It was two weeks later when Sam stood in the arrival lounge, watching people walk through the doors and their faces light up as they spotted their loved ones in the crowd. She didn't normally wait at the airport for her husband to come home, but they both knew that this was going to be one of the biggest weekends of both of their lives. She bit her lip, almost squealing in anticipation as she spotted him and he scooped her up into his arms, practically crushing her against his ribcage before setting her back on the floor.

"I love you so much," he whispered in her ear, stroking her hair and cupping her face in both his large palms before kissing her sweetly. "And you," he was instantly crouching on the floor, unbuckling Alanna from her pram and cradling her against his chest, "How is my sweet little angel? Daddy has lots of presents for you," he was rewarded with a finger up his nose and a mouthful of drool down his collar as he smiled happily, kissing her hair and frowning at Sam shaking her head as they made their way to the exit.


"Stop spoiling her!"

"I'm not! Anyway, it's my job. Oh hang on babe I just remembered…" he headed off the duty free store in a hurry, Alanna in one arm and pushing his luggage on the trolley with the other. "Watch this a sec? They were all out inside so I had to come pick it up here…"

She stood watching as he headed straight over to the perfume counter, Alanna still firmly clasped to his chest as he handed over a receipt, flashing her a killer grin as he waited patiently for his purchase. She laughed to herself as she watched him talk to their baby when he thought no one was looking, and he took her breath away with the special smile that lit up his face when he stopped to spray something from an unfamiliar bottle on his wrist, holding it up to his nose on the way out.

"Here," he handed the bag over with a grin, "I noticed you were almost out,"

Her heart swelled at the gesture, the fact that he even knew which was her favourite let alone that it was nearly empty making her melt a little. "Aw baby, you're too cute," She stared straight into his eyes as she took his hand, lifting his wrist to her nose, "Mmm, gorgeous, I can't wait til he gets here…"

He smiled up at her as he strapped Alanna back in her pram and slung his arm around Sam's shoulder, finally heading to the exit, and the start of the next chapter of their lives, both knowing their unity was stronger than ever, and things were only going to get better.

Cody all but fled from the car he had shared with Ted to get to and from the signing before EC on Sunday night, ears red from the constant teasing and his mood nowhere near calm and collected. Frankly speaking he was shaking with fury. But he couldn't punch Ted again especially not with hundreds of fans armed with cameras around.

So he had smiled politely, signed things until his fingers hurt and tried his best to ignore the things Ted threw his way. Still he was pissed and feared he'd explode any second, not exactly the best condition to meet Randy's wife and daughter. He hurried to his room, stripping out of his shirt to quickly change into a fresh one. Why the hell was he so nervous? Randy had promised him that things wouldn't be awkward and he'd had lengthy phone conversations with Sam every other day but his heart was still pounding hard against his ribs and his hands were sweaty.

He wiped them on his jeans just as the elevator opened, catching Randy and Sam as they walked into the lobby arm in arm, Alanna clinging to her father, her tiny arms wrapped around his neck. His hand hovered over the 'close' button for a moment, finding himself unwilling to disturb the picture by stepping into their lives.

"Hey Cody!"

Too late for that now. He gave them a small wave, walking over to them. Hadn't Randy promised him that it wouldn't be awkward? He'd been lying obviously.

Cody was so caught up in his thoughts that he couldn't quite stop the little yelp that escaped him when Sam tackled him. He locked eyes with Randy pleading for help, but the other man was watching on in amusement, mouthing a 'you're on your own now' at him.

"Oh, Cody!" Sam held him at arms length, beaming up at him, "It's so great to finally meet you in person... how are you?"

"I'm fine... thanks." He stuttered, suddenly remembering that he had manners. Somewhere. "It's great to meet you too, Sam."

Sam looked from him to her husband, smiling brightly. "I get what you see in him... he is cute."

While Cody wondered just how red his cheeks could flush, he was surprised to see Randy's cheek tinge a little. But it might have been simply the light in the lobby.

"How about you and I go and have a late lunch... I saw a nice diner down the street while Randy and Alanna spend some time in the park?" Sam said as she pulled Cody over to Randy. "He tells me you like banana pecan-nut waffles."

