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Chapter 1: Searching

Kallen Stadtfield,a half-Britannian, half-Japanese red head sat in despair on a bench at the bus stop. Another day, another disappointment. Her knees were pressed together with her legs forming an upside down 'V', her feet turned inward to give her that cute schoolgirl look. She held her head up with her hands, her elbows planted firmly on her thighs. Her short skirt fluttered as vehicles rushed past, threatening to reveal whatever was under it. Her blue eyes sank with sadness and an upside down smile rested right below her nose. When was she going to find her own apartment?!

The bus she had been waiting for pulled up in front of her, its doors opening, expecting her entrance. She scraped herself from the bench and walked, shoulders drooping over to the bus, up onto the stairs and finally into her seat after easily paying her bus fare.

She plopped herself down and continued to frown as all the great scenery of the city was passed by the bus.

She was desperate at the moment. She was a 19 year old student who was been unfairly kicked out of boarding because her "conduct was becoming overwhelming to not only the students, but also the staff". And those were the exact words of the Dean. What did those words even mean? She was the best student at the University of Britannia! She made the honour roll each year, held more than enough presidential positions in various clubs and committees and she obeyed every single rule, down to the one that did not permit loose threads hanging from any of her clothes! It was completely unfair and it had made her absolutely miserable. She shrunk in the seat even more when she realized that she had nowhere to sleep that night. When since did it become so hard to find an apartment?

Of course, after kicking her out of boarding, they had refunded her money and given her a two week-three week deal. She would have to leave the compound in two weeks, her things could stay an extra week. While Dean Feldy had been explaining all of this to her, she could only stare at him with wide eyes and the words, "This can't be happening to me" kept repeating in her head. One thing she did notice was the great effort he took in not looking at her. When he did, she swore that he wasn't looking into her face but at a much more pronounced feature of her body: her breasts. She had a slight feeling that her strangely huge breasts were causing much distraction amongst her fellow peers, and even the staff.

"Curse these retched things," she said, staring down at them. She felt eyes on her and she turned her head to see an old man staring at the objects in discussion, a glazed look in his eye and a little drool at the corner of his mouth. She couldn't tell if he was drooling because of the view or if he was always like that. He noticed that she had noticed him staring and his eyes drifted to her face momentarily. He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows at her. Her eyes widened and she pushed the stop button.

The man could only gaze at the unpromising swish swishing of her skirt as she escaped from the bus and the perverted old man.

She pouted as she watched the bus drive off. Great, now she would have to catch another bus…as soon as she found out where she was.

"Why did I have to get lost?" She asked as she dragged her feet behind her, unsure of what to do next. She felt her phone vibrating in her pocket and she picked the small phone out of the little front pocket on the skirt.

"Hey," she answered, her voice like that of a 7 year old who had just been reprimanded for eating cookies before dinner.

"Kallen! Darling, why do you sound so drab?" Millay asked in concern.

"Oh, hey Millay," and she sniffed, "I'm thoroughly depressed," she finished looking up at a sign that said, 'Roommate needed! Pronto…that means now…in case you didn't know'. Kallen's eyes widened and she felt that somehow it was fate to have that old man stare at her chest and make her get off the bus at a place that she had never been before.

"Aww, sweetie, you didn't find a place, did you? I told you that you could come bunk at my place," Millay said, but Kallen hadn't heard a word from Millay, she was reading and memorizing the number and address.

"Hello…hello? Hello! Hey!" Millay shouted at Kallen when she didn't get a response.

"I'll talk to you later, gotta go," Kallen said and pressed the end button. A grin replaced her frown and suddenly, her world was just right. She read the address for the fourth time and even though she had no idea where Rolo's Apartments, room 20 was, she was sure she would find it.

"Excuse me, sir, could you tell me where Rolo's Apartments are?" She asked a middle aged man with a chirpy voice. She didn't even get angry or scared when he openly ogled her chest before answering.

"Um…um…what?" He asked, raising his head to look into her eyes.

"Never mind," she said and took a step back, twirling herself around on her toes and pushing off in a random direction. Maybe she should try asking a woman. She continued walking, her eyes falling on a street sign and under it, a decent enough looking lady standing with her hands on her hips, bag hanging at her side.

"Excuse me, miss," Kallen walked up to her. She turned around, her red hair slapping Kallen in her face.

"What chu want, kid?" She asked as she popped her gum.

"Could you tell me where I can find Rolo's Apartments, please," Kallen asked primly. The girl blew a big bubble, popped it and raised an eyebrow.

"Did you say Rolo?" She asked running her eye over Kallen. Kallen felt uncomfortable under her stare.

"Um…yeah," Kallen answered. The lady laughed and dropped her hands to her side.

"What's a young, pretty, rich kid doing at that asshole's apartment?" She asked.

"I need a place to stay and I couldn't find anywhere. It was like fate when I stumbled cross this sign advertising…" Kallen started off but was interrupted by the woman laughing once again.

"Ok honey, I'll show you where it is. As a matter of fact, I happen to live there. You're lucky my shift doesn't start for now," she said and walked off, swinging her hips in a provocative manner, her skirt just above her knees. Kallen followed behind her as she weaved her way through people and down a few streets. The environment changed drastically in just a few minutes. It changed from city to inner city.

