Someone To Protect Him; Chapter Eighteen:

They kissed languidly for a moment, breathing each other in. Charlie closed his eyes, and softly stroked up Harry's slim thigh and back down, gripping behind his knee.

Harry broke the kiss and lay back, just watching his husband work over him. He smiled gently and arched his hips, receiving a low growl in response. His eyes closed briefly, and he saw again how that pink toad had looked at his husband; HIS husband. Possessiveness coursed through his veins, and low snarl erupted from his mouth.

Charlie's eyes shot open, and he looked down meeting wild lust filled emeralds. "Harry?"

Harry dropped his leg from Charlie's hip, and brought his foot up behind the man's knee; placing a hand on the opposite shoulder, he pushed and pulled at the same time, flipping the larger man easily. Once Charlie was flat on his back, Harry leaned down, crushing his lips to his husbands.

Charlie responded immediately, his hands coming up to grip Harry's hips.

Harry reached down and pried those hands off him, and leaned forward pinning them above Charlie's head. He ground his hips against the redhead tearing a gasp and a wanton moan from the dragon handler. Whispering a spell into Charlie's mouth, he growled in satisfaction when their clothing disappeared. Harry ripped his mouth away from his husbands, his neck arching back and let out a low gasp as flesh slid against flesh.

Charlie leant up nipping at the skin of Harry's throat.

"No," Harry growled.

And the man lay his head back puzzled.

"You are MINE!" Harry said yet again. "Leave them," he ordered releasing Charlie's hands. He then sat back on his husbands thighs, and whispered another spell.

They made love, their pace becoming frenzied, Harry grunting and moaning deep in his throat, Charlie's answering cries spurring him on. When one large hand left his hip, moving over to stroke his cock, Harry lost what little reason he had retained and let go with a shout, his husband following immediately, unable to hold back against the clenching walls.

Harry collapsed over Charlie's chest, moving his head enough to kiss one dusky nipple before mumbling, 'I love you', and falling asleep, exhausted and satiated.

Charlie's heart beat erratically, and he breathed deeply in attempt to calm his body once more. He gently moved his sleeping husband off his chest and to the side so he could grab his wand and clean them up. Once done, he shoved the slim piece of wood under his pillow, and turned on his side to pull Harry back into his arms.

The teen moved greedily into his heat, curling into Charlie's body fitting like a puzzle piece. Charlie nuzzled the soft head of hair tucked in under his chin, and between one breath and the next, followed his husband into slumber.


Harry woke up slowly, enjoying the feel of large calloused hands running up and down his back and occasionally moving lower to cup his bum. The next time those wonderful hands wandered low, he pushed into them, receiving a gentle a squeeze in response.

"You awake Raven?"


Charlie squeezed the silky soft cheeks in his hands again, eliciting a giggle from his husband. He dipped a finger into hidden flesh, and grinned when Harry's giggle turned into a soft moan.

"No fair…"

"What's not fair my love?"

"No teasing this early in the morning." Harry snorted into Charlie's chest in emphasis.

Charlie rubbed his finger back and forth, "Who said anything about teasing," he whispered in one small ear.

Harry pushed back into Charlie's hands once more before slowly sitting up. He looked down at his grinning husband and shook his head, leaning in for a kiss. "Ew… morning breath."

"You don't taste that great either."

"Whatever," Harry grunted. He settled another kiss on his husbands pouting lips before climbing out of bed and stretching. "I'm for a shower."

Charlie sat up, and stretched his arms up, arching his back and listened to the cracks resounding up and down his spine. He sighed in contented bliss, and turned to the open bathroom door. "I'll have breakfast brought to the sitting room love."

"Ok," Harry shouted over the rushing of water.

About ten minutes later completely refreshed after a nice hot shower, Harry got dressed and wandered into their sitting room hoping his husband had requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast. He was pleasantly surprised to see not only his pancakes, but also his dad's and Severus and Lucius. "Isn't it too early for a meeting of the minds?"

Severus rolled his eyes and lifted his cup of tea for a sip. "Someone has to exercise that muscle you have called a brain," he muttered after swallowing.

