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1. Distance

"I'm home!!"

The door of the neat and modern apartment fell closed when Light sighed and hung up his coat. Finally he was home after a long day at the university. It was 'project week', and Light was forced to help everywhere he could to make the week go as smooth as could be. Meaning: He had to look good and give everybody the motivation needed to make a good week of it. He was the incarnation of 'university spirit', it seemed.

Good God it was Friday.

He passed the door that led to a big bedroom with a king-sized bed littered with pillows, and walked to the back of the apartment, where a living room, a dining room and a kitchen were combined in one big, modern and wine-red carpeted room. Light walked to the back and fell down on the big black couch, and looked at the man behind the laptop sitting next to him, to receive an adoring smile.

"Busy day at the university?"

Light smiled and nodded. "Yes, it was busy. I really feel like a model or something…All I have to do is looking good, genius and working hard. It's starting to annoy me." The person next to him smiled and nodded, and Light crept a little closer. "Should I cook today?" He tried to stand up, to be pushed back on the couch gently.

"No, love, I'll do it, you had a busy day. What do you want to eat tonight, ravioli with salmon?"

Light first tried to complain, but decided his companion was right. He smiled thankful. "I'd love that."

A flashing smile lit the room, and Light's love stood up to walk to the kitchen, chatting about his day. Light watched him, in anticipation for a delicious dinner within half an hour, and a black-marbled kitchen that smelled like the finest olive oil. He liked when someone cooked for him. He liked cooking himself too, but this very person was a master chef. Not outside of their kitchen, he was accountant-manager, but in it, he really was. No matter how tiring Light's day, he could always count on a good dinner to cheer him up, in a nice and modern room, with someone who leveled him in some ways and understood him. Light looked how the sun-dried tomatoes were chopped and mixed with mozzarella and basil. And there was the olive oil, and the salt…It was a pleasure to see this person cook.

Light realized how lucky he was to be together with him. He was sensitive, social, gentle and low-tempered. Intelligent, successful, ambitious, and he really cared as much for Light as Light did for him. Even more, probably. Light watched the smooth movements as the lightly tanned hands put the ravioli in the cooking water without a spat, and added salt to that too. A slim figure, a little taller than Light, soft features with a pointy nose, glasses with blue eyes behind them and short brown hair. A kind smile and neat, smart clothing. He saw Light watching him and flashed him another bright smile. Light smiled back.

Hikaru and he had been together for half a year now, and they already lived together in Hikaru's apartment, not too far from the university. He'd just passed twenty and the sun was shining again, lighting the white walls of their living room. Soon, this university year would be over and he and Hikaru would go on a holiday to Spain together. Exciting, he'd only been outside of Japan twice before, to England. Spain sounded like love to Light. He couldn't wait until they'd be there.

"Dinner is ready, love. What sort of wine do you want? White?"

White was fine. Hikaru knew what was best, and white wine tasted good with fish, Hikaru had taught him. Hikaru was a great cook, really great. His job was indeed managing accountants, he was twenty-eight and proud that he'd gotten a young boyfriend like Light. And Light knew he just didn't go well with most people from his own age. He was too mature. Light loved the endless 'mature' chatting with Hikaru. Not about sex or something, just intellectual. Intelligent things Light liked to talk about. Hikaru could be funny, too. A typical Capricorn. Very typical.

Typical too was the typical Light-and-Hikaru-night. A perfect dinner, fixing the table until everything was perfectly neat, the dish washer was humming lightly they'd sit down on the couch. Light would look through a few things for the university, and Hikaru would work a little longer, on the couch. Exactly three feet apart. After that, they'd watch television, Hikaru still working with his laptop and Light would creep closer to Hikaru, wanting to be hold and caressed…

…But Hikaru wouldn't react.

Light would feel rejected and sit on the other end of the couch, again, trying to get a reaction out of Hikaru…

…But Hikaru wouldn't react.

Light would give up and creep back to his boyfriend, lay his head on his shoulder without Hikaru reacting on him. He wouldn't caress his hair or play with his hands, or kiss him, so that Light would forget the television completely. He just didn't react.

Later in the night, Light would get in the mood and try to seduce Hikaru to use the room for something else than watching television. Hikaru would react after a while, and Light was never sure what he'd receive that evening.

Option one: Hikaru would shake his head and kiss Light on his cheek before telling him to go asleep alone, he'd work a 'little' longer.

Option two: Hikaru would sigh and stand up, follow Light to the bedroom to lie down on his back, totally passive. And when Light couldn't hide his disappointment, Hikaru would sigh again and kiss him for a minute before covering him in the blankets and kiss him goodnight, and go back to his laptop. Work a 'little' longer.

Option three, not happening very often: Hikaru would kiss Light and walk to the bedroom casually (yes, always the bedroom, not the couch and DEFINITELY not the dining table) and they'd have slow sex for not too long (indeed, Hikaru had missed the concept that 'SLOW sex' usually took a little longer). And, how'd you guess, when Light wanted to fall asleep on his shoulder, Hikaru would stand up to work a 'little' longer.