Cody groaned, remembering just what had happened at the other diner but gave her a nod and an encouraging smile, "Sure, I'd love to."


Sam hooked her arm through Cody's as they strolled down the street towards the restaurant. "So Cody…" she started carefully as they slid into a booth in the window,


"How was the signing?"

He shrugged, "The usual, busy."

"Ted giving you a hard time?"

"What makes you say that?"

"We ran into him out the front earlier right when you guys got back, I saw you take off…"


"He couldn't wait to have a go at Randy, right in front of me, making all these snide remarks you know, about the sanctity of marriage, the eyes of the lord…" she rolled her own eyes to show what she thought of the whole thing, but Cody was mortified, it was one thing taking the shit himself but the last thing he wanted was Sam to deal with any of that.

"I'm so sorry…"

"Hey, it's not your fault honey, and don't worry, Randy ripped him a new one." She smirked sideways at him, squeezing his arm affectionately, "He's good like that."

"Heh, yeah I know."

"I bet you do! It was so funny though, he's about to start swearing his head off, then he looks down and covered Alanna's ears before he let him have it, 'you have no fucking clue what you're talking about, it's none of your business, ra ra ra…' I was trying so hard to keep a straight face at Ted's reaction, he looked scandalised! It was awesome."

"I just can't believe him…"

"Don't worry, he wants something to talk about? We'll give him something to talk about."


"Don't look, but he's across the street now…" she reached for his hand, "Follow my lead," she whispered, her eyes alight with mirth, and held his palm against her cheek, giggling and kissing his knuckles, lacing their fingers together and stroking down his arm.

Cody did his best not to burst out laughing and act natural, completely failing, so she picked up a bread stick and shoved it in his mouth, getting a whiff of the inside of his wrist as she leant forward.

"Oh, hey, come back here a sec," she inhaled deeply again, closing her eyes and looking up at him through hooded lids, "Mmm gorgeous, Randy doused himself in this at the airport the other day,"

"He did? Why?"

"Why do you think? To remind himself of you of course, silly. And he had his special smile on while he did it too,"

Cody was blushing profusely, Ted staring at them through the window completely forgotten, "His special smile?"

"Yeah," Sam held his hand properly in earnest, "The one he always gets when he's thinking about you, his Cody smile,"

"Oh…" Cody had no idea what to say to that, and luckily their food came to distract them for a moment or two as his head spun with this new information and Sam continued.

"I think I knew before he even did, you know? I could always tell," Sam continued, breaking up some garlic bread and pouring them both generous refills of red wine, "I mean I love watching you both on Raw, I've got it all recorded, you guys together, wow, that sexmatch you had the other day…"


"Yeah, oh my god I'm still recovering from the overload of hot!" She gushed, pretending to fan herself, blowing out her cheeks as she winked at him, "And you know, Cody this is all my fault really 'cos Randy was convinced you'd never be interested in him, I had to show him all the promos, made him watch it all back until he could see what I see…"

"What? Uh, what do you see?" he stammered, staring at her in a fairly large amount of shock,

"Well, you know, the air practically sizzling between you for starters," she was waving her fork around as she talked, the other hand still on his arm, obviously very animated and excited about the whole thing, "and it's not like you ever shied away from the way he always touches you is it?"

He took a big gulp of wine and glanced out the window at a blur of blonde heading at a furious pace towards the window.

"Oh fuck,"



She froze, pasta speared and paused halfway to her mouth, "Ohhh,"

They stared at her through the glass as she glared at them from outside like some kind of weird silent mannequin stand off, before Ted came and pulled her away, giving their clasped hands a quizzical double take on the way past, before they descended into a fit of giggles.

"Well shit, that went well!"

Sam refilled their wine-glasses after she had calmed down enough to move her hands without trembling from the laughter that shook their bodies.
"I never liked her." She said matter-of-factly, gauging Cody's reaction at the statement.
Cody blinked at her, missing his fork by inches. "What makes you say that?"
"I admit that I never got to know her properly but I don't want to; not after what Randy told me about her anyway."
"What did Randy tell you?" Cody asked, it was the first thing on his mind.

