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11. Bond

Twenty minutes later L slammed the door of the expensive hotel room shut, to be attacked instantly by a panting Light, who kissed him aggressively, trying to get L's shirt off as fast as he could. L's hands flashed to Light's sport vest, pulled it up and threw it away, breaking the kiss for only less than a second before attacking Light's lips again. Their hips pressed against the other's, their legs entangled and their hands groped whatever they could, taking back everything they'd longed for so badly.

Both moaned softly when their tongues touched and mixed their saliva, how they missed this, how was it possible to live without it for so long…? Instantly addicted again, they grabbed each other's hair to make sure the kiss wouldn't break. Light held the sides of L's face and L grabbed Light's hips to grind against them harder. L moaned when Light forced his lower body against the wall with his. They were harder than anywhere in the past six months.

L pushed Light away from the wall and to the bed, pinned him down and threw their pants away as fast as he could. He devoured Light's lips once again with a moan when they felt how naked they were now. L grounded his hips against Light's again, held Light's butt and slid his fingers over the sun-kissed skin of his waist, and Light's head swooned when he felt the soft touches of the digits on his body. They were both made for this, there was nothing more delicious than this…L felt around for his jeans without breaking the kiss, found them and pulled lube out of a pocket (you didn't think he'd visit Light without, right?), to wet his fingers and slide into Light with three fingers at once, stretching him. He touched the small organ inside of Light that made Light writhe in pleasure and moan hard into the kiss. L wet himself with his free hand and threw the lube aside, to thrust into Light the same moment when he pulled out his fingers, hitting the spot inside of Light immediately.

The last proper thought inside of Light's mind was how on earth he could've missed this all that time, before his eyes shot open in ecstasy and he broke the kiss by throwing his head back. L thrust hard into Light and groaned, parting his lips against Light's shoulder and biting it. He tasted the same, he smelled the same, Light was Light, and he was arching into L with all the power he had. L started thrusting into Light repeatedly with rough motions while biting Light's neck aggressively, Light whimpered softly and made red lines in L's back with his nails. He forced L deeper inside of him with his legs –wrapping his legs around something, how great it was to do that- and moved his hips to make L thrust harder and faster, he needed it, he would die without, there was so much tension inside of him he'd set the room on fire soon…He let out a high-pitched yelp while his abdominal muscles contracted and waved an electric shock through his body, and the next few seconds were ecstatic; Light swore he was floating, until the bed underneath him returned and his breath slowed down. The first thing he saw when he could see clear again was the ceiling, and someone's head blocking the light out of his face. L was kissing him, licking his lips slowly while caressing Light's shoulders. Light grabbed L's and pulled him down, and entangled his legs with his lover's.


Light smiled in pure bliss when he heard L's voice. His L…He was so happy…


L purred softly and kissed Light's neck, to his shoulder and over the small wounds he had caused with his teeth. Light wrapped his arms around L's shoulders and caressed his back slowly, closing his eyes when he felt L's lips against his skin. He sighed and tried to feel everything he could, the warmth, the love and the butterflies, the laziness and the presence of the one he loved most. The lips, the soft locks and the lean fingers. L's warm breath.

"You missed this a lot, didn't you…?"

Light opened his eyes again. He had. Way too much.

"Yeah, I missed this."

Light felt L's lips curl into a smile against his skin. He couldn't but do the same.

"You did too…"

L moved his face to Light's until their noses touched.

"Do you really expect me to say 'no' to that…?"


L grinned and kissed Light on his lips. He enjoyed it almost as much as the sex they just had. Light's lips were soft and delicate, and they tasted pure. And his hair…ahh.

He tried to work himself up to get some better access to Light's hair, when he felt something sticky on their bellies.

"I believe this suite has a bubble bath…Shall we try, Light-kun? I don't feel like sleeping."

He wanted to stay awake to enjoy Light for a little longer. Light yawned cutely.

"I do…but a bubble bath doesn't sound bad at all…"

L sat up and took Light's hands, to pull him up. He stood up and headed for the bathroom, Light behind him. He gasped in pain when Light touched the spot where both Yoki and his father had pinched him hard.

"Is that a bruise…?"

L grimaced and told Light about Yoki and his father, and Light stroked the spot with his fingertips.

"At least they have a good taste. Want me to kiss the pain away…?"

Light kneeled and held L's hips, to peck the bruise on his butt. L blushed.

"Um…I'll turn on the bubble bath."

Light smiled. There sure were ways to make L blush.