Harry stuck his tongue out at the acerbic man, before grinning and turning to flop himself in Sirius' lap. He was unable to stop his little moan of pain, and tried to cover it with a giggle.

Charlie wasn't fooled, and raised an eyebrow grinning at his husband. "Feeling ok Harry?"

Harry turned an icy emerald glare at the redhead. "Just fine Charlie."

"Is something the matter pup," Sirius turned Harry this way and that in his lap checking for obvious signs of injury. When Harry's face flamed, he lifted a hand up touching he forehead. "You don't feel warm."

Charlie guffawed behind his hand and quickly changed the subject, he had no desire to sleep on the couch. "They're here about that thing Draco mentioned yesterday."

Harry blinked; yesterday had been so long ago. "Oh," he said finally understanding, "About changing the magic in the cuffs."

"Indeed," Severus murmured.

Lucius nodded. "I have several items in the Malfoy vaults that are capable of having their blood magics changed and I figured that this would be much the same, so I came along to help."

"Thank you Lucius." Harry smiled.

"Remy and I just came to watch," Sirius smiled, "And to spend time with our favorite pup."

"I just came to keep you all out of trouble and hopefully in one piece," Severus grumbled.

Harry laughed delightedly, and accepted the plate of food Charlie handed him. "Breakfast first, cool magic tricks later."

Several hours later, through lunch, and much muttering and cursing, they finally succeeded; and it had been much easier than they had thought it would be. Harry using his blood traced two extra runes on each cuff. Covering the bloody sketch with his hand on Charlie's cuff first, he willed the cuff to accept the change, quickly moving on to his own cuffs once he felt the extra magic sink in and weld to the original; a moment and a dramatic flash of light later, the cuffs showed a startling change. Harry looked at his in wonder, tracing the raised runes in his cuffs with delicate finger tips. The love and protection knots were still there, but they were now etched into the background as protection and love runes rose above them. A quick glance at Charlie's cuff showed the same thing.

"I have never seen something like that in my life," Lucius sat back looking at the cuffs with wide eyes. "Those aren't even the runes you sketched in. Are we sure it worked?"

"Wait here," Harry jumped up from his place next to Charlie and rushed into the bedroom. A moment later, Charlie felt his cuff heat up, and he instantly disappeared from view.

Sirius was just getting worried when Charlie came striding back into the room with a laughing Harry thrown over one shoulder. "It works," Harry grinned at them.

Remus smiled at his son. "I think I have an idea on why the cuffs changed."

"Really," Severus sat forward.

Remus nodded. "My cub and Charlie fell in love. They've bonded at a very deep level, so when Harry was pushing the new magic into the cuffs, the inherent magic took it a step further, completing a heart binding."

"Love and protection runes," Severus agreed. "Those are generally the runes created during a heart and mind bonding when someone has found their soul mate."

Harry just raised an eyebrow looking confused, and Charlie grinned softly. Not the raw end of the deal indeed.

Severus seeing Harry's confused expression elaborated. "Had your bonding not been forced to happen this early, you two would have been inevitably drawn to each other once you had reached your majority. Charlie is your soul mate, your other half."

Harry turned to meet Charlie's blue eyes, his own softly shinning. "Wow."

Charlie snorted in laughter and brought his husband into his chest, holding him tightly. "Yes, wow."


"So you and Charlie are actually soul mates," Draco asked wide eyed.

"Yep," Harry happily nodded as he added mashed potatoes to his plate. "I guess that's why everything has gone so smoothly with Charlie and I. We had a few awkward moments, but not nearly as many as people would think."

"Mate, as much as I love you and my brother, I really don't want to hear about those awkward moments." Ron grumbled around a mouth full to bursting with food.

The twins who were sitting on either side of him laughed heartily and slapped him on the back. "Oh come on Ronnikins, don't you want to know?"

Ron flushed, "No," he said emphatically, shaking his head.

Hermione who was sitting next to Fred rolled her eyes and poked her boyfriend in the side. "Leave Ron alone."

"Yes love," Fred leaned over and kissed her temple.

Draco leaned closer to Harry ignoring the redheads, "So… how was last night?" he waggled blond eyebrows.