"Just how she overreacted on things that shouldn't matter, little things... unimportant things that shouldn't matter when you love someone... like Randy... he never rinses his coffee cups and just leaves them in the sink." Sam smiled fondly. "But he never does it before he leaves for work."
Cody swallowed down his food, looking at her curiously at the idea of Randy being all domestic. "Why?"
"Coffee cups in the sink mean that he'll be right back..." She shrugged a little, blinking. "He's the same with you... your little OCD with a certain candy."
"I don't have OCD!" Cody spluttered out, shocked at the accusation. "I don't have OCD! I don't!"
"So you wouldn't call picking out ALL green and blue m&m's before you eat even one not... a reason for concern?"

"It's... it's not like that!" He started grinning when Sam did. "The food colour's probably really bad... we just don't know it yet... I'm careful!"
"Which is why you leave them for whoever is rooming with you or you are sharing a car with?"
Cody held up his hands. "I don't make 'em eat them... their choice!" Pushing the wine-glass over the white table-cloth, he looked at her. "Tell me about Beth... why... why don't you like her?"

Sam exhaled slowly, closing her eyes for a moment. "Are you sure you want to know... I don't want to upset you."
"We're over." He assured her. "I can take it."
"Fine... Randy's gonna kill her if finds out..."
"He doesn't know?"
Sam shook her head, never breaking eye-contact. "I couldn't tell him... he's so protective of you... he cares so much... he wouldn't have been able to think a clear rational thought and... I couldn't tell him. Sometimes I wish I never overheard them in the first place."

Cody nodded his understanding, wetting his lips. "I'm ready."
"It was at the Hall of Fame ceremony last year... and I accidentally overheard her and McCool talking... something about how she plans on stopping with the birth control and getting pregnant... Michelle asked her how she wanted to go through it because it's common knowledge that you don't want kids of your own and why she's even with you... and..." Sam gently put her hand on his. "She said that it'd be perfect to get back at her ex... make him jealous." She grabbed his trembling fingers, pressing a soothing kiss in his knuckles. "I'm so sorry, Cody."

He sighed long and hard and put his head in his hands, "Yeah, yeah I kinda already knew about that…"

"You did? What happened baby?" Sam looked as upset as Cody did as he looked up, giving a small self conscious chuckle,

"Well she kinda told me herself…"


"I don't think she remembers the conversation to be honest… she'd been out one time, came back real late and totally off her face, accusing me of all sorts when all I'd done was sit in the room with Randy playing Mario Kart the whole night…" he laughed hoarsely, "Which makes sense now why she acted the way she did… but anyway, her ex, he wanted kids, she didn't, that's why they split up, but her priorities changed when he suddenly wanted a divorce, his new woman willing to give him what Beth wouldn't, so she suddenly changes her mind… and I'm totally the bad guy of course, 'cos I said all along I didn't want that, I'm too young, I'm just not ready… then she tells me she'd 'find a way'… I wasn't sure what she meant exactly, I mean she was drunk, she was talking all sorts of crap, she passed out after that… Anyway, a month later McCool comes up to me out of nowhere and smacks me one across the face, saying I'm a heartless bastard and how could I? I had no idea what she was talking about! Turns out, Beth told her she was pregnant, and that I didn't want it, and that when she told me I hit her so hard she lost the baby…"

At Sam's gasp he turned to her imploringly, "It was bullshit Sam, I'd never…"

"Oh honey… I know, I know you wouldn't…" Sam just held his hand, holding her breath and looking utterly mortified as he continued,

"…and I confronted her, I mean I had to know… and she said she terminated the baby 'cos of what I'd said before…"

"But I thought Michelle said…"

"Exactly! So I told her that… and reminded her of what she'd said that time, and she just broke down, she's suddenly telling me she was desperate, she just wanted him to see she'd moved on like he had, she admitted the whole thing was…"

Sam was suddenly on his side of the booth wrapping her arms around him, "Baby…"

Cody sighed heavily, "It was all a lie. So that's when she went to Smackdown, we uh… agreed it was for the best, you know?"

