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I have no idea why no one else has written anything this; ever since I found Supernatural crossovers this is the mix seemed the most natural.

This going to start very Supernatural heavy. Just a warning. I hope you enjoy it.

Sam was sitting at the small table inside the motel room. His fingers moved lazily across his laptops keyboard as he searched the internet for odd news reports or omens.

Dean sat on his bed, leaning back against the head board. He was picking idly at a bag of fries spread out on the bedside table, and watching an old horror movie.

Sam's cell phone rang. Dean heard his brother say "Hampton Bay Inn, New Hampshire, room….215." He hung up. Seconds later they heard the flap of wings and Castiel appeared in the middle of the room.

"Hello Sam. Hello Dean."

Dean beckoned, and Castiel joined him on the bed, curling around his body like a large cat. Dean kissed Cas deeply, "Missed you."

The angel smiled and kissed the hunter lightly before tucking his head under Dean's chin. Dean's hand found its way to the back of Castiel's neck, and his thumb moved gently through the short hairs there. He heard the angel sigh in contentment and nuzzle closer.

Across the room Sam made gagging noises, and then dissolved into a fit of giggles. Dean threw a fry at him. Sam deftly caught it and began to chew loudly. Dean rolled his eyes, he felt Castiel smile against his neck.

With his brother close by, old classics on the tube, his angel in his arms, Dean felt more content than he had been in years. Everything was perfect.

Sam's cell rang shrilly. He picked it up on the second ring. "Hey Bobby." A short conversation later he stood up and said "Hey, we've got a job."

Dean grunted, "Where?"

"New York city. It sounds like a straight salt and burn."

Sam grabbed his bag and began stuffing his belongings into it.

"Sammy, what's the rush? Lets sleep here tonight and head out in the morning. The ghost will still be there tomorrow."

"Trust me Dean, you'll want to leave now. Besides, you can sleep in the car; I'll drive."

Dean, confused by his brothers rush, untangled himself from his angel and stood in front of Sam, blocking his movement.

"Where exactly is this haunting?"

Sam sighed and ducked his head, "An orphanage."

Ten minutes later they were leaving. Sam and Castiel carried the last two bags heavy bags filled with guns and ammo out to the Impala, depositing them in the trunk as Dean checked out.

They hit the road and were gone.

The orphanage was near Central Park, and was surrounded by apartment buildings that had bars on every window. The building was old and made of brick, the windows were dark and dirty, and the heavy wooden entrance was riddled with bullet holes.

Dean heard a rustling and saw a rat rooting through the trash cans in an alley between two buildings. "Wow, this place looks cheerful." Sam nodded and turned to Castiel, "Wait here, kay?" Castiel tilted his head in confusion. Sam grabbed his shoulder and smiled reassuringly, "We're going to be flashing fake ID's to get in, and we haven't made any for you yet." Understanding flooded Cas's eyes, he nodded.

Dean kissed Castiel quickly, "We'll make you some as soon as we're done here alright?" He squeezed the angels shoulder, and then he and Sam made their way up the cement steps. Sam knocked on the large door.


He knocked again.

Silence. After a moment they heard something…it sounded like…crying? They tried to open the door. Locked.


"I know Sammy."

They hurried back to the car.

Dean grabbed his gun, cocked it and tucked it in the back of his pants, pulling his jacket down to hide it. Sam grabbed a shot gun and handed another to Dean. They grabbed three bags of salt and stuffed them into a small backpack which Sam then affixed to his person.

A muffled scream filled the air.

The three men ran back up to the door.

Dean looked at Cas, "Babe, can you get the door?"

Cas reached out and laid a hand on it, and a second later they heard the lock slide back. The door swung open soundlessly.

Guns raised the brothers entered, and quickly fanned out, checking the first floor. Empty. Sharing confused looks, Sam and Dean returned to the front door.

Cas was standing just inside the entrance way, gazing knowingly around him. The way his eyes jumped around, it was as though he could see through the walls, hell, for all they knew he could. Cas seemed to zero in on a part of the ceiling. "There."

He strode purposefully for a stair case that was almost hidden in the next room.

Caught off guard, for a moment the brothers just watched him go. Then Dean caught Sam's eye, shrugged, and quickly moved to catch up. At the top of the stairs Cas paused before moving to a random door halfway down the hallway. He reached for the door knob, but Dean moved up behind him and placed a hand on his arm. Cas looked curiously at him, and Dean gently gestured with his head. The message was clear, get behind me. Dean knew the angel healed fast, but he hated letting anything happen to the other man; Cas stepped back.

Sam took hold of the door knob, and then he and Dean burst into the room, guns raised.

They were greeted with screams.

There were fourteen small children in the room; they were all cowering against the far wall.

"Oh…uh…" Dean looked at Sam, neither knew what to do.

Castiel moved forward and crouched near the children. Instantly the crying stopped. A little girl ran forward and buried herself in his trench coat, the other children gathered around him, and they all reached for something to hold on to.