Option four: Hikaru wouldn't even react and push Light aside; there wasn't space for his laptop anymore in his lap. He needed it to work a 'little' longer.

Hikaru was perfect. Hikaru was perfect for Light, you'd say.

Up to the point where Light began to feel like hugging, touching, kissing and having sex, because for some reason Hikaru and sex didn't go too well together.

Light often wondered why on earth he stayed together with someone who couldn't give him that what he loved so much.

The answer: He loved Hikaru too much; more than physical contact, and no Hikaru meant the possibility of no sex for a longer time, since Light was very picky and only wanted sex with those he knew well and trusted. Though Light loved sex, he could never give up Hikaru for only that.

He still missed the intimacy, though. First, he'd been content with leaning on Hikaru's shoulder and draping an arm around himself. But it was starting to annoy Light. He remembered Misa being so clingy (she was together with Matsuda now, who didn't mind a clingy Misa at all) and wondered if he was that annoying too. He also wondered if someone who loved him that much shouldn't pay more attention to his needs? He felt like the stereotypical woman who wanted too much from her/his husband. And still, he missed it…Light in love meant Light longing every single second he could think for his love. Touching was heaven to him. Not touching for a while wasn't horrifying, but being rejected all the time felt bad. It was a blow to his ego. Making him wonder how he could let someone do that to him.

Simple. Someone who had everything, really everything, just not the desire to be that close to Light.

Today was the same story. Light had laid himself against Hikaru and crept a hand under the brown shirt his companion was wearing, to feel the well-toned belly and the warm skin against his fingertips. Nice…Light closed his eyes and breathed in the warm scent of Hikaru's hair. Shampoo, gel and Hikaru. The gel-smell wasn't necessary in Light's opinion, but that didn't bother him too much. Hikaru smelled nice.

He blinked when Hikaru took his laptop and put it on the coffee table, to lay his hands on Light's shoulders and kiss him gently. Light moaned lightly in response –how much he loved the feeling of another man's lips on his…- and parted his lips to lick Hikaru's playfully. Hikaru pushed him away softly and stood up, announcing that they'd go to the bedroom. Light followed and dropped down on their bed, watching Hikaru pulling his shirt out to furl it carefully, and lay it on a pile of clothing. His pants followed, and his socks (furled too), but his underwear would stay on when he walked to the bathroom to throw those socks in the laundry basket. When he turned back, he laid his glasses on the furled shirt and looked at Light, to see what he was doing. He found Light lying on his back, one finger gliding over his now bare lower belly and pushing his jeans down, revealing more skin and a tent growing under the thick material of the jeans. Light licked his other finger and looked at Hikaru, slid his gaze lower over Hikaru's body to his crotch, and bit down on the digit. He saw Hikaru gulp and grow too, and decide to do this fast, so that he could go back to his laptop.

He grabbed Light's hips and rubbed himself against Light, making Light arch his back and sigh in pleasure. Finally. Light loved this so much!! He started panting and whispered Hikaru's name, and groaned when Hikaru pulled his jeans and boxers out and squeezed their erections together. Good, this was so good…Light buckled his hips forward in an attempt to feel more, and groaned again when Hikaru started rubbing and squeezing, and he felt both of them getting harder. Great, this was so great, Light felt like he was going to explode…Hikaru touched his belly; Light gasped at the touch and threw his head back in the sheets they slept under every night. He sweated and panted, enjoyed every second of it like this was the last sex he'd ever have the rest of his life. He heard Hikaru pant too and looked at his bedmate. Without glasses and with little sweat drops on his face he looked like a dream. A great turn-on, though Light was already turned on like hell with Hikaru on top of him. Suddenly, Hikaru squeezed even harder and Light groaned so hard he wasn't sure if Hikaru had done the same or not. Closer, he was getting closer; Hikaru was sending him over the edge…

Both men came with another groan, and Light relaxed instantly, enjoying the sensation of the tingles the orgasm had caused all through his body. Ahh, this was real pleasure. Light listened to the sound of Hikaru wiping his hand and crotch clean with tissues, and made a soft sound when Hikaru wiped him too. Light was made for this. Not for being a genius, not for being perfect and especially not for being a lust object from a distance. He was just made for intimacy and sex. The other things didn't count for much, they were side-issues. Important side-issues, that was true, but still side-issues. Light's body was made to be touched and adored and his brilliant mind was there to be blown. Simple as that.

Light blinked when Hikaru kissed his forehead and dimmed the lights in the room, going back to his laptop. Light didn't let that disturb the tingles that still tickled his body and soul, but a part of him felt disappointed. Empty.

Light fell asleep without covering himself in the blankets, but woke up under them anyway. He was even wearing shorts. Light wondered if Hikaru had touched and caressed him in his sleep and shuddered. The man was lying next to him, fast asleep. Light smiled at the sight.

It was past seven, but it was Saturday. Light laid his pillow next to Hikaru's and stared at him for a while.

When Hikaru woke up with Light close to him, he backed off and announced he was going to take care of breakfast.