"Yeah… I think that's an understatement and a half honey…"

"Well, yeah." He gulped into her shoulder, drawing back to look at her, "Randy doesn't know…"

"It's okay, don't worry…" she patted his arm again and smiled sadly, "Hey, how about we get a big fuck off sized plate of waffles then go get him, huh?"

"Man, that sounds like a plan…"

Meanhwile Randy was in the park with Alanna, enjoying the first rays of sunshine in the crisp February air, watching a dog-owner playing with his Jack Russell, making the little girl in his arms squeal with delight. In moments like this he felt completely at peace with the world and himself, hearing his daughter laugh; to have her so close was rare and he cherished each second of it.
But his mind kept wandering back to whatever Sam and Cody could possibly talk about on their lonesome, wondering if it really was a good idea to leave his two... he searched for the right word, sighing... his two loves alone like that, though he had no doubt that they would get along just fine, he knew how much Sam adored Cody and how effortlessly Cody could form a friendship.

"Randy!" Ted's voice called from the other end of the path, interrupting his moment of serenity. "Randy!"
Shifting Alanna in his arms, he turned around, trying to keep his expression and voice calm even though he was still pissed that Ted had dared to have a go at Sam like that when they arrived at the hotel.
"Hey Theodore." If anything should indicate that you weren't his favourite person it was the use of the full name, but Ted didn't seemed fazed one bit. Was he ever? Randy's eye-brow shot up when he saw that Beth was just a few steps behind him, a clearly displeased frown etched on her face. "Beth."

Ted motioned towards the near-by bench. "You better sit down."

"I'm fine standing... what's the matter?" He said sharply, turning his attention to his daughter when she started wriggling in his arms, her little hand pointing at the dog. "Maybe when you're big enough so that they can't accidently eat you, princess."

"Do you know where Sam is?" Ted didn't wait for an answer. "Do you know where Cody is?"
"Uh..." Randy stared at him. "Even if I didn't know... what's it to you?"
"Because we saw them... getting all cosy and lovey-dovey in the diner down the street!"
Randy bit back a laugh. "I'd consider getting my eyes checked then."
"They were holding hands, Randy!" Beth exclaimed, her voice shaking. "I don't know what Rhodes's playing at but it looked like he was making a move on your wife... or Sam wants another man."

If Alanna wasn't in his arms, he would've been very tempted to yell at her for even suggesting that Sam would cheat on him.
Rolling his neck, Randy took a deep breath. "Listen... I don't know what you saw... but contrary to you... I trust my wife... and I trust Cody. You should try it some time."
He stepped away from them, ignoring their gaping stares as he continued to watch the dog jump around on the grass, nuzzling Alanna's cheek.

"Try what exactly?" A voice piped up from behind them, Ted and Beth spinning around aghast, a smirk working its way across Randy's lips as he turned, Sam standing there with a defiant look on her face, arm in arm with Cody who was pointedly ignoring the others and just smiled at Randy softly as they locked eyes.

"There you go Ted, why don't you ask them yourself?"

"Wh..uh…" Ted faltered a little as he looked between them, not sure what to do, eyes nearly falling out of their sockets as he watched Sam lean in to kiss Cody on the lips.

Her hair fell across her cheek and she wrapped her arms around his middle to whisper, unseen behind her hair, "Take Alanna for me? Just to really confuse them…"

She took his hand and drawing him with her she walked into Randy's opening embrace, kissing him soundly before taking hold of her daughter. She kissed the top of her head and placed her in Cody's arms, one arm going back around his waist as she leant her head on his shoulder, regarding the onlookers curiously as she entwined her fingers with Randy's as they curled around her waist in turn.

"What's wrong?" she inquired innocently at their incredulous stare as they began to back away, "I thought you wanted to ask me something?"

"What the hell is wrong with you people?" Ted growled quietly, grabbing a near sobbing Beth by the arm and leading her away, looking back over his shoulder at the trio repeatedly as they all just held his gaze, before descending into fits of laughter as they finally rounded the corner.

