This is a poem inspired by my favorite book, Isabel of the Whales. You might not get it if you haven't read the book.

Once, a long time ago

I changed

And I didn't walk

I swam

And I didn't talk

I sang

Once, along time ago

My friends were not people

They were whales

And I didn't live in a house

But in the ocean

Once, a long time ago

I met a narwhal

Who gave me something special

That I could use at a time

When I needed it most

Once, a long time ago

I saved my friend

And her child

But I was hurt

And told I would die

Once, a long time ago

I fell in love

But waited too long

And could only tell him

When it was too late

Once, a long time ago

I returned to the land

And as I lay on the beach

Wishing I could die

I heard a song

A song of love

And heartache

And Yet,

I believe that

Soon, very soon

I will return to the ocean

And my feet will become flippers

And my words will become song

So I can return his love

And swim with the whales again