Because all relationships go through stages, and although the stages vary, their relationship is no different. a running ficlet of sorts.

Stage 1: Rapport

Isabella could still remember her first day of Kindergarten, that day she met her two best friends. One would later become like her brother, and the other one? Well....

Isabella stood in front of the class with the teacher; she felt nervous and was fidgeting. The teacher, a kindly old lady, noticed this and said, "Don't worry, they won't bite. Except Buford, always stay at least an arm's length away from him,"

Isabella smiled thinking the teacher was attempting a joke.

The teacher looked down at Isabella and said, "That wasn't a joke," Isabella's smiled faded.

Just then, two blurs ran by Isabella and the teacher and busted outside. The teacher shouted after them, "Phineas, Ferb, wait! I haven't dismissed you for recess yet!"

Tow heads poked their through the doorway and stared at the teacher, "Well, we can go, right? Mrs. Craig?" Asked a red-headed boy, Phineas was his name.

Mrs. Craig nodded and said, "Yes, but take Isabella with you, she's new and-" unfortunately, Mrs. Craig did not finish her sentence because Phineas grabbed Isabella's wrist and ran out the door.

Outside, the playground was littered with kids screaming with joy, the sun was shining brightly, and the ground? Well...

"Why is there a huge, gaping hole in the playground?" Isabella asked, because, indeed, there was a huge, gaping hole on the ground.

Phineas answered with glee, "We're digging to China! We started this morning" and with that he went into the hole.

Ferb sighed, "I haven't the heart to tell him we'll hit magma first." Both Ferb and Isabella followed Phineas into wha would be a portal to China or, as Ferb said, to blazing hot magma.

After thirty seconds of digging with shovels, Phineas exclaimed, " We're not getting anywhere with shovels! Ferb, do we have a way to make these shovels more efficient?"

Ferb thought for a second, snapped his fingers and climbed out of the hole.

Phineas stared after Ferb and said, "I guess we do," He turned around and asked Isabella,

"You don't talk much, do you?"

Isabella looked down at the ground and stuttered, "I…Uh...well,"

Phineas chuckled," There's no need to be shy. Can I tell you something? I think you, me and Ferb are going to be great friends,"

Isabella smiled and asked," How do you know that? We haven't even known each other for five minutes,"

Phineas shrugged. At that moment Ferb returned with a brown backpack, "I have what we need,"

Ten minutes later

Phineas, Ferb and Isabella were in the principal's office, the trio was covered in mud and dripping water. The principal stared at them. They stared back.

Finally, the million dollar question was asked, "How did you three manage to break the main water pipe?"

A/N: I apologize if this seems a little dry. I have in my mind four different stories (all for Phineas and Ferb), and I wanted to get something up before I attempted to write those. Expect more in one to two weeks. I also apologize for not giving Isabella more speaking line, but hey, whatever.