Harry choked on his potatoes, and started coughing.

"Draco," Hermione screeched. She leapt over the table and started pounding on Harry's back.

Eventually the small teen waved her away. "S'ok." He said just as Charlie appeared by his side.

"Harry," he picked up his husband off the bench and started checking him over. "What happened love?"

Harry pointed at Draco, "The evil blond tried to kill me."

Draco pushed up from his seat and slowly started backing away much to the table's amusement. "I did no such thing, I simply asked a question."

Charlie tucked Harry into his side and turned a glare on Draco. "What kind of question?"

Draco crossed his hands in front of him, "Nothing," he squeaked before turning on his heel and running.

Charlie watched with pursed lips before looking down at his husband. "I guess we don't have to try that last experiment."

"Nope," Harry agreed. "I didn't have to consciously call you; in fact you were pretty much the last thing on my mind. Breathing was my main concern."


Dumbledore watched from the head table with narrowed eyes as Harry laughed and chatted with his friends.

Let me out…


We can still make this work, I will do as you bid.

"The shadows do as no one bids," Albus hissed under his breath.

But the second prophecy…

"It can be done with his husband."

It would be better if it were us…

"It cannot be so long as he remains bound. We will wait."

But he is ours… he is beautiful…

"Beautiful," Albus agreed watching green eyes light up and a wide smile spread across the teens face. He continued to watch as Harry started to choke, then gasped in surprise when Charlie appeared by his side. "No, I cannot so long as he remains bound, but that doesn't mean I can't get what I want in the end."

He is ours…


Severus watched the headmaster from the corner of his eye. The old man was talking to himself, and watching Harry a little to intensely for the ex spies comfort. He hadn't trusted that the man wasn't up to something before, but watching the old man seemingly talk to himself was a little more than disturbing. Straining to hear, he caught bits and pieces of a one sided conversations, almost choking when he heard 'Beautiful…'.

Severus quickly glanced between the old man and Harry, watching as the old man's eyes lit up with lust. He swallowed the last bit of his dinner down, and abruptly stood to leave. Striding through the professors entrance, he walked down to his chambers, steps quick and precise. A muttered password and he let himself into his rooms, relieved to see the stately blonde still ensconced in his leather armchair, a tumbler of firewhiskey in his hand.

"I believe we may have more clues to this puzzle," Severus said with little preamble. He stalked over to Lucius and grabbed the glass of liqueur, quickly downing it before relating what he had heard.

Lucius crinkled his nose, "No wonder you needed a drink. He's what, 150?"

"Or something," Severus nodded. "I think we should inform Charlie… without informing Harry. After everything else, I'm not sure he could handle this; or what we think this is."

"Yes," Lucius nodded deep in thought. "We need to speak to all of Harry's brothers as well; I'll have my son bring them all here before breakfast tomorrow; we can speak with Charlie and the canines tonight."

Severus sighed, and turned to slump into his couch. "How did I get sucked into this; into thinking of the Potter brat, as dare I say it, almost like a son? Where did I go wrong?"

Lucius snorted into his retrieved and refilled tumbler. "It's the eyes."

"He got you too, didn't he?" Severus raised an eyebrow.

"It was Draco's fault."



"That is…"

"Disgusting!" Fred finished for his twin.

"Gah," Draco cringed. "Can he even… I mean, yeah?"

Ron paled further, "Did you have to?" he asked the blond sitting next to him.

"I do not know," Severus sneered. "Nor do I care to know. What is important now, is to keep Harry as far away from the headmaster as possible."

"I-I think…"

"What is it Miss Granger?" Lucius turned mercury eyes on the bushy haired witch.

"We need to get into the headmasters pensieve. I didn't think of it at the time… but I heard the tail end of something once."

"Of what?" Severus sat forward.

"A prophecy?" Hermione tilted her head to the side a question in her voice. "It was a memory that he had sort of," and she waved her hands palms facing up, "pushed up. It was a rotating figure, and I heard something that at the time I dismissed because I-"

"Was still completely deluded." Draco patted her arm, making the poor witch blush.

