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Chapter 7 – A Hint or Two (Violet)

"Yes, this Sesshoumaru needs help; a situation I have never before found myself in. Will you help me, Kagome?" He took a step closer and gently caressed her cheek, dying to kiss her. He glanced at the ring, hoping it would give him some kind of idea as to whether she would be receptive or not, but the purple stone meant things weren't looking good.

She was nervous? Did she not feel comfortable being alone with him? Did she think he would hurt her? She didn't look nervous and her scent gave no sign either, leaving him once more utterly confused.

Kagome noticed his glance at her hand and sighed. It was time to call him on his tricks. "That's your whole problem," she said softly, enjoying the feel of his hand touching her so delicately. Such a little touch could say so much and it did, it said more than he ever could and he was actually doing a pretty good job of talking as it was. She'd never heard him say so much in one conversation before, but his touch still said so much more.

This was right. Her being there with him, the overwhelming desire to kiss him, it was all right. It felt like everything in her life had been leading her to where she was standing at that moment and she was finally where she was supposed to be.

She could see that he didn't understand her words, and as difficult as it was to do, she pulled back away from him to explain. She held up the hand with the ring on it and waggled her bejeweled finger at him. "This is your problem. You can't cheat, though I do appreciate the fact that you went to a lot of trouble to get this made. If you wanted to understand me better, all you had to do was ask. You should have just talked to me, not had a magic ring made that would give you insight into my moods. You can't start a relationship on lies."

She knew about the ring? Sesshoumaru's eyes widened as she spoke, her words making it very clear that she knew his secret. Still, even if she knew about it and knew how it worked, was it possible for her to use that knowledge against him? Could she somehow alter the ring's color with her miko energies so that it was inaccurate? Or did the thing really only work half the time?

"You knew about the ring's purpose?" he asked slowly.

"Yeah. I am a miko. I could sense that it wasn't just a normal ring, and even if I couldn't, finding the scroll with the color key on it was a dead giveaway." She watched as he felt his sleeves, finding the scroll still where he'd been keeping it. "No, not recently."

"When?" he asked slowly, fearing the answer.

"About two minutes after you had Rin give me the ring. Oh, and shame on you, by the way, for using a child in your underhanded scheme."

"This Sesshoumaru could not very well give it to you directly. The hanyou would have thrown a fit, quite like he just did."

"And since when did you care about what Inuyasha thought, said, or did?"

"I do not but you do and I did not wish to cause problems for you."

Kagome smiled. "You have an excuse for everything, don't you?"

"It is not an excuse, merely an explanation."

"Mmm-hmm, if you say so," she replied.

"So did you somehow use your miko energies to alter the ring's color?" he asked, still unsure as to whether he had a witch to kill or not.

"No, nothing that complicated, but thanks for thinking I could figure out how to do that. No, I just made a few changes to the key." Kagome watched as he once again felt his sleeves for the scroll, this time pulling it out. She took it from his hand just before he unrolled it. "No cheating, no looking and trying to figure out what I changed," she said with a grin. She unrolled the scroll and tore it in half right down the middle, smirking as he growled at her in frustration. She handed him the half that had only the colors on it while stuffing the other half in her pocket, intending to burn it the second they returned to the group.

"What good will this do now?" he asked.

"Well, I like the ring. I don't want to stop wearing it but I can't let you have a cheat sheet to my emotions. If you want one, you'll have to make it yourself."

"If this Sesshoumaru was capable of doing so, I would not have needed the ring in the first place."

"Ah, but you don't have to do it alone. You have me to help you." Kagome looked up into his eyes and smiled, a blush staining her cheeks. "Let's start with violet. I'll give you a hint. Take your armor off. It's in the way."

Sesshoumaru smirked at the playful tone in her voice and in seconds stood before her minus armor. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he buried his nose in her throat, breathing her scent in deeply. He had a feeling he was going to enjoy her little guessing game.