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I've often noticed that violent delights have violent ends, and often they in their triumph…die.

I'm dreaming, I know I am. And that's the scariest part. I'm aware that I am in a dream state and I'm aware that I am running. I'm aware of all thing in and out of my mind. It is…distracting I guess. I can see the blackness behind my eyelids but the meadow of a small mountain field at the same time. I see it all.

I see a small woman on the other side. She looks like my grandmother. She's wearing oddly similar clothes. I wave, she waves.


I turn.

"Alice." As beautiful as ever. In her always new clothes, with her almost messy hair, and her forever cute smile. She takes a step. "Don't. She'll see you." I mumble. Aware of the aged woman across the field. But the little pixie does not seem to care.

Alice is by my side, holding my hand. I lead her towards the woman. Why does she move like me? "Gran-" She's talking and moving with me. Like a mirror. I lift a hand, our fingers touch. This woman is me. I'm looking in a mirror. I am the one that was across the field. I am the one that has aged. I look at Alice.

She's a resilient rock against time. Frozen like ice in the North Pole. She smiles sweetly and kisses my hand. "Happy birthday Izzy."

"Izzy!" I jump awake. My brother Mitch standing above me, grinning. "Wake up!" He smirks. "Happy Birthday!" He cheers, saying the end of each word funny, making them sound like Hs. He holds out a gift as dad walks in.

I smile, slightly touched and annoyed. I didn't like being center of attention. "I thought we agreed no gifts."

"Yeah but mine and Pop's gifts aren't wrapped, so they don't count." Mitch spoke cleverly as he placed the object in my hand. He'd gotten me a small silver pin. "I'm not good with gifts." He mumbled. It was the moon, I realized as I looked at it. I ran my thumb over it, the small craters slightly dented in it's surface.

"I love it." I smiled up at him and patted his shoulder. I reached over and clipped it onto my school bag.

"Here ya go." Dad held out two gifts. "From me and your mom. I got ya this." he held out a new sleek camera. I loved it already. "And this is from your mom." He held out a wrapped object that looked like a book. "Photo album. For senior year pictures." He clarified.

"Senior year." Mitch mumbled. He had to repeat his year, he'd failed most of his classes. "Man, for me it's not a surprise but for you…wow you're growing up fast Izzy." Mitch chuckled as he stood.

"I am not." I defended, remembering the dream. Age would now be my most sensitive subject…I knew it.

"I dunno." Mitch frowned. "I think I see a gray here in there, maybe a few. You see it dad?" He looked at Charlie.

"Oh yeah." He leaned in and pointed to a spot. "Yeah definitely a few growing."

"No way." I jumped up and checked the mirror. They'd gotten me. "Really funny." I mumbled and gave them a sarcastically annoyed smile.

They chuckled and left, mumbling another 'Happy Birthday'.

Mitch and I drove quietly to school. The radio speaking of hikers being found dead. I turned it off. I glanced at my brother.

"How do you do it?" I had asked several times but he simply laughed.

"Do what?"

"Stay so warm." He was in a short sleeved black shirt with jean shorts and no shoes. It was spring…but it wasn't eighty degree weather.

"I'm just that amazing Izzy." He smirked as we pulled into the school parking lot. He hopped out and ran barefooted to his own small group of friends.

I was glad I'd done my essay for class. I wasn't a big fan of Romeo & Juliet. I'd seen the movies twice, not my thing. Suicidal love…if I could kill myself to be with anyone…I'd do it for Alice.

I decided to take a picture of my friends, my first photo for my scrapbook/photo album.

"Oh look who it is. Cullen." Mike mumbled bitterly. He still had a thing for me, he really wasn't my type. I looked around, expecting to see Alice. But it was Edward and Jasper, hand in hand as usual.

My friends vanished as they walked up to me. "Happy Birthday." Edward smiled.

"Don't…I don't even want to think about it." I smiled. I had never enjoyed my birthday.

"Mmm, that bad huh?" Edward chuckled.

"That bad." I nodded.

"Well, here." He held out a CD case, still wrapped in its protective plastic with a bow. "Mitch said if it wasn't wrapped it didn't count." He shrugged.