"Are you sure we're going in the right direction?" Kallen asked, suddenly afraid that she was being abducted.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Didn't I tell ya that I lived here? Anyway, that's it right there. Rolo is out so just go straight to room 20," she said, pointing to a crumbling apartment building.

'Oh no,' Kallen thought as she stared at the dilapidated building.

"Wait until Lelouch gets a whiff of you," she mumbled and Kallen turned to look at her.

"Lelouch?" She asked.

"He's the guy in room 20."

"Wait…how did you know I'm here for room 20?"

"You're dumber than you look, you know that. I live here, remember that. I might be your best friend here."

"Then couldn't I just bunk with you?" Kallen asked. She laughed again and Kallen felt slightly stupid.

"Honey, you don't wanna bunk with me. I have constant…visitors," she said. Kallen gazed at her, eyebrow raised, then she got an idea but she dismissed it, then decided that it was very possible.

"Are you a…" she started, leaving the question hanging.

"I'm playing the naughty business woman tonight. My customers like when I role play. See ya later honey. Good luck," she said and turned to walk off.

"What's your name?" Kallen called after her.

"It's Shirley, but in my business, I'm called Kitten," she said turning to wink at Kallen. Kallen's eyes widened and she watched Shirley walk away. Then she turned her attention to the building, sucked in a deep breath and headed straight for it. She didn't want to, oh God, she didn't want to. But if she didn't she'd sleep on the streets, or at Millay's house which was worse than sleeping on the streets. There were so many people there. It was always noisy and it physically hurt. Not to mention Millay herself. Kallen was convinced that her best friend didn't need sleep at all to survive. And her little brothers and sisters found it fun to use Kallen as a trampoline when it hit 12 midnight. Then it would take hours to get them to bed! No way Kallen was going to stay there, sleeping on the streets was much better!

She raised an eyebrow as she came upon a rusty, old staircase. She placed her foot carefully on it to test out how much weight it could hold, then she slowly reached for the grime-covered railing. She heaved once and held her breath, running up it and slipping through the front door. When she closed the door, she pressed her back against it and it clicked in her head that she had opened the front door. Weren't apartments supposed to have the intercom thing going for it? The feeling of fear and insecurity settled on her and she brushed it off. She had to do it, at least until she found another apartment. She jumped and screamed when something ran over her foot. She looked down and saw a fat rat running for cover under a door. She shivered and tried to blend herself into the door, fear seizing her.

She looked at another staircase, this one leading to all the rooms. She hyperventilated for a moment then sprang into a run, her long legs reaching the stairs and climbing them three at a time until she got tired and realized that she had passed the second floor. She swallowed past the lump in her throat and carefully made her way back down to the second floor.

She read the numbers on the doors nervously until she got to room 20. She stopped breathing and hoped against all hopes that her roomie wasn't a slob.

"Please, please don't let her bras be hanging from the ceiling fan or even worse…the air conditioning vent," Kallen pleaded to no one as she crossed her fingers tightly. She straightened up and balled her fingers into a fist, brought it forward and knocked on the door.

Before she was finished, the door was flung open and with a flash of metal and silver Kallen almost peed herself. Her legs were trembling terribly and her hand was still in a fist as she crossed her eyes to look at the barrel of the gun that was pressed to her forehead.

"Who the hell are you? And what are you doing here? Talk quick," he said and cocked the gun. Kallen's eyes widened and she started babbling, making absolutely no sense whatsoever.

"School kicked huge here to roomie girl bras air vents hanging from it and…please don't kill me. I haven't finished university," she said, her chest heaving. She moved her eyes from the gun and to the guy holding it. He had dark tousled hair and his violet eyes examined her body, resting comfortably on her chest area. He pulled the gun back and it was then that she realized that he was at least a head taller than her and looked just around her age.

"You can come in. You're too docile to be working for Suzaku," he said and grabbed her arm, pulling her in and locking the door behind him, sliding all the locks and bolts right home. Kallen wrapped her arms around herself as her eyes darted around to quickly access the room. It was surprisingly nice, not as nice as hers back home but nice none-the-less. He turned to her and her eyebrows went up in expectation of something unpleasant.

"What's a girl like you doing 'round these parts?" He asked, encircling her. She was extremely uncomfortable under his eyes and tried to make herself smaller.

"I…I…I…ah…saw…the…the sign and I need…I need an apartment to stay in," she offered her explanation. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and he laughed as he came to settle in front of her.

"I never knew I'd get lucky with that sign! I thought I'd get some crackhead or some idiot who's brain's knocked out from smoking pot all day," he said, acquiring a comfortable stance.

"You…you don't smoke?" Kallen asked. From the looks of this guy, she was guessing that he did every bad thing imaginable to man. He definitely had killed before, his gun hand hadn't even shaken once when he was holding it to her head.

"Hell no, does it look like I want shit for brains?" He asked.

"Umm…no," Kallen answered, rubbing her arm and looking at her feet.

"So, you serious bout living here?" He asked. She couldn't be serious, she wouldn't survive a hour without him in the building.

"Yes. Yes I am. If I may ask…who…who my roommate? And are you her boyfriend?" She asked, daring for the first time to gaze up into his eyes. They shone dangerously as a huge grin spread across his face and he spread his arms outward.

"My name is Lelouch. I live here. Welcome to my apartment, roomie," he said and Kallen's mouth almost fell to the floor.

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