"Oh man, that was just too funny…"

"Their faces…"

"Truly priceless…"

"So let me guess… I bet Cody and I are having an affair behind your back now Randy?"

"Oh you mean you didn't know?"

"And I wonder what else they may possibly be thinking now too?" Sam giggled, taking Alanna back and smiling widely at Cody,

"Oh you mean they didn't know Cody's Alanna's real dad?" Randy continued, he and Sam falling about in fits of laughter,

"Well, I for one don't give a fuck what they think, I'm so past caring…" Cody sighed, dropping to the grass and throwing the ball that had just landed at his feet for the rapidly approaching dog.

Sam ruffled his hair sadly, exchanging a glance with Randy, "I think I might just go see if I can get Alanna some icecream," she said, placing her back in the buggy and kissing them both, "I'll see you guys back at the room, yeah?" She smiled down at Cody, ruffling his hair again as he looked at her in confusion.

"Sure…" Randy sank down beside Cody in the grass as they watched her walk away, taking his hand briefly between his large palms as he regarded him in concern. "You okay?"

"Yeah… yeah I'm fine," Cody met his eye for a moment before feeling himself falter under the intense stare, "I guess I'm still a little, I dunno, overwhelmed…"

"It's okay, there's no rush… for anything,"

"I know… I know but… I mean, I don't think I'd mind if there was… you know?"


"Yeah. Randy your wife is amazing…"

"I know."

"I can't believe she's giving us this chance…"

"I know. It's a little uh, mind blowing…"

"But I want you to know, I'm definitely gonna take it," Cody placed his hand on Randy's thigh, squeezing just a little for emphasis before drawing away.



Blue eyes bored into each other, radiating an intensity and heat almost capable of wilting the grass beneath them, and Randy's smile illuminated his face for a moment before he turned serious once more. "But first, Codes, I want you to know…"


"Well, you're bound to meet new people… you might find someone else… and I understand…"

"Someone else?"

"Yeah… it could happen any time,"

"Randy, no, why would I want someone else?"

"Look I'm just offering you a way out, 'cos we both know this is a pretty weird situation… if it gets too, I dunno, intense… I'm just saying I don't want to hold you back from finding love, happiness… whenever you want out, you're free to go, I'll understand."

Cody nodded, his hand making its way back to Randy's thigh again, "I'm happy Randy, and I don't want anyone else… especially not now… I just don't. Why would i? I've got all I want right here. All I need."

Randy couldn't stop his face lighting up again at Cody's words, looking up at him as he stood, holding out his hand, his eyes following Sam and Alanna as they disappeared from sight at the edge of the park, "But all you need Randy, well, you don't see them often enough as it is, and I think I feel like some icecream too…"

They had a few enjoyable minutes together, talking lightly amongst themselves and forgetting about the world around them.
Cody was unable to tear his eyes off Randy, especially when he was with Alanna; seeing him so relaxed, calm and content was something rare, something he hadn't witnessed all too often until now. In fact he was sure he could count the few occasions on his hand.
The eerie state of bliss however was interrupted when Randy's phone started blaring and he quickly put Alanna into Sam's arms again before he walked outside to take the call.
Sam and Cody watched him pace on the side-walk with growing worry.
"It's probably work related... you should go out and talk to him."

Cody sighed. "Too late for that." He motioned towards Randy who was just walking back to their table. "What's the matter?"

"Change of plans..." He cast a quick look around the small café as he leaned closer. "We're having a match on Monday..."

Cody's jaw fell open. "Wh-what? Why... what?"

"And you'll win."

Sam's hand ran soothingly over his arm. "I'm sorry hun... Cody..."

He nodded, hands fidgeting. "I know that I'm supposed to intefere with your match tonight... but they didn't say anything about that in the last meeting..."

"Some last minute changes..." Randy rolled his eyes, "From what I gathered they want you to choose Ted's side... instead of mine."

Cody stared at him for a moment, struggling to process the information, "What the fuck? How... shit... oops, sorry Sam... I can't work with him... not at the moment at least... all he's done these last few weeks is make snide remarks and be a cruel pain in the... you know where!" he finished in a whisper as Alanna gazed at him solemnly throughout his sudden outburst.