I sighed and took it. "Miike Snow." He was actually really good. "Thanks."

"No problem." He smirked.

I realized I'd been jerked. I glared at Jasper. "No fair." He'd made me feel calm so I would take the gift without complaint.

"Sorry Bella. Happy-" He stopped short as I glared. "Never mind." He covered quickly and dragged Edward off into the school.

"Izzy." A silver bell voice called. I turned, and there she was. My own miniature angel. "Happy birthday." She grinned and handed me a gift.

"Alice…" I took it. "We talked about this."

"But I saw you open it already, and you love it. You'll wear it tonight for the party at our place."

"I don't want to celebrate my birthday." I mumble and step back, fingering the blue and black vintage wrapping on the rectangle box.

Alice sighed and pulled me in around the waist. "You being here is a great reason to celebrate." Her smile widened.

"My ageing isn't." I couldn't get the dream out of my head. It was like a small bit of plastic in water. No matter how far down you shoved it, it always resurfaced.

"Your ageing." Alice chuckled and kissed my cheek. "I think you're a little young to be thinking about that."

"Mm…I'm catching up to you."

She laughed. "No you're not. I'm one hundred eleven. I've got quite the timeline on you."

"Well maybe I shouldn't be dating someone so old. It technically kind of makes you a pedophile."

"Mm." Grinning she leaned in closer.

"I should be a little…freaked out I guess."

"You guess?"

I chuckled and brought her closer, fire covered lips meeting frosted ones. Kissing Alice…it was amazing. But it always seemed hard for her. My blood must still bother her on some level.

"We should get to class before we're late." Alice mumbled as she turns and takes one of my hands, leading me inside.

She stopped after a few steps. "Ah…wait. You should go say hello." She looked uncomfortable.


"Bella!" I turn to see Jacob. I smile and walk over to him and hug him with my free arm. I didn't notice Alice looking on with a small glare.

"Hello biceps." I smile as I take in his new look. Same long hair, but his arms were covered in muscles I hadn't seen before. I looked,…good.

"Well I'm just filling out Bella. Wouldn't seem so odd if we hung out a little more." He smiled politely.

"Yeah you're right. We should, maybe I'll bring Mitch along." I nodded, liking the idea of hanging out with an old friend.

"Good. The guys have been asking about Mr. Fearless." He and I both laughed. "Oh yeah. Happy birthday. I got this for ya." He held up a small net object decorated in beads and feathers. "Dream catcher. Catches bad dreams."

I was amazed. "Thanks…that's actually totally perfect." I try not to stutter as I took the gift and tried not to remember the appearance of my old self.

"See you later?" Jacob asked hopefully.

"You bet." I smiled and pulled him into another hug as we said our small almost 'goodbyes'. He'd said goodbye meant death for some of the members of his tribe, him included. So he preferred to say 'see you later.' Which was fine with me.

"So how come you're okay with Jacob Black giving you a gift but not me." Alice asked curiously as we walked through the halls.

"Because I don't really have anything to give back. I could try but…it probably wouldn't be good enough." I mumble.

"Silly Izzy. Just being around you is enough for me." She smiled and took my free hand as we walked to my locker to put my gifts away for the day.

"See? I can't give back little things like that." I sighed as I opened my locker and placed the gifts inside.

"Maybe I just want to give you things. I'd never ask for anything in return." Alice mumbled as she waited for me.

"Alice…" I turn to her.

"Izzy, I like giving you things. I love seeing you smile and laugh. That's part of why I do it." Alice clarified. "I don't give you things because I expect something in return. Please understand." She smiled sweetly and kissed my hand.

I couldn't help my blush. "Once again…see? Thank you." I smiled and gave her a small kiss.

I did not like Romeo & Juliet. As I've already said. And I hated watching it in class, alone. Alice made some excuse to the teacher and left for most likely the rest of the class period.

Mitch sat with one of his friends across the room, bare feet propped into a chair. I could see the dirt clinging to them. I didn't know how he got away with not wearing shoes, it was a regular rule. He waved to me lazily, bored look on his face. I waved back.

"Hey." I looked around to see Jasper. Edward was not in this block. "Sad isn't it?" He whispers as he turns to watch the movie.