"Uh, Sammy," Dean started, "What is going on?"

"…I have no idea."

Cas turned his head to look at the brothers, "Children's souls are pure. They can sense what I am."

"Oh…" Sam looked at Dean and shrugged, "Makes sense."

Suddenly the children were screaming again, a pale figure covered in blood with torn clothing and a wicked smile had appeared in the middle of the room. It lunged for Cas. Dean shot it, and it vanished in a wisp of smoke.

"Lets get this room secure," Sam said, dropping his bag and tossed a bag of salt to his brother. Together they put lines of salt under every window, and across the door. Satisfied they approached Cas and the children.

Dean smiled as reassuringly as he could, "Hey kids, I'm Dean and this is my brother Sam," he indicated to the angel, "You've already met our pal Cas. We're here to protect you all, alright?"

The children still had tears standing in their eyes, but they all nodded. A few shifted closer to Castiel.

Sam took a knee and softly asked, "Where are the adults?"

A little boy sniffed and said, "The ghost person locked them in the basement. H-he said he wanted to play with us and that they'd get in the way."

Dean moved over to the window, and froze, "Sam! Come here!"

Sam joined his brother. "What?"

"Look." He pointed. Sam followed the finger, and froze. Behind the building there were twisted trees and large bushes, but from where they stood it almost looked like there was a small cemetery back there.

Sam grinned, "What do you wanna bet our friend is buried back there?"

Dean nodded, "That's what I was thinkin'." He turned to the kids, "You said the ghost wanted to play, has he played with any of you?"

Shyly two girls raised there hands.

"Did the ghost tell you his name?"

"H-he said his name was Jerry."

"Okay kids, my brother and I are going to go get rid of this ghost. Stay here with Cas alright? You'll be safe, just don't break any of the lines of salt. Lets go Sam."

Carefully stepping over the salt line, they made there way downstairs. At the base the ghost appeared again, Sam shot it immediately.

They heard a loud banging, coming from the kitchen. Entering, Dean noticed a door in the back. Someone was banging loudly, and shouting "Help! Please, help us!"

Sam ran over to the door and tried to open it. Locked. Dean moved to pick it, "Go find the grave!" Sam nodded and found a door leading out back.

Outside Sam noticed a garden. Lying on the ground near a fresh hole was a shovel. Grabbing it he ran towards where they'd seen the cemetery.

It was further than he had expected, and was surrounded by a high fence. He climbed it easily, and quickly began reading every headstone. Luckily this cemetery was private, and rather small. Sam quickly found a grave marked "Jeremy 'Jerry' Harper, Beloved by All."

As he started to dig he was suddenly flung back. A shot rang out, and Dean was in front of him, offering him a hand up. Sam panted, "Thanks." He picked up the shovel and began digging again. As Sam began to tire, and Dean took over. Climbing out of the hole, Sam looked around. There was no one around. He looked down at Dean. "Did you get that door open?"

"No, I think the ghost wants it closed, so it's staying closed."

Soon he hit wood. They uncovered the body, covered it in salt and lighter fluid, and set it ablaze. Once the body was reduced to ash, they returned inside.

Dean went to the door leading to the basement. It opened easily. Four adults were down there, two men and two women. They exited fearfully. One women grabbed Dean's arm, "Is it gone?"

He nodded, "Yes."

"Where are the children?"

Dean gently escorted her to the stairs, the others following, "They're in a room up here. A friend of ours is watching them."

One of the men asked quietly, "How did you find us?"

Sam smiled kindly, "We heard about your ghost"

The man's eyebrows shot up, "And you believed us?"

Dean laughed, "Hunting things, it's what we do."

Sam nodded.

When they entered the room, the children imminently ran for the adults, some crying in relief.

Cas rejoined the brothers. Dean wrapped an arm around the angels shoulders, "Well that was fun, lets get out of here."

As they headed for the door, the room was suddenly filled with six people with large guns, all dressed in black heavy padding and helmets marked with large yellow symbols identifying them as the police. They were all shouting "FREEZE FREEZE FREEZE"

Sam looked horrified. "Oh… fuck."

Dean looked seriously at Castiel. He knew from experience that the angel wouldn't lie. Cas would tell these officers about ghosts, about demons, and hell, about ANGELS. Breaking out of jail they could do, but Dean would be more confident if they were all in the same place. If Cas ended up in a psychiatric ward it would just complicate everything needlessly. With this in mind he shook the angel, "Cas, don't say anything." Cas looked at him with wide eyes full of confusion, but he nodded.

Three more officers entered the room. They wore Kevlar, but not the rest of the black suit, and they had smaller weapons. One was a woman with short hair, the other two were men; one who looked very intense and one who was older and seemed to be wearing shades. They forced the men to the ground, clicking handcuffs firmly into place, then dragged them back to their feet and pushed them out of the room. The intense man had Dean, the woman took Sam, and the guy with shades had Cas. As they exited the building they heard, "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can, and will be used against you in a court of law…."