Chapter One: The Encounter

It's another glorious day at Titans Tower and the titans are having a picnic in the park to celebrate their newest victory against Slade. Slade's plan was to spread a bio engineered virus that makes those who have been infect susceptible to wave-length that forces them to obey all of Slade's command.

"It's a good thing you found where that signal was coming Cyborg or else I think we would be fighting Slade's army of civilian zombies." Beast Boy said while slapping his hand against Cyborg's back.

"Ya damn straight, I can find anything that has a piece of technology in it." Cyborg boasted with great pride in his voice.

"Oh yea, then that wasn't you tearing up the living room searching for the remote last night?" raven said with a smirk on her face.

"That damn remote is an exception though. I keep getting interference from the tech that surrounds the place." Cyborg said with a displeased tone.

"Still without your help Cyborg we probably would have a lot more trouble on our hand now then if you weren't here so ,good job." Robin said in hopes of reassuring Cyborg which he knew helped because Cyborg was smiling again and mouthing out "HA HA" towards raven.

"Hey who wants to play some football." Beast Boy yelled holding the foot ball in the air.

"I'm in." yelled robin

"Oh, how I love earth games. I'll be on Robin's team." Squealed Starfire in glee

"Guess that means I'm on BB's team. Hey raven come on and play I know that Robins going to need all the help he can get." Said Cyborg

"No thanks, I'll be referee." said raven that showed no interest at all.

"Ok, ready for the biggest beat down in your life Robin." said Cyborg hoping to get on his nerves.

"Bring it on, tin man." said Robin in retaliation.

The game went on for almost an hour. Both teams were getting tired from all the rough housing they been dishing out. The game was in overtime and it was 3 down and goal. Beast boy and Cyborg had the ball and to win they had to make a miracle pass.

"Starfire you cover the air while I take care of the floor." Said a determine Robin. Starfire nodded in agreement and flew just high enough so she could intercept the ball if the throw it.

"Come over here BB." Said an even more determine Cyborg. Beats Boy rushed over.

"We can't let that spike haired boy to win this game. So I got a plan." Cyborg said with a devilish grin. He whispers the play to Beast Boy's ear and soon Beast Boy gained the same devilish smile.

"You got the play down?" said an eager Cyborg. Beast Boy nodded in agreement. Beast Boy got on the line of scrimmage and waited for Cyborg's signal to go.


Beast Boy snapped the ball to Cyborg and ran towards the goal line.

"1 Gotham city, 2 Gotham city, 3 Gotham city…" Said Robin who knows they will not make it.

"Hey Star, I didn't know you were the type of girl that don't wear any panties under their skirts." Said Beast Boy. Even though it was meant to distract Starfire, Beast boy did get a nice look up Starfire skirts and saw that nice firm ass and well toned legs.

The only reason they know this is because after a couple of years of starfire flying above them they things like this. Though it's nothing new, it always makes Beast Boy hard just thinking about it.

"YAAH" screamed an embarrassed Tamiranian. Robin played dumb to this and quickly looked backed to see if he can get a glimpse.

"Go long BB!" said Cyborg. Cyborg then throws the ball past Robins head and Star giving Beast Boy the opportunity to catch.

Beast Boy caught the ball and ran looking back at the dumb founded Robin and Star.

"HAHAHAHA, nice job Cyborg the plan worked perfectly." said Beast Boy who laughing while still running forward.

"BB you can stop now you past the goal." said Cyborg.

"What?" yelled Beast Boy but before he could have time to get an answer he ran into a meditating Raven at full speed.

Since Beast boy was running at full speed they were both rolling on the ground with each other. When they finally settled Beast Boy was glad that he didn't get hurt and as he opened his eye he saw a blushing yet ferociously angry raven. Beast Boy thought to himself about why she this angry usually she only this mad if you pull a prank on her. Just as he finished his though his hand flinched and it was at that moment that Beast Boy realized that he was probably going to die. Beast Boy quickly got up on his feet.