"If you're into that whole obvious beauty superficial thing." I was not into drama. Romeo & Juliet was a superficial love of beauty and beauty of love.

Jasper chuckled quietly. "I meant the suicide part." He smirked. "How easy it is to kill a human. When it's so hard to kill…one of us." He mumbled. "Poison or a dagger would do it, maybe something even smaller."

"Why would you say something like that?" I eyed him oddly.

"Alice considered it once you know. Getting herself killed. When you were attacked by James and she didn't know if she'd make it in time. She thought about it." He answered quietly. "Lucky she didn't have to use that plan."

"What plan?"

"Get to Italy, somehow get the Volturi to kill her."

"Volturi?" Who the hell were they?

Sadly Jasper was called on as the movie was paused, and after that he said no more to me on the matter. Saying Edward could explain better.

I stood with Edward in Carlisle's office in the black and silver dress Alice had gotten me. I had turned Mitch's pin into a necklace. It took him a while but he got it so the pin wouldn't prick me.

Edward stood in his gray fine suit. "The Volturi are an old family. Very powerful. I guess you could say they're the closest thing to royalty in our world." He explained.

"Okay…what do they do exactly?" I asked but pointed to a blonde man in the picture. "And is that Carlisle?"

Edward chuckled quietly. "Yes. He lived with them for a few decades, he described them as very refined. No regard or respect for human life, but for the arts and the science. The Volturi enforce the law, above all the law."

"Vampires have laws?" Duh Bella! I mentally kicked myself.

Edward chuckled and nodded. "A few, but only one gets enforced regularly."

"What is it?" I had an idea.

"To never expose ourselves to humans. Unless you want to die of course." He mumbled, like it was simple.

"Okay, I've heard enough." I didn't want to think about Alice dead.

"I understand. I mean…if anything happened to Jasper…I don't know what I'd do." He looked sad. "It's my job to protect him, not that he thinks that. He thinks he has to look out for me." He smiled and shrugged.

"I could protect Alice. If she changed me." I muttered it more to myself than to him, but I knew he could hear.

"Bella…you really don't get it."

"Get what?"

"Nothing can honestly hurt Al but you. Just you. Anything else would seem like a nail across glass. But you…it would be like a crowbar."

"Did she tell you that?"

"She didn't have to." He answered quietly as the door opened. Alice and Jasper stepped in.

"That's enough Ed." Jasper whispered as he walked by me to the bronze haired vampire. How had he known?

"Come on." Alice smiled as sweet as ever and led me out. I smiled as I looked at what they'd done. A small party with a few people. I would have done better without but…I was still touched by the gesture.

Emmett and Rosalie stood by the stairs in nice dress clothes of black and gray. Carlisle and Esme were much the same. Mitch stood in a black sports coat with a black undershirt and black dress shorts. He still wore no shoes, but I was surprised they even got him to wear that. He smiled up and me and waved the camera.

Alice led me down to receive my hugs, a handshake from Rose, and Mitch stood before me and Alice, camera ready. "Let's see some love. Nothing to graphic, she's still my sister." He advised Alice who giggled.

She nuzzled my neck and I had to smile as the camera clicked. "Awww." Mitch grinned and I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Rose…you first." The blonde sighed and handed me a rectangle box.

"It's a necklace." She spoke with an annoyed tone. I thought wrapping gifts meant opening them for the surprise. "Alice picked it out."

I smiled. "Thank you." She nodded stiffly.

"Emmett." Also a rectangle package. I shook it lightly and glanced at him. He grinned, excited.

"Already put it in the truck. Finally getting a decent sound system for that piece of cra-"

"Hey don't hate the truck." I smirked. There was a small ripple of laughter.

"This is from Carlisle and Esme." Mitch handed me a gift.

"Just something to brighten your day." Carlisle chuckled. I hated myself…because I kind of like Carlisle so much more than my own dad. Even though Mitch and I both had kind of broken our own dad's heart.

I pulled it open but I cut my finger. "Ouch." I mumbled and looked at it. It was dripping the copper ooze quick.

I saw Alice move in front of me and Edward place a hand on Jasper's shoulder. Oh yeah…I'd forgotten. Jasper still had a lot to learn about control.

