Tiaras and Shattered Lives

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: Thank you all for the great reviews for my continuation of Not Typical. They gave me the confidence to post this. Usually I wait till I finish a story to start posting, but I am in such high spirits I thought I'd give it a try this way. This story is a bit dark...at least at first so be prepared. The rating may go up depending on how bold I feel as I keep writing. Also, the title was inspiried by the Elton John movie title Tantrums and Tiaras from season 5. Enjoy and please review!


C.C. sat on the floor of her stall shower wrapped in a soaked, fuzzy white towel. She was curled into a ball, her back against the glass as the hot water from the shower poured on her…and she was crying. Not the fake cry she did when Niles would tell her of some development between Maxwell and Nanny Fine, but a real cry.

Her face was badly beaten. Her left eye was swollen to the point that she could barely see out of it. Her nose was swollen, as well as her jaw, and the small trickle of blood that came from it was washed away by the shower. Her arms were bruised. A large gash still bled on her right shoulder. Her back was covered with several very large bruises and it hurt some to lean on it, but she didn't care. A line of smaller bruises lay across her chest where the neck line of her shirt had been.

The hot water still rained down on C.C. as she sat there battered and crying. She lifted up her head and pushed her hair behind her ears. She winced as she felt a small sharp pain above her right temple. She slowly and gently lifted her left arm across to feel her head. She felt a small cut with dried blood. More tears came as she leaned her head back on the shower wall. The hot water and steam eased the pain slightly, but she still cried. C.C. was so drained that she didn't know where the tears were coming from, but they continued to come.

She cursed herself silently for getting into this mess. Tad Wilkes was like every other upper class male she had ever met. Cold, mean, controlling, but could put up one hell of a nice guy act. He was so much like her and that's what made him so attractive in the beginning. Though unlike most upper class men, and herself, Tad was a hundred times worse. Looking back C.C. could see all of the signs she missed before. Hind sight really is 20/20 she the thought bitterly with a laugh. Four months ago her life had been perfect. Well, not perfect, but normal. Her brand of normal. She new nothing was ever perfect, but four months ago life had been normal…


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