Three pairs of eyes regarded each other sadly for a moment, all wondering what this new development might bring for the future of their new, but already tightly knit family.


Randy stretched his neck one last time as the stage-hand knocked on the door of his private locker-room. Sam was sitting next to Cody on the comfy couch, the flatscreen in front of them.
"Take care out there." She whispered when Randy leaned down to kiss her.

"I won't be long... you know that."

"I'll be worried anyway... you know that." She quipped back at him.

"Cody will take you to the entrance when he has to get ready..."

"I'll be waiting for you, take care."

Randy kissed her again before moving over to Cody, stroking his neck as he kissed him as well. "You make sure that she's safe."

Cody nodded, tongue darting out to run along his lips where Randy's had been, "I will."

Sam stared at him for a few seconds, as he in turn stared after Randy as he left the room, "Damn," she finally managed, shaking her head a little with a giddy chuckle, "That was… damn!"

"What?" Cody looked at her nervously, suddenly worried Randy may have miscalculated his judgement in giving such a public display of affection.

"I mean, wow, I'm kinda speechless…" Sam hurried to reassure him, putting her hand on his arm as she fully turned to face him excitedly on the couch, "I mean I knew it'd be hot, but.. just, wow!" she exclaimed again, smiling brightly and Cody blushed furiously under her wide eyed gaze.

"Uh.. I uh…" he really didn't know how to respond to an outburst like that, his own eyes widening in disbelief as he heard her continue,

"I mean I've pictured it a million times, naturally, and more," she giggled at him, "But in the flesh, wow, seriously that made me go all kinds of funny! I think I might be having some nice dreams tonight!" she elbowed him in a nudge nudge wink wink fashion and got up, pulling him from the couch, laughing even more at his incredulous expression as he stared at her like she was mad.

"I think I love you," was all he could manage as they heard Randy's music hit, and she dragged him over to the flatscreen to watch their man in action before Cody had to interfere.

Arm in arm they stood watching, Sam intriguing Cody more and more as she happily encouraged a joint perve at her husband, pointing out how good his butt looked here, and his facial expression there, the tensing of taut abdominals and steely glare, the both of them so caught up in their swooning and mutual admiration they were completely oblivious to the disbelieving stare of the blonde standing frozen outside in the corridor behind them, peering in through the crack in the door.

Cody's eyes were fixed on the screen, his arm comfortably curled around Sam's waist as he counted the minutes until he was supposed to make his grand entrance and ruin the match for Randy. It bothered him more than he had let on earlier, he was beginning to hate this story-line with each passing day; fully aware that it wasn't going to get better anytime soon as Creative would surely drag it out for all it was worth. Not to mention that'd he be spending more time with Ted and less with Randy. He was so lost in his own drifting thoughts that he didn't feel Sam tensing in his embrace, startled when she spoke up again, her voice icy and hard.

"I suggest you either come in and watch the match with us OR you could just go to the Diva's locker room... your choice, Beth."

Cody turned his head, finding his ex standing in the doorway, arms crossed in front of her chest with the scowl she had usually reserved for the times when she was pissed - most times at him.

"You've got anything to say?" she hissed,

"What could I possibly say, Beth?" Cody asked, shielding Sam with his body. "And even if I choose to say something... I don't know what makes you think that what I do now is any of your business."

The sarcastic "oh please" from her mouth was enough to make Sam's blood boil, gently pushing Cody out of her way as she closed the distance to the blonde with a few steps.
Beth was about to open her mouth, glaring down at the much smaller brunette but Sam stopped her.

"Don't you even dare to interrupt me now... who do you think you are? Spying on my husband, on Cody, on me? Disturbing Randy when he's spending time with Alanna, talking about things you have no clue about... you have absolutely no idea what is going on and it doesn't concern you..."


"Don't come with the lame excuse about Cody's well-being... he's so much better now... if you really cared at all you would've seen what you've done to him... how much you've hurt him... you have no fucking right to care!" Sam finished, slightly out of breath as Cody's hand settled on her shoulder. "What is it, hun?"