Fred pulled her against his side and glared at the blond.

"What is the portion that you heard?" Lucius asked curiously.

Hermione settled into Fred's warm side and absent mindedly stroked a slim hand across his knee as she thought. "… with magic true and fair, by magic's heir, through magic's heir." She repeated.

"That doesn't make any sense," Ron snorted.

"Like I said Ronald," Hermione turned a glare on her best friend, "I believe it was just the last part. I couldn't make what was said prior to that, I wasn't close enough."

Severus rolled his eyes, and settled back in his chair to think, …by magic's heir, through magic's heir. "You know for certain that Harry was supposed to have married the littlest Weasley and have spawn right away?" He turned burning eyes on Hermione.

"Merlin," Remus breathed. He and Sirius had been silent up to now, having heard about Albus the night before. "Albus already knows that Harry is magic's heir, but 'by magics heir through magic's heir´ indicates that whatever this is about pertains to Harry's child."

"I believe so yes," Severus nodded.

"Ugh," Ron shouted leaping to his feet. "And Dumbledore wants to fuck him to get him pregnant on top of… whatever it was-"

"Lusting after him," Draco inserted.

Ron glared at the Slytherin before continuing, "Whatever it was Professor Snape believes he saw? That's just wrong!"

"We need to-"

"get into that office-"

"and get that memory."

"I can easily attain entrance as a school Governor." Lucius said thoughtfully. "I'll just call a meeting. I'll make it this evening as I am already here."

"But how will you manage the prophecy, and what are the odds that he'll even have the pensieve in view?" Sirius asked.

"He's always got it out, or he did before. Every time I went to his office, it's set up in an open decorative cabinet." Hermione told them.

Lucius turned expectant eyes on Severus who nodded. "Assuming he has the pensieve accessible as Miss Granger suggested, we will be able to view the memory without the old man even knowing."

The teens, and Remus and Sirius turned to look curiously at Severus who was smirking. "You are not the only unregistered animagus." He nodded at Sirius. "And the headmaster does not know of my form. As Mr. Weasley's fear of spiders," he smirked at Ron, "is well known, I will not change, just know that I can."

"You're a spider?" Ron paled.


Ron gulped and bolted towards the other side of the room causing Severus to roll his eyes.


Classes dragged on that day, Harry completely oblivious to the extra guard around him. It wasn't until dinner that night when Ginny reared her head that Harry finally remember that things we not so peachy. She had sidled up sit next to Harry before the twins could sit on either side of the raven, plastering herself to his side.

"Harry," Ginny purred, pressing herself into his arm.

Harry pulled back as far as he could trying to gently extract his arm, "What is it Ginny?"

He jumped when a small hand landed on his thigh, it felt so wrong. "I just wanted to sit with you Harry; you never sit with me anymore."

Harry scooted down abruptly, Ginny falling across the bench when she was unable to catch herself. "I've told you before Gin, I am happily married, and I love my husband very much."

Ginny narrowed her eyes and followed the emerald eyed teen down the bench. "If you would just give me a chance Harry, I could show you-"

"That you're what, a tramp?" Draco's drawl echoed from behind them. "Budge up," he gestured at Harry.

With a relieved sigh Harry forced the person next to him further over and Draco swung onto the bench between him and Ginny. "People are going to begin thinking you've switched houses with how much you eat with us Lions."

"We were talking Malfoy," Ginny sneered getting to her feet, interrupting the boy's conversation.

"No, you were attempting to rape the poor boy at the dinner table, there's a difference.

"You bastard," Ginny screamed drawing her wand.

Harry leapt to his feet. "Enough," he bit out. He reached forward and grabbed the wand from Ginny's limp hand. "I didn't want to do this Ginny, but I will be filing an injunction against you. I've had quite enough."

"But Harry," Ginny reached out, an imploring look on her face.

"No," Harry shook his head. He turned and handed the witches wand to Fred. "Will you please inform your mother and father for me? She needs help, and this is the only way I can see that she may get some."

Fred nodded, face grim. He reached out to grasp his sister's arm. "You're right Harry. This is what she needs; maybe Mum will finally face the music."

