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A/N: This fic was inspired by Bittersweet Alias' awesome story, 'I Will Possess Your Heart'; plot borrowing is done with authors knowledge and permisson. I hope one day that Bittersweet will be inspired to complete her work!

Full Summary: When Harry is forced back to the Dursley's after defeating Voldemort during the Tri-Wizard tournament, he's faced with the worst abuse of his life. His best friends decide to take action after receiving a disturbing note. Charlie Weasley finds out what is going on and decides to help. Read as Harry and Charlie take matters into their own hands all while falling in love and building a life. Major OOC'ness, Slash, Mpreg.


Fourth year for Harry ended with a bang, a literal bang. The Tri-Wizard Cup had been a port key, and Cedric and Harry had been transported to a grave yard where Cedric had been immediately killed by Peter Pettigrew, aka Wormtail. Harry had then been bound to a large headstone and Wormtail, plus a few other death eaters that hadn't been caught after the first war, began to set up for a blood ritual which Peter took great pleasure in telling Harry would bring the Dark Lord back to his body. While the others were setting up, Lucius Malfoy carefully made his way over to Harry and managed to whisper instructions frantically to him without raising suspicion. Harry listened when Lucius told him he could end it once for all if he willingly gave his blood; he explained that the ritual called for the blood of the enemy to be given unwillingly. Harry trusted Lucius; he had found out at the end of his third year that the Malfoy's, minus Narcissa, Draco's mum, were spies for the light when they had helped his god-father, Sirius Black, hide after escaping from Azkaban. From then on Draco Malfoy, who after apologizing for the behavior he had been forced to adopt so as not to raise suspicion, had secretly become as close to Harry as the Weasley twins had, like brothers.

Draco and the twins had been Harry's saving grace through the whole tournament. Draco had gotten advice and help from his father, and in turn was able to along with the twins, help Harry train in secret. It had been Draco who had told Harry that he was best at flying, so why didn't he try to 'out fly' the Dragon in the first task. Then it had been Fred who had recognized the Mer language and George who had helped him figure out the meaning of the clue in the Golden Egg. Draco had then written to his father who had suggested gillyweed, and Harry had asked his friend Neville, who is a genius at Herbology, if he knew where he could get some. Neville had come through and gotten a hold of the plant enabling Harry to compete in the second task.

Despite the fact that Ron and Harry had just barely gotten back on speaking terms (Ron had been jealous that Harry was in the tournament and called him a fame seeker) Harry had to retrieve him from the bottom of the Black Lake. After the Dragons and then the lake, Harry and Ron sat down and had a really long talk. They were now better friends then they ever had been, and Harry had told him about the twins and Draco. For Harry, Ron had gotten over his animosity towards the Malfoy's and now all five boys were closer than brothers, even though three of them were already brothers. So with the twins and Ron's support, Harry finally told Draco about his home life, about the physical and emotional abuse, and about the starvation as well as the rescue the summer before second year. Needless to say, Draco had been appalled at what Harry had had to endure the years before Hogwarts and what he had to return to each summer.

Then it was time for the third and final task. The race through the maze to its center and the subsequent claiming of the Tri-Wizard Cup was grueling and ultimately led Harry to the graveyard and the defeat of Lord Voldemort. The explosion from the cauldron where Voldemort's temporary body had been placed, decimated the grave yard, and if it hadn't been for Lucius grabbing Harry and throwing them both behind a large headstone, they would have been seriously injured and/or killed like most of the death eaters there. Narcissa had been killed in the explosion, and Peter Pettigrew grievously injured. Lucius Malfoy did what he could to keep him alive until he could at the very least clear Sirius' name.

It was while Lucius was healing the gash on Harry's forearm that the Auror's and Dumbledore, with Remus Lupin, apparated into the graveyard. Remus immediately made his way to Harry to make sure he was ok; when he was sure his cub was fine, Remus helped Lucius gather Cedric's body and Harry who was exhausted, and they used the port key to return to the school and get everyone up to the hospital wing. The twins, Ron, Draco, and Hermione, had all been waiting anxiously for Harry to return, and when Remus showed up with Harry in his arms they all thought the worst. Lucius who was holding Cedric, told them that Harry was fine, just exhausted, and that unfortunately Cedric was dead.