"I have to go now... I promised Randy to make sure that you stay safe." Cody linked their fingers together, kissing the back of her hand as they walked out of the locker-room, leaving Beth standing in the doorway. "Thank you."

"Always... I protect my family."

They walked to the entrance ramp in silence, Cody focusing on getting into his stage persona, grudgingly taking the steel pipe from one of the stage-hands.

"You know that I hate this." He muttered under his breath, waiting for the signal.

"I know." Sam sighed heavily. "I'll wait here for you both."

The next moment Cody ran outside.

Sam felt a presence behind her as she stood with her eyes fixed to the ring onscreen, and turning slightly she found the amused eyes regarding her from between twin curtains of dyed black hair, the thin lips twisted into a smirk as they sucked the lip ring in and out between his teeth. Sam actually felt a shudder run through her and narrowed her eyes in near revulsion as he came closer,

"I don't believe we've had the pleasure," he held out his hand, twin black crosses marked on the white tape of each wrist, she shook it reluctantly, "Phil,"

"I know, Sam,"

"I know," his smirk only grew as he chuckled to himself, "Oh yeah, I know more about you than you probably realise, Randy's got himself a right little livewire hasn't he?"

Sam felt a shiver of near on fear run down her back at the words, dripping with what he probably thought was charm but came across nothing short of smarmy arrogance. "And what exactly is that supposed to mean?" Sam scoffed in disgust as he ran a finger down the bare skin of her arm,

But Phil only laughed again, "Oh, Beth told me everything, all about your little, secret…" Sam's eyes widened momentarily but she kept her composure as she waited to see exactly what it was that Punk thought he knew, "About how Randy's not enough for you on his own…"

Sam almost snorted in surprise as she scoffed derisively at him, "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. I know all about you and Cody, Beth saw you, she told me…"

"Did she now? And what exactly did she tell you? Huh?" she lowered her voice to a throaty husk, "That I like it two at a time? That I let Randy bring his friends home to share me, to fill me up?" She moved closer, whispering the last in his ear despite every fibre of her being screaming for her to run away, but the frozen shock of blonde hair standing behind them in the corridor spurred her on,

"Oh believe me baby," Phil practically purred in response, trailing his greasy fingers through her hair as he leaned in, their bodies impossibly close together, "Those amateurs will be the last thing on your mind once you've had a taste of a real man, 'cos honey, I can promise you now that I'll be more than enough to fill you right up all by myself,"

The resounding gasp from behind them rang out around the concrete walls, and Phil stepped quickly away in time to see Beth disappear in tears round the corner, he stared after her for a moment, hardly even a second of guilt consuming him before he smirked again, turning back with a swagger ready to spout out about how that just proves his point, "See the reaction I have? When they find out I've moved on…" but the smirk was wiped from his face the instant he turned back to Sam, just in time to see her curl into Randy's embrace as he stepped back through off the ramp. The menacing eyes radiated nothing but utter disregard and the smirk left Phil's face only to re-established itself on Sam's as Randy led her away back to the locker room. The last thing Punk heard as he stared after them, was the growl in his ear just before the punch connected with the side of his face,

"You just count yourself lucky that it was me and not Randy that overheard your little performance there Phil, if I ever catch you even looking in Sam's direction ever again, you will not live to tell the tale," Cody stood over his prone body for a moment, heaving torso glistening with sweat and fury as he stepped over him, following Randy and Sam back to their room.

Sam and Randy were quietly talking to each other, voices hushed as they stood together in a close embrace; Randy's arms wrapped securely around her.
Cody felt like he was interrupting a moment that was solely between them and he considered leaving them alone and shower in the locker room with the other guys. Just as he was about to grab his bag and head out the door a small, soft hand curled around his wrist holding him back. "Stay, please."
Swallowing the lump in his throat Cody nodded slowly, setting his belongings back onto a near-by chair, accepting the hug from Sam, holding her for as long as she let him.

