This is what happens when I can't sleep. I haven't written a poem in years, so please forgive the inconsistency of the syllables-per-line and the basic ABCB rhyme scheme. :)
I may re-hash this in the future if I feel like trying some new rhyme patterns. 'Til then...
It's a poem... about a Claptrap.

Oh Little Claptrap,
Your days were once bland
As you completed menial tasks
Identified rocks and scrutinized the sand.

Then came the bandits
With their runners and guns
And they took you away
Because you will be fun.

Cruise, little Claptrap
As fast as you can
They have plenty of bullets
There's no charging station.

Your energy depletes
As you hit a dead end
Now that your cornered,
The games begin.

Plead little Claptrap,
Because there's no where to hide
Your motor unit fails
As the bullets fly.

Your disk drive malfunctions,
The scanner won't cooperate
Your arms still have power
But they can't lift your weight.

Poor little Claptrap,
All full of holes
Writhing and moaning
In a puddle of oil.

There's no one around
Yes, you are leaking
The fluids cause shorts
Your servos are seizing.

Oh little Claptrap,
Now you can see the Code
As it runs across your lens
But you don't seem to know,

It is the diagnostic script
Preparing for emergency state
Shutdown is imminent.
And this is you fate.

Oh little Claptrap,
Poor little Claptrap
Target practice is not what you're for
But it's what you're best at.