It was a peaceful and quiet day in Detroit, Michigan. People buzzing back and forth rushing to their jobs, and robots cleaning up the streets. So far everything seems to be going pretty well until-

"Help! Somebody stop him!" yelled a bank accouter as a sudden orange flash zipped out of the bank.

"Man, that was way too easy!" laughed Nanosec as he quickly rolled his way down the street in his speed suit.

It looked like he was going to get away until his path was blocked by the Autobots. Nanosec skidded to a stop then quickly turned the other way. But the Autobots were in hot pursuit.

Bumblebee being faster then the other pulled ahead and was able to pull right next to Nanosec.

"Pull over!" he commanded.

"In your dreams lemonhead!" Nanosec accelerated himself even more away from the Autobots.

He smiled smugly to himself as he thought there was no way they could catch him now. But his smile faded as he looked up and saw a jet flying directly above him. The jet pulled up a little farther ahead of him and then transformed in front of him.

It was Blitzwing he had recently quit the Decepticons and joined the Autobots instead. It has been nearly a month since he made this decision and so far he hadn't really regretted making it. Nothing had really changed about him though the only real change was the new Autobot symbol on his chest plate.

"It would be wise for you to surrender, human." He said as he lowered his cannons to fire.

"Oh yeah, and what are you going to do if I don't?" questioned Nanosec

"This" Blitzwing fired his cannons shooting a ray of ice at the ground causing Nanosec to slip as he tired to retain his balance on the now slippery ground.

Before Nanosec try to zoom off the ice a pink magnetic energy grabbed the wheel of his feet and hoisted him off the ground.

"Good work, Ratchet. You too, Blitzwing" commented Optimus

Even though he didn't show it Blitzwing was smiling on the inside. It felt so strange to be praised since no one had ever done it to him before. Sure the first few weeks of being an Autobot were hard because he wasn't use to it and the fact that the Autobots didn't really trust him at first. It also didn't go so well because he struggled with the whole working together as a team which had caused a few previous criminals to escape, but he eventually was getting the hang of it.

Just then Captain Fanzone along with the rest of his police force showed up. He eyed the layer of ice in the street with disgust.

"Can't you Autobots stop someone without making a mess of the city?" He grumbled angrily

"Sorry Captain Fanzone,but it was necessary in order to stop Nanosec" Optimus apologized

"This is way I hate machines", Fanzone mumbles to himself," Well as long as you caught him I guess I can let this one slid."

Ratchet handed Nanosec down to Fanzone, who quickly put some handcuffs on him.

"...Thank you Autobots" Fanzone said to them, but he still eyed Blitzwing with suspicion.

It was no surprise to anyone really Fanzone along with pretty much everyone in the city was shocked when the Autobots announced that Blitzwing was now a part of their group and some people were still trying to get use to the fact.

As Captain Fanzone left to take Nanosec to jail it was the Autobots turn to leave.

"Alright Autobots lets go home. Transform and Roll out!" commanded Optimus

As everyone turned into their vehicle modes, Blitzwing turned to Optimus.

"You all go ahead I'm going to go check up on Jena. I'll meet back at the base later"

Optimus nodded at him and then left along with the other Autobots to go home. While Blitzwing turned the other way towards Sumdac Towers.

Meanwhile at Sumdac Towers-

After Blitzwing had asked to first join the Autobots Jena quickly got herself back into her work. Knowing that she would have to worry as much as she use to when he was a Decepticon. Jena and Professor Sumdac were currently working on the ray gun that had turned Blitzwing into a robot in the first place.

"I think that should about do it, Professor" Jena said as she turned one final nut onto a blot.

"Good now we just need to give it a test run" said Professor Sumdac

Even though Blitzwing had chosen to stay as a robot Jena thought it would be a good idea to try and fix the machine anyway since Blitzwing had kinda crushed it when he transformed and it seem like such a waste to just let it sit there and rust.

"What are we going to use to test it" Jena asked as she looked carefully over the machine again to make sure there were no mistakes.

"I was thinking that we should start out with something small like a plant perhaps" Professor Sumdac walked over to his desk to get the plant that was to be their test subject.

Just then Jena heard a knocking at the window. She turned to see it was Blitzwing hovering outside. She opened the window to talk to him.

"Hey Blitzwing"

"Hello Jena, how has your day been?"

"Its been going pretty good so far how about you?"

"Good as well, we managed to stop some thief named Nanosec"

"That's good to hear, I told you that you would get the hang of this whole Autobot stuff."

Blitzwing had to admit that he was grateful for Jena to always encourage him not to give up when things didn't start out so good for him. It was nice that someone had faith in him. Blitzwing turned his attention to the machine behind her.

"What are you working on?"

"Oh it's the same ray gun that turned you into a robot. We just about to give it a test run wanna watch?"

Blitzwing nodded he really didn't have anything else to do so there seem to be no harm in wanting to watch.

Jena took the plant from the Professor and placed it in alignment of the ray gun. Then she quickly took a few steps back and placed her goggles on. The Professor placed on his own goggles and typed in to code for the machine to turn on. Once the code were in he pressed a red button and the machine started to glow as it charged to fire.

But as soon as it seem like it was going to go off it suddenly stopped.

"Huh that is very strange are you sure that nothing was loose when you checked it, Jena?"

"I'm positive" Jena removed her goggles and walked up the plant to examine it to see if there was any change.

Professor Sumdac looked at the main circuitry of the ray gun and he noticed that there was a cable out of place. But as he pulled the cable back in he accidently hit the on switch and the machine once again prepared to fire. He gasped as he saw that Jena was in the ray's line of fire.

"Jena! Get out of the way!" he cried

Jena let out a startled gasp as she saw the ray's glowing tip pointed right at her. Blitzwing tried to reach in to pull her out of the way. But it was too late the gun had already been fired off.

Jena let out a pain grunt as the beam of light hit her and forced her to fly backwards a few feet. She could hear to sound the Professor and Blitzwing calling her name, but she found it impossible to speak or even move.

Her vision was starting to give out on her, all sound around her was muffled, it was getting harder to stay wake. She wanted to do something but her body seem to stop listening to her.

'Blitzwing' was her last thought before darkness that had surrounded her swallowed her body completely whole...