Draco, after making sure his father was fine, went to sit next to his brothers and Hermione by Harry's bedside to wait for him to wake up. Lucius, after escaping from Madame Pomfrey, left for the ministry to make sure that Sirius' name would be cleared. Draco had told him about Harry's home life and he wanted to make sure that this summer Harry would go home with his godfathers, and if the ministry wouldn't allow it, then he would take Harry in himself. When he reached the ministry, it was to find that Peter hadn't yet been questioned, so he lit a fire under the appropriate people and Pettigrew was interrogated under veritaserum. Kingsley Shacklebolt did the questioning and then immediately arranged for the full pardon of Sirius Black. It was with a glad heart that Lucius went to retrieve Sirius from one of the obscure Malfoy properties and escort him as a free man to the school to be with his godson.

After that, everyone was surprised when Dumbledore told Harry that he had to return to the Dursley's. Harry hadn't really expected anything else so was not as surprised as his brothers or godfathers. When Sirius asked why Harry wasn't allowed to live with him, Dumbledore explained that the ministry thought it best that Sirius had time to properly recover from prison, and they felt that trying to raise a teenage boy would impede his recovery. Remus and Sirius told Dumbledore that that was ridiculous, but Dumbledore merely shrugged and with twinkling blue eyes told them his hands were tied, but that of course Harry would be just fine with his relatives who had raised him all these years. Draco wrote to his father and Lucius immediately went to the Ministry to try and gain custody. There he was told that Dumbledore had highly recommended that Harry stay with his relatives where the blood wards were because of the death eaters who were still unaccounted for, and who where they to gain say the great defeater of Grindelwald, the man only wanted what was best for the boy-who-lived and he was safe with his family after all. Lucius left frustrated at his inability to help Harry and wrote to tell his son the bad news.

Harry's brothers tried to get him to tell Sirius and Remus about the abuse, but Harry stubbornly refused and then made them all promise not to say anything. Harry had told Dumbledore about what happened at home, he told him about the starvation, and the abuse, and the cupboard, but Dumbledore just replied that exaggerating about a few spankings and a small bedroom would not get him extra attention. After that Harry hadn't bothered. As much as he loved Sirius and Remus and trusted Lucius, he still had a hard time believing that the adults would help him, that they wouldn't just tell him the same things as Dumbledore. So it was with a heavy heart that Harry's brothers told him to write every single day and tell them exactly what was going on, then they watched as a whale of a man escorted Harry from the train station. Harry turned to wave just as the door to the car closed and his brothers flinched at the pain, despair, and soul deep fear that was reflected in the boys emerald eyes.


Harry had been home for a just under four weeks, his 15th birthday was a week and a half away but he seriously wondered if he was going to live that long. He sat on his bed holding as still as possible. If he didn't move, then the deep cuts and massive bruises wouldn't pull and twinge; it hurt less if he stayed as still as possible and breathed shallowly. So Harry sat and waited. His uncle would be up soon to either beat him again, or let him out to do the chores. He looked over to the empty cage that Hedwig would usually be sleeping in at this time of day, and while he missed her, he was very glad that he had let her out and told her to find and stay with Sirius as soon as Uncle Vernon had pulled into Number 4 Privet Drive. Uncle Vernon had been very upset, but Harry vividly rememberd last summer when his Uncle had threatened to kill the snowy owl; Hedwig had been Harry's first friend and he would be devastated if anything happened to her. So he sat and waited.

When he heard the locks tumble on his door and the massive padlock rattle as it was unlocked, Harry took as deep a breath as possible and prayed to Merlin that Vernon merely wanted him to do chores. But it was with terrified eyes that he watched Vernon fill the now open doorway, face purpled in rage massive fist clenched at his side holding a single piece of parchment. "What did you say boy?" he shouted at his nephew. "Did you whinge to your convict godfather about a few spankings? Did you? Well I'll give you something to whinge about!" and Vernon strode forward fists raised.