"Thank you." She whispered into his ear. "You'll take care of him now... promise?"
"I promise." He kissed her cheek, startled to see her eyes shine a bit brighter than usual. "I'll see you soon, right?"
"Sooner than you wish... Randy will invite you to stay with us for a few days... please say yes?"
Again Cody could only nod, feeling like a part of his heart was leaving with her. "Take care."
"You saw that I ain't afraid of no one... you should ice your hand though..."
Randy leaned over to Cody, giving his shoulder a squeeze. "I'll just walk her to the car... I'll be right back."

As soon as the door was closed Cody headed to shower, washing down quickly as his thoughts drifted back to everything that had happened this past weekend. Wrapping a fresh towel around his waist he walked back into the locker room, looking up when the door opened slowly. Part of him was afraid that Beth or Ted or even worse Phil would try to take another jab at them.
Instead he came face to face with Randy who held an ice-pack out for him. "You promised me you'd take care of her."
"And I did... but you should've seen her getting into Beth's face and-"
"Beth too?" Randy snapped, stopping mid-step. "When?"
"Before we headed out... she was watching us and Sam called her on it... and ripped her a new one."
"Good." Randy sighed, running his hand over his head. "Did you at least hit him good?"
Cody held out his hand, grinning. "Yeah... I guess that's why it hurts so much."
Randy closed the distance between them, kissing each knuckle before he put the ice-pack over his hand.

"Thankyou," he whispered, leaning down to lightly catch Cody's lips in a grateful kiss,

"She's an amazing woman," Cody's eyelashes briefly fluttered, splayed against the tanned skin as his eyes instinctively closed at the gentle touch,

"I know,"

"You're so lucky Randy…" Cody breathed, "I..."

But his words were cut off as soft lips captured his own once more, before pulling back to stare at him intently. "I know I am…" One hand curled around the familiar spot on the back of his neck as his gaze lingered on Cody's upturned face, caressing him with his eyes, getting lost in the moment as he studied the angelic features, until he realised Cody's expression had turned to one of confusion.

"What's wrong?" he asked, as Cody faltered under the intense scrutiny, one finger tentatively reaching to tilt his chin upward again,

"Nothing… just, you were looking at me kinda.. I dunno, funny…"

As Randy stared into his eyes, he hoped to convey just how lucky he really considered himself to be, "Sorry…" he murmured, "I was just thinking about… welll, you…"

"Me?" Cody's breath escaped him as again soft lips ravished his own, urgent this time, almost desperate,

"You…" the demanding lips barely left his own as the word was whispered into the air, "And how happy I am that you're here…"

Cody felt like the whole world was fading away around him, nothing else mattered except the man in front of him, whose arms around his body felt like home, whose lips against his own made him feel like life was finally returning to his carefully protected soul, his heart wrapped up in cotton wool for safe keeping and hidden from view, but now finally finding the courage to take tentative steps out into the real live world, and this was the only place he wanted to be. Forever.

As they emerged from an eternity of kisses that would never be enough, Randy reluctantly pulled back, kiss swollen lips eliciting murmurs of discontent and pulling into an instant pout of unfulfilled requirements. "You make it very hard for me to stop doing that, now that I've had a taste…"


Randy couldn't help but chuckle, caressing the prominent cheekbone under his thumb as a blush crept up the perfectly tan skin, "Don't be," he smiled, "I'm not." He cast his eyes towards the shower room wistfully as he picked up his towel, "We'll just have to remember where we left off…"

Cody's eyes had followed his gaze, and as he turned back he couldn't stop the sparkle from reaching them, "Or we can always start all over again…"

The smirk that lit up Randy's face was unrivalled as looked back at Cody in surprise, an eyebrow raised in question as to whether or not he heard right,

"Well…" Cody shrugged moving closer, eyes downcast bashfully, "That seems to be where we've had most of our important…" he looked up, stopping just before their chests brushed together and bit his bottom lip between his teeth,

"Conversations?" Randy breathed, voice hitching in his throat as Cody nodded slowly, Sam's words from earlier flashing through his mind,

"Let him love you tonight."

He knew that he already did, and a blush instantly rose up his neck as he stared after the already retreating figure pulling him into the back, and he couldn't help but think that actually, he was the lucky one in this, and he wouldn't change it for the world.