Mitch stood in front of Alice and I before I could blink. He pushed the attacking blonde away, surprising himself at his own strength. But Jasper was determined to get to me.

He moved so fast…maybe faster than Edward. No, that wasn't it. It was the fact that he was like a snake. Almost impossible to hold and when you got a grip he seemed to slip free with ease.

Carlisle grabbed for him and missed. Emmett had grabbed him and held on tight, only keep the left arm in his hand, he pulled Jasper back and got a firm hold on the other arm. Mitch pressed a hand to his chest. Edward stood in front of him. "Calm down, please. It's okay." He shushed the growled blonde. "It's just a little blood." He nodded to Carlisle.

I was causing these problems. I was horrible. Carlisle took me away up to his office, Jasper was take outside for some fresh air.

"I'm sorry." I whispered as I looked at the band-aid on my finger.

"Don't worry. Nobody got seriously hurt. Jasper just needs a little time to get himself together. He'll be saying sorry quite a bit over the next few days." Carlisle smiled.


"Bella really…it's okay. The others are still getting used to not hunting humans. Jasper has been feeding on humans longer than the rest of us, so it's very hard for him. Edward keeps him under control as best he can."

"What about Alice?" I wanted her here.

"It's something for her to get used to as well. She can control herself very well, but she'd rather not risk temptation." He explained quietly.

Made sense. Better safe than sorry.

"What is your brother exactly?" Carlisle asked curiously.

"What?" I looked up in confusion. Mitch was Mitch…I hoped.

"No human could push a vampire away like that. Not even one who trained with weights everyday and took steroids." He was saying my brother wasn't human.

No…Mitch was Mitch. He was just, he was just special. He was her brother. Her goofy, happy, loveable brother. Who never wore shoes and had a constant over heated body temperature and had just shoved a stone skinned vampire almost halfway across the room.

Carlisle was right…what was he?

Alice and I sat quietly in my truck, which she insisted on driving back. Mitch sat in the bed of the truck, and when the truck stopped outside the house he hopped out and left us alone, which I was grateful for. But he must've had his own thinking to do.

"Alice you can't protect me from everything." I mumbled, unsure of what to say. There were a million and one thoughts screaming in my brain, making the silence deafening.

"I should be able to protect you from my own brother." She looked upset.

"If it wasn't that, it'll be something else. It could be a car crash or some kind of freak accident…," I let my dream resurface fully. "Or old age." I mumbled, looking at my finger. "As long as I'm human." I saw her stiffen from the corner of my eye. This was a subject she'd refused to talk about. "The only way to keep me safe and so I can be with you is to change me."

"Izzy…it's not an option. I couldn't turn you into a monster like me. I couldn't take your soul." She wouldn't look at me.

"My soul? Alice I don't care about my soul. So long as I can be with you. I don't care, you can take it. You're not…you won't want me when I'm an old woman." I turned to her, begging. But she jumped out of the truck and appeared by my side, opening the door. I sat back.

"Is that what you think this is about?" She seemed almost angry now, she was just sad. "Izzy, who is gunna look after you and your soul if you don't. If I had the option of never becoming what I am now I would have taken it." She took my hand. "Do you really not understand? I love you Izzy. I do. I don't care if you get older. Staying the same and watching the ones you love die is no joy."

"That's why you should change me!" I wanted this. I was sure. "We could be together forever Alice. We have that option."

"Bella please….just stop." I'm sure if she could cry she would be doing so. "You should go to bed. It's been a long day." She sighed.

I stepped out and she closed the door behind me. "It's still my birthday." I turned back to her.

She nodded. "It is."

"Can I just ask for one more thing?"

She smiled and laughed quietly. "Izzy you never ask for anything." She only called me Bella when she was sad, or serious.

"Humor me."

"Okay." She nodded again.

"Can I just have one kiss?"

Her smile widened, but her eyes looked pained. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around me.

Again she seemed to be in pain. I was to. She wasn't ready for the next step, I really wasn't either. She could still loose control. She always chose to avoid temptation with me, but the blood on my hand was gone so it was easier for her. Sometimes it was so hard to be in love with a vampire.