He sleeps with his door unlocked. Another factor pointing to that sweet trust that he holds for all. That belief in good.

Gods, I hate that I will have to be the one to shatter that.

I slip in quietly through the unlocked door, not a difficult task, really. Not even counting my bloodline. And there he lies, by moonlight. He sleeps in the bunk by the window, another cute trait.

He'll grow out of this trust, this belief, these thoughtless behaviours soon. And I'll be the one to snap him out of it.

I approach his bedside and look down on that pale skin, jet tresses, and those dark lashes. He's a deep sleeper. I found that out on my last visit. I can get a way with quite a lot. Thanks to this fact, I reach down and play with a strand of hair. So much darker than mine, and yet I'm the evil here. Looking at us, you wouldn't think me to be the villain…and yet you would, I suppose…My mind wanders too much. I snap back down, releasing the cool, silken strands. I kneel down on one knee and run one hand down his cheek.

I had always thought him untouchable. I brush my thumb over his cheekbone. He isn't. Unobtainable? Yes. He'll never be mine. I sold my soul over to the other side long ago. It's him or my morals, my beliefs.

And yet, I still wish that I could bail out. Could stay here, with him. Help him, guide him, fight by his side…But I can't. I straighten. Untouchable. He should have remained such. This all would hurt a lot less if he had.