Well, I got a flash from the past and glanced over this story again, and was suddenly walloped by the realization that I should edit it. It may be the original, but after reading it again, I found it to be pretty poorly-written. And I want it to be the best it can be!

So, with that, I began editing it around. It's A TON better than before, and I hope that I can improve it nicely. This is what I got! I'm starting to like this a little more.

Thank ya much!

It is very dark here.

I sat in an endless fathom of whispering shadows, and no matter where I turned, all I saw was black. I felt as if I should be asleep, but, I couldn't find the exhaustion to drive me to it. My eyes stayed open to the darkness that had swallowed me whole...

It is very quiet here.

I heard nothing but my guilt-ridden and lonesome breathing, and even that is faltering as the time passes. My thoughts were stiff and stripped of everything but remorse over my past doings. The blistering memories of my attack on Samus pound into my head like an unforgiving drill...

It is very lonely here.

I had no company in this mind-crushing prison. I sat alone, haplessly watching the darkness as it drifted around me. My only companion, really, was the occasional gust of the frigid, deathly wind that passed through me as easily as if I were empty...

And as I sit here without a purpose, I'm beginning to think I am empty.

Empty of all the emotions I held on my sleeve as a Bounty Hunter - competitiveness, earnestness, excitement, joy, and even... infatuation. But those have all vanished. All that drifts through my shell of a body now, is regret. Deep-reaching regret that has punctured me to my very soul... the soul that aches within this prison.

Wallowing in sorrow, I tried to cope with the pain that wracks my body. Some of my bones had been smashed when I was impaled on Bryyo. The blood that flows from my shoulders, my face, and beneath my throat, freezes in the wind against my body. My blood runs freely.

I am pale in the darkness, I just know.

It's quite uncommon for Phrygisians of my culture to shiver, and yet, here I am, quaking in the dark, curled into a ball. My blood is gradually freezing in my veins, and all I can do is consider the options that I don't have, and just how useless I am.

I failed my mission.

I failed my ancestry, my occupation, and most of all... I failed Samus Aran.

Why had I made such a foolish decision? Why did I jeopardize all that I held dear, and the one girl in the universe that had captured my attention?

Why did I lose you?

Poor Samus... I mourned. What have I caused? How much did I hurt you?

...What are you going through right now, because of me?

The memories were brutal as they flashed inside of mind. The image of the horrific spirit that had overcome me, the insanity I was exuding, and Samus's look of betrayal - each of them were like hand to the throat.

Why had I made such a foolish decision?

But, come to think of it...

Did I have a choice?

Eh? Better? I certainly hope so! I tried to give Rundas more remorse and more of a voice, so yeah! Let's hope I can flesh this story out more! :) (EDITED!)