Title: Twelve Roses and a Receipt

Chapter: 0. A Shameless Introduction

Summary: After Bespin, Luke is reunited with his father and mother when a cruel trick of fate throws them into an alternative universe where Palpatine failed and they are forced to act like a functional family. Vader/Padme and baby Luke.


Rating: G

Genre: Adventur


Timeline: Post ESB/ Legacy Era

Author: Wellingtonboots

Archive: Slytherin Serpent,

Status: Short Multi-chapter

AN: This is the short story I wanted to write all along.

It all started with a dozen roses and a receipt.

The roses were for Luke and the receipt was for Vader but that is not to say these two items had anything to do with each other. In fact Luke, who was bathing at the time, did not want the roses and Vader, who was choking a prisoner at the time, did want the receipt.

If the force provided hindsight Luke would have kept quiet about the roses and Vader would have choked the delivery man. Thankfully this was not to be the case because then there would be no story.

Thus the story begins on opposite sides of the galaxy with two completely different people who were convinced they had nothing to do with each other.

It was dark but on Coruscant dark was only a relative term. The neon lights and traffic trails covered every inch of sky and night was simply a time for sleep, whilst day was a time for work.

Darth Vader didn't sleep. There were some who believed he did, even more believed he didn't and a small splinter group existed that believed he was a deity who slept all the time.

Darth Vader mediated and this did for him what sleep did for mere mortals. Thus he spent a good eight hours a day on Coruscant meditating. However, you will remember that when the fateful receipt arrived he was not meditating or sleeping or being worshiped by a small splinter group, though he had no control over that. Darth Vader was interrogating a prisoner.

The said prisoner was a small squat Rebel pilot called "PI51" but that is not say his mother had a cruel sense of humour. PI51 was his prisoner number and Darth Vader couldn't care less what sense of humour his mother had but judging by the prisoner's appearance his name could not have been too flattering

The interrogation had been going well and Vader had successfully found out that Luke Skywalker was still flying with the Rogues, still in love with the Princess and still wore waterproof underwear at night. Not that he particularly enjoy hearing that last part, or the part before that, or even the part before that.

Unfortunately, what Vader hadn't found out was the location of the Rebel base.

But the delivery man strolled in at that point, thrust a pen under his metaphorical nose and demanded a signature. Normally this behaviour led to a short career but this particular delivery man was an indispensable asset to Vader's intelligence network and not to mention naturally invisible to the naked eye.

Thus Vader cut short the interrogation (by choking the prisoner to death) and joyfully took possession of a very important receipt.

Luke, on the other hand, had just received another hand and had been careful to keep the artificial limb out of the bath tub while he was bathing. Thankfully he was bathing when the fateful roses were delivered so there is no need to go into his sleeping habits. Needless to say nightmares (and waterproofs) feature greatly.

The delivery man let himself in, dumped the roses and promptly ran away before Luke could even drag himself out of the tub. However, the ever faithful R2 was on hand to electrocute the culprit on his way out and take a picture.

It was clear that the roses were part of an elaborate hoax because the delivery man was Wes Janson and the card said "To Luke Vader"

Needless to say Luke screamed like a bashee and flung the roses all over the floor.

AN: The Prologue is just a humourous introduction.