Harry nodded before turning on his heel and leaving the Great Hall, Draco and Ron scrambling behind him to catch up, he wasn't hungry anymore


Lord Lucius Abraxas Malfoy confidently strolled into the headmaster's office at precisely 6 o'clock in the evening. Nonchalantly looking around, he moved to casually stroll around the room, pausing here and there to inspect odd little things that seemingly caught his eye.

"You wanted a meeting Lucius?" Albus raised an eyebrow.

The blond lord ignored the man for a moment before stopping before the open cabinet that Granger had told him about. He leaned a hip against the cabinet and turned to face the headmaster. "You have some very interesting things here Headmaster Dumbledore." At the spoken signal, a small black widow crawled out of Lucius robes, immediately spying the pensieve.

Lucius waited what he hoped was long enough before moving to settle in the chair before Dumbledore's desk, leaning back and crossing his legs. "The Governors have a few questions regarding Delores Umbridge."

Albus nodded. "What would you like to know?"

Lucius smirked, the game was afoot.

Severus watched from his position as Lucius grabbed the headmaster's full attention, and once he was sure that the old man wouldn't notice, he crawled up the side of the bowl, and plunged into the depths, searching for the memory he wanted.

Albus settled into the chair Sybil indicated and graciously accepted the heavily flavored tea the 'Seer' handed him as he tried to breathe through the perfumed air.

"I saw you coming to visit me today Headmaster, so I made sure to have your favorite tea."

Albus rolled his eyes internally before turning a bright smile on the woman. "Thank you my dear."He hated floral tea.

Sybil returned the smile. "You have a question." Her voice turned misty.

Rolling his eyes again Albus did his best to school his voice. "I was wondering how you were feeling. Do you feel you are fitting in?"

"Of course Headmaster," Sybil inclined her head, her large glasses sliding down her nose. "There are of course children who do not have the inner eye and who scorn what I teach, but…" she trailed off.

"That's a shame," Albus nodded agreeing.

The 'seer' turned her head to look out the window, her voice taking a deep cadence, "It will be snowing heavily tomorrow. Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology will be cancelled."

The headmaster glanced out the window noting the deeply colored clouds, anyone who lived in Scotland could tell when they were going to get heavy snow; the clouds were a dead giveaway. "Hmm, I will see about our professors coming up with an inside lesson shall I?"

Sybil nodded importantly.

"Sybil," Albus started, "I wanted to also ask if you have 'seen' anything recently; anything pertaining to the war?"

"I have 'seen' much Headmaster. Death, families torn apart; it will be a very long time until we win. Our dear Potion's Master will perish within the fortnight I am sorry to say."

"Oh dear," Albus murmured.

Sybil smiled mysteriously, "A savior, I see a savior."

Albus frowned behind his teacup, he wasn't going to get lucky today. Standing abruptly he apologized, "I believe I should go speak with Severus in light of what you have revealed to me my dear."

Sybil nodded knowingly, before turning back to gaze out the window, "Good day Headmaster."

Albus turned and headed for the trap door, stopping in his tracks when a cold smooth voice filtered through the room, looking up quickly, he listened.

From Arthur's court in Merlin's care, magic wielded firm and fair… magic hides its one true heir, till the marked raven joins with the flame will magic's kingdom rise again… to rule with magic true and fair, by magic's heir through magic's heir.

Turning back to the trap door, Albus quickly stole down the stairs; this is what he had been waiting for.

Severus crawled from the churning memories, careful to keep an eye on Dumbledore. It looked like he was just in time, Lucius was on his feet, casually looking around at various objects again, turning once more to the cabinet with the pensieve.

"This is a very beautiful piece Headmaster," Lucius sauntered over the cabinet, absent mindedly running his fingers slowly across the surface as he turned to Dumbledore.

Albus smiled, "Yes isn't it? Unfortunately I cannot recall now where I got it."

Lucius pulled his hand back once he felt Severus crawl into his palm. He turned placing his hand in his pocket and walked to the door. "Well, I appreciate you meeting with me this evening, but I must be going."

Albus leaned back in his chair, "Have a wonderful night Lucius."

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