A few minutes later they sat in the bubble bath, their bodies touching and their hands stroking each other. L followed the shape of Light's chest, his waist and his endless legs, the tanned and soft skin and the outline of some muscles that told L Light had jogged a lot the last few months (Light always tended to jog for hours when he felt powerless about something). Light fiddled with L's hair and stroked his neck, one of L's sensitive spots, and traced the shape of his ribs. Hikaru's ribs were all hidden underneath his muscles, while tracing ribs was something that calmed Light down, probably because it was something L-related. It wasn't like L's chest was nothing but ribs; there were just some places where the bones were visible. Light found it sexy.

The bathroom was dimly lit and soon smelled like the bathing oil Light had added quickly. The bubbles made a warm sound that reminded Light at the time where he and L had been after Kira, the time where he'd been so hopelessly in love with L without knowing if it was returned, the time where he'd first experienced you could love someone so much it hurt. He sighed and stared into L's eyes, and kissed him. First it was a soft kiss, just lips touching and caressing each other, when L opened his lips and licked Light's teasingly. Light slid his tongue into L's mouth lazily and sat down on L's lap, wrapping his legs around his waist. L smiled and kissed his boyfriend again, noticed he was hard again and broke the kiss.

Light blinked and wondered why L broke the kiss and looked at him, to find L looking back and laying his forehead against Light's. Light closed his eyes momentarily when he felt L's hands glide to his hips and holding them, and opened them again when something entered him slowly. He hissed and squeezed L's shoulders, it hurt because the lubricant had washed away, but tried to relax and held L's gaze with his. It was as if there was no sound in the room; only them and something silent between only Light and L, something that went way deeper than sex. Something that couldn't be explained with 'I love you', or with a simple kiss. They were bound to be together by something so strong it was almost tangible.

Neither moved for more than a minute of locked gazes, until L pressed such a soft kiss on Light's lips he almost wouldn't have registered it if he hadn't seen L's face close to his. L's hands were still on Light's hips and he moved them up, and down again, until Light started moving his hips by himself. It didn't hurt anymore, maybe he was bleeding a little, maybe it was L's fluid. The sound turned back, the bathroom and the hot water, the aromas of the bathing oil making their skins slick (the bathing oil could also be a reason why the hurt stopped…) and smelling like roses or some other flower. The endlessness of L's eyes, the water making his hair stick to his face, the small drops of water stuck in his eyelashes.

The following orgasm made Light shudder all over his body, as if the temperature dropped twenty degrees for only less than a second. He didn't know how he managed to do it, but he kept his gaze locked with L's all the time. L came a few seconds later, a soft 'ah' escaping his throat. He relaxed too and waited for a short time before pulling out of Light. The next minutes were filled with drowsiness, hands and the hot water of the bubble bath. L grinned softly, and Light asked why, to be kissed on his lips again.

"I just can't believe Hikaru is the boring prick he looks like. It's funny that he missed all this."

Light smiled too. Maybe L was right.

"There's one thing Hikaru can better than you can."

L blinked. "Accountant-managing? I don't care about that; there are accountant-managers to do so."

"No." Light smirked. "Cooking."

L's face turned from surprised to insulted. "What, does he think he's better than I am?"

Light laughed at the idea of Hikaru only even considering he was better than L. No one was better than L.

"It's a fact. You suck at cooking."

L rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "I am L. If I want to become a great cook, I can easily become better at cooking than that accountant-manager."

"I'll help you. Let's become star cookers together, okay? I think Dex wants to join our team too."

L took Light in his arms again and kissed his neck, leaving a bite mark that would let the world know who was better at loving Light.

"I'll arrange the desserts. I already know what I want: undressed, handcuffed and blindfolded Light-kun on a table with fruit, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, finished with a tasty mix of honey, raisins and cinnamon. The way to devour it will be only with hands and mouth, and the only one who'll ever taste this perfect culinary artwork will be me. Sounds good to you?"

Light blushed, delighted by the idea of being L's dessert. The thought of L's tongue lapping up all those sweets from his body made him shudder lightly. Yeah, he hadn't forgotten and he'd often tried to seduce Hikaru, but he'd always been rejected and told to clean the mess on the kitchen table. The desserts had often been filled with fantasies about L, who was replaced by Hikaru as soon as Light realized it was him.

"Maybe we could use Hikaru's dining table as a plate…"

L smirked. "Not a bad idea…I wonder what he'll do when he'll find you like that, knowing that he isn't allowed to lick you anymore…"

Hikaru never licked Light, and both knew it. L bent forward a little and traced Light's wet skin with his tongue, from his nipple to the spot behind his ear.

"Hikaru will pity that he never did this, don't you think?"

Light smiled and yawned again. "I hope so. Shall we go asleep right here, in the bubble bath…?"

L considered it, decided he'd stay awake to make sure Light wouldn't drown or anything, programmed the bubble bath so that it would stay hot all night, and held his boyfriend in his lap.

"Sleep well, Light-kun. I love you."

Light smiled, resting his head on L's shoulder and closing his eyes.

"I love you too."