"HAHAHA, sorry about that raven I didn't mean to…" Beast Boy couldn't even finish his sentence. Raven power was acting up. He eyes turned red and her magical aura was covering her body in black flames.

"I hope it was worth you life you PERV!" said raven who is now shaking her fist at Beast Boy

"Now Raven I didn't mean to." Said a now scared shitless Beast Boy

"Azarath metrion zinthos!" a small black mushroom cloud appeared and the rest of the titans saw Beast Boy coming out of it and falling straight for the ground near them.

"Hey BB you ok?" said a nervous Robin. Cyborg placed his finger on Beast Boys throat to get a pulse.

"Well at least he has a pulse. Come on we better take him to the tower just to make sure." said Cyborg. Everyone nods in agreement and head to the tower.

"What about Raven? Shouldn't we go get her?" said a nervous Starfire.

"I saw her fly towards the tower just as the explosion occurred we should let her be for now until she cooled down a bit." stated Robin.

Beast Boy woke up in his room and checked the clock next to his bed.

"Uh what time is it." Beast Boy rubs his eyes to see better.

"Its 8:00 a 'clock. That means I been out of it for 4 hours. Wow raven sure knows how to know a guy out. I still think it was worth the pain though" Beast boy looks at his hands to recall the sensation of touching ravens breast.

"I never realized how nice Ravens tits are." Beast boy thought to himself.

"I better go and apologies or else there will be tension between us and that's the last thing I want from here."Beast boy go out of bed and headed towards ravens rooms.

When he finally got to ravens door he was about to knock but was stopped by a strange noise coming from the vents.

"What the hell is she doing?" Beast Boy turned into a fly and flew into the vent, where he can get easily get access to ravens room. When he entered the room he saw raven lying on her back with her leg spread apart and is masturbating with her leotard still on.

"Wow, no wonder she likes those leotard. It's so tight that it feels like an extra layer of skin." Beast Boy thought to himself. Raven then started to take off her leotard starting with the straps and letting her perfect tits to be exposed to Beast Boy. Raven begins to pinch her nipples and caress her breasts. Raven then started to moan again except this time she started to say something.

"If only Beast Boy would do this to me then I wouldn't have to do this every night" one of Ravens hand went back to rubbing her clit and teasing her pussy.

"UH, this isn't enough. I need to have something in me." Raven hunger for pleasure went to new heights as she slid off the rest of the leotard off her body and was now ferociously fingering herself in hopes of reaching a climax. She started to finger herself with two fingers and then three and four.

"God damn, what she going to do next, fist herself." If it wasn't for the fact that Beast Boy was a fly he would be masturbating right in front of Raven right now.

"Uh, god I need someone with a large cock. I need Beast Boy to give me a good fuck session." Raven said as her fingers increase in pace as time goes by.

Now it's no secret that Beast Boy can change into any animal in the universe but only Raven knows about Beast Boy's ability to change any part of his body into an animal. She knows this because she has caught him masturbating multiple times and every time she does his dick is a different size or width.

Raven then stopped what she was doing and went to the edge of the bed and pulls out an 8 in. vibrator from underneath. She position herself doggy style with her shoulders resting on the bed and her ass in the air. She turned the vibrator on and started to tease the entrance to her lower lips and started to speak to herself again.

"Come on Beast Boy, stop teasing me and put it in already." As soon as she said that she plunged the vibrator in and cried out of ecstasy.

"Harder, ha harder, HARDER! AH" Raven yelled as she had an intense orgasm. She then laid flat on the bed with the vibrator still on and inside her. Beast Boy was stunned at what he was seeing before him.

"Man, I would have never have guess that Raven wanted to be fuck by me or by anyone in fact so badly." Beast Boy then got a great Idea that is 100% getting laid proof. Beast Boy went back through the vents and transformed back to his original form but this time he added a little something for Raven's eyes to see.