Okay, guys, this is just a random idea I got while washing the dishes. (Hey! I help on house-hold chores, you know.) It just popped inside of my mind while I was thinking about another story I'd like to write.

I was first inspired by I-Love-Vampire (she's a creative one) in her story Different beginning to Vampire Academy DPOV. So, without her, I think this wouldn't have been written.

Love lots and enjoy.


Rose Hathaway is not dhampir, Moroi, Strigoi, or human. She is something other. Rose wields all elements a Moroi has and possesses strength, intelligence and powers no other person has. She is also known in the Moroi world as the Slayer who has been delved for the last six years by the Moroi Royal Court.

Strigoi fear Rose Hathaway. And Rose Hathaway doesn't fear on anything…except her her adamant and wise mentor, Sensei Ying. Sensei Ying has raised Rose up since her mother died. He trained Rose until she was competent enough to take care of herself.

Her eighteenth birthday is coming up and Sensei Ying will be releasing her from his supervision and Rose wants to have fun. She enrolls to a secluded school in the mountains and finds what she'll value the most.

Or so she thinks.

So…should I proceed?

Tell me what you think.