's.

Sam lurched forward and had to brace himself against the dash board as Dean slammed on the break. "Damn girl came out of nowhere" Dean sighed looking at Tyler standing in front of the car.

Sam looked out of the front windshield and saw Tyler standing starring at the car, with a tear streaked face and her hands in the back pocket of her jeans. He blinked twice before he actually believed she was there.

"Give me a minute" Sam told his brother before getting out of the car.

Sam walked towards Tyler slowly and heard her stifle a sob "I still don't want you to say it" she warned him as he got within two feet of her.

"My lips are sealed" he told her walking closer to her slowly and taking her in his arms gently. Holding her made him feel a millions times better. "What am I allowed to say?"

"You can say that your going to take care of your self" Tyler told him burying her head in his neck, he could feel her wet, cold tears running down his skin. "You can tell me you'll come back when all this shit is over"

Sam gently nudged Tyler off him and held her at shoulders length and looked in to her eyes "I'll not only tell you that, I'll promise you that"

She took a long, hard, sob ridden breath "Sam, I wanted to say something amazing, something great but I don't know what to say" Tyler's body rocked with her sobs as she tried to breath "I'm going to wait for you, for as long as it takes, till I'm as old as Bobby and as bitter as Ellen, right on that porch Sam. I'll wait…" she had to stop to hold back a sob "I don't care if you come back beaten, broken, god even evil I'll still take you" she cried harder and tears began falling from Sam's eyes "just make sure you come back alive"

Sam leant his forehead against hers and they cried like that for a minute or more "I'm gonna miss you" he told her softly

"I know. And no matter where you are I'm gonna be snuggled up beside you keeping the nightmares away"

"And no matter where I am I'll be sitting on the bonnet of that car watching the stars with you" Sam cried. She knew it was true, she knew she would be able to feel him beside her but she knew with all her heart that the stars would never shine as bright without him next to her.

Tyler had no more words, nothing else mattered now, she slowly tilted her head and moved closer to his lips. Gently they kissed.

Tyler entwined her hands in Sam's hair and held her firmly against her lips not wanting the moment to end. Sam seemed hesitant, but as soon as Tyler teased his lips open with her tongue he knew this is what he wanted more than anything in the world.

Sam could taste Tyler's tears as they ran down her cheek and to their joined lips, he hated he was hurting her, hated it as much as he hated leaving her.

Tyler was the first to pull away. "You have to go, the apocalypse wont wait for you" all Sam could do was nod, he didn't trust his own voice to talk.

Sam returned to the Impala took one last look at Tyler, smiled half heartedly and then got in the car before he changed his mind, ran back to her and stayed at Bobby's.

Tyler waited for the Impala to begin to move before walking towards Bobby and the gang, her phoned buzzed in her pocket, she opened the phone. A notice informed her she had 1 new message. She opened the message.

From: Sam

I love you. Forever. x

Tyler smiled he hadn't technically said the words, so she would forgive him.

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