Harry tried to duck out of the way, but for a massively obese man, Vernon moved fairly quickly. One fist connected with the side of his head sending him sprawling to the floor while the other fist smashed into his already tender ribs, this time Harry heard the crack as his ribs broke. He laid there dazed, not noticing the foot that was aimed at his kidneys. He howled in pain and tears flowed from his eyes. Vernon took his belt off and snapped it menacingly and Harry whimpered in pain and fear, but just closed his eyes to the inevitable. The first crack of the belt that connected with his back made Harry bite his lip as he tried in vain to hold in his screams. The second made him jump, the sharp buckle biting into a previous welt, the third and fourth Harry wondered if his Uncle would stop this time, he lost count after the fifth as he drifted into oblivion.

It was several hours later, he could tell because it was now dark outside. The pain was enormous and there was blood everywhere; and Harry wondered not for the first time why he couldn't just die. He drifted for a bit before he realized that had woken up because of a tapping sound at his window. Harry tried to struggle to his feet but the pain from his back and his ribs was just too much, so he crawled as best he could to the window. He saw Ron's owl Pig perched on his sill watching him. "Hold on Pig, I'm coming," Harry gasped out. When he finally managed to pull himself into a somewhat upright position using the wall, he reached between the bars and opened the window thanking Merlin that Pig was a tiny owl. Pig flew between the bars and perched in Harry's palm. Harry slid back down the wall, his ravaged back slick with blood and his breathing labored, to the floor unable to stand upright any longer. He detached the letter from Pig's leg and tried to focus on the scribble; his glasses had been broken almost as soon as he had gotten home and his vision was even worse from all the blows to his head. Harry squinted and read as best he could:

Dear Harry,

Why haven't you written us? Are you ok? Do we need to come and get you? We don't have the car anymore but Fred and George passed the apparition test, we could be there as soon as Pig gets back. Let us know. Draco has been over everyday asking if you have written yet, and Sirius and Remus came over and asked if we knew why you would have sent Hedwig to stay with them. I was surprised that you had because we told you to write everyday but Fred told me about what the fat muggle had threatened to do to her. Don't worry we haven't told anyone, yet.

The twins and I did ask Mum and Dad if you could come to us soon, but Mum had said that Dumbledore told them that you were fine, and that a few spankings was perfectly normal. Mum ate it up, she practically worships the ground the old coot walks on, but Dad just frowned. Mum told us that you were just fine and that the muggles wouldn't hurt you, she told us that Dumbledore told her that you exaggerated about your punishments and small bedroom. She seemed really upset that you would 'lie' and make us (Fred, George, and I) worry like that. But don't worry mate, we know what's really going on.

You have to write to us Harry. We're really worried about you! Please send a letter back with Pig, if you don't Fred is going to apparate to Surrey and check on you. We love you mate, please let us know how you are.


Ron, Fred, George, and Draco

Harry blinked back tears, his brothers were really concerned and he didn't know what to do. He wasn't surprised about Mrs. Weasley really; in his experience whatever Dumbledore said, went unquestioned. He looked over to Pig, "Should I tell them? Probably, though I don't know what they could do. Dumbledore would find out as soon as I left here, but I really think Vernon might kill me this time. Dumbledore would head for Sirius' first, and then the Weasley's, then the Malfoy's." Harry shifted to look for a pen or something but gasped when he felt a sharp pain in his chest, he panicked when breathing became even harder. "Oh shit." He couldn't move it hurt too much, and he panicked even more when he coughed up a mouth full of blood. Harry did the only thing he could think of, he turned the parchment over to the blank side and wrote 'HELP' in his own blood. "Here Pig," he gasped. "Take this to Ron as fast you can, please," the emerald eyed boy pleaded. "Please hurry Pig." Then Harry passed out.