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Memorial Day, Washington DC

The blue Chrysler swung wildly as it hurtled around a corner and down an alleyway. The car pulled up suddenly. The doors opened and Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Stan Burley climbed out of the car, the former from the driver's side door, the latter from the passenger's side. Both men pulled the flak jackets over their heads, fastening the Velcro quickly. Gibbs reached into the backseat and pulled two baggy shirts out of the car.

"Stan." He threw one to Stan, then slid the other on and buttoned up the front before pulling his jacket back on. "Everybody in position?" he asked into a cuff microphone.

"Ziva and I are moving into position, boss," McGee replied into his earwig.

Several FBI agents also quickly replied that they were in position. Now Gibbs needed confirmation.

"You're positive that both of them are on the roof?" Gibbs asked McGee through his microphone.

There was a pause on the other end as McGee double-checked the GPS fix. "Yeah. The chip in Tony's arm has them on top of the building, boss."

"McGee," Gibbs said, anxiousness transforming into impatience and anger. "Tony could be the only one up there and he could be dead. So you will call the Director and have her double check with satellite confirmation via MTAC."

"On it, boss," McGee affirmed quietly.

Stan walked around to Gibbs. "You okay, boss?"

Gibbs shook his head. "No, Stan, does it look like I'm okay?" he snapped irritably. "DiNozzo..."

"He'll be fine, boss," Stan cut in firmly, placing a hand on Gibbs' shoulder before walking around to the trunk of the car. He pulled out a MAC 870 shotgun and loaded it.

Gibbs nodded. He hoped to God that Tony was going to be all right. He was a damn fine agent and it would be such a waste if he did something stupid that got himself killed. Gibbs hated to admit it but Tony was the closest thing he had to a son.

"Jethro," Jenny Shepard spoke over the earwig, "we have confirmation of both targets. They're on the roof. We have five minutes before the parade begins, authorisation has been granted."

Gibbs lifted the microphone to his mouth. "Understood, Director." He paused for a moment. "All teams, this is Gibbs. Authorisation has been granted to move in. We want both targets. Avoid shooting where possible, but take the shot if need be. Remember one of them is ours."

"Boss," McGee said calmly, "we'll be careful. I'll be watching out for her, I promise"

"You do that, McGee. Just remember we want both of them. They know the location of the rest of the terrorist cell." Gibbs calmly pulled his SIG from its holster. He and Burley moved for the door close by. "Right, let's go, Stan."


"Alex," a voice whispered into Tony's external earwig. "We got movement outside the building. Federal Agents!"

"I got it, Khaled," Tony whispered back, gripping his Glock 17. Tony peered around the corner of the stairwell and exited onto the roof. He crossed the roof, smiling to himself. Soon he'd get revenge on Special Agent Gibbs and all the other NCIS agents that had put him away in jail. He neared the area of the building that Strahan had picked for his sniping position.

He bent down next to Strahan. "You heard Khaled, Sarge?"

"I did, Corporal," Strahan said, looking away from the sniper rifle and looking up at him for a moment. "So get back to cover and watch my ass!"

"Sure, Gunny," Tony replied, smiling an almost manic smile as he rose and walked calmly back to the stairwell exit. He pulled back the slide on the Glock and waited.

Khaled shouted into the external earwig. "They're on the way up. Seems you two are the targets."

"Got it," Tony said as he watched the door. He heard muffled footsteps getting closer. "I'll see you at the warehouse!"

"If it is Allah's will," Khaled replied quickly, "I will see you soon."

The door swung open and two Federal Agents moved onto the roof in crouching positions. Tony moved fluidly as he holstered his weapon and brought his hand down on the man's wrist, knocking the gun the man carried five feet away on the roof. Then Tony twisted the man's wrist in one motion and smacked his head against the wall, making him go limp as he plunged into the cold of unconsciousness.

His partner swung around, levelling his gun at Tony. "Freeze, Reed, or I'll shoot!"

"Go ahead and try it." Tony threw the unconscious agent at the man. The dead weight of his partner hit him squarely in the chest, knocking the agent over. Tony leapt onto the agent, who was still struggling to get his unconscious partner off himself. Tony grabbed the agent's gun and swung it hard down on the man's skull. The struggling agent went limp and lifeless like the first agent and Tony climbed off both of them.

He turned to look down the stairwell. "Agents checked and accounted for, Gunny!"

"Forget it, Alex. The targets have not appeared. It is five minutes since they were scheduled to pass by. It would appear that our Feds have warned them."

Tony moved towards the fire escape. He listened to Strahan's voice as he spoke on another channel. "Khaled, targets are a no show. Advise that we split up and make our way separately to location golf eight bravo twelve!"

Strahan's voice replied into his earwig, "We missed them. They bugged out of their official duties thanks to the Feds!" Strahan rose from his position and shouted, "Time to go, Corporal."

"I'll cover you," Tony said, moving backwards to the fire escape. "Get going, Sarge."

Strahan nodded and began to climb down. His eyes were level with the lip of the roof as Ziva and McGee burst onto the roof, weapons at the ready.

"I'll see you there real soon. Now get going, boss," Tony shouted in earnest before the weapon appeared once again in his hand.

"Alex Reed, freeze! NCIS," McGee shouted, pointing his SIG at Tony. It was shaking in his hand. He didn't want to shoot him, but he would if he had no other choice.

"Forget it, Fed," Tony snarled and replied by firing the Glock. McGee dove behind some crates that were close by. Ziva fired a wildly aimed shot that nicked Tony's lower thigh, causing an inch deep gash.

"You stupid bitch!" Tony shouted, the pain clearly audible in his voice. His reply from his own gun came seconds later, the bullets hammering the wall where she had been standing only seconds ago. He turned and awkwardly leapt for the opposite building. He hit the edge of the opposite roof hard and something snapped. He felt pain stab through his chest as he struggled to pull himself up onto the roof. He limped as quickly as he could with his injuries.

McGee poked his head up and turned to Ziva. "Hit anything?"

"No, he couldn't shoot before and he can't shoot now," she muttered darkly as she shook her head.

McGee rose. "I meant did you hit anything?"

"Yes. His left leg…upper thigh, I think," she whispered bitterly. "I am a bitch, yes?"

"No…no, I don't think so," McGee said reassuringly, his hand gripping her shoulder softly.


Tony moved slowly across the roof, limping and trying to ease the pain in his right leg. The Glock was dangling uselessly in his right hand. His left hand was wrapped around his chest. The pain was unbearable and he was finding it harder to breathe. His left thigh wasn't any better. The bullet had cut across his thigh, leaving an inch deep wound that was bleeding profusely. It was causing him no end of pain.

Something in his heart was telling him that he was fighting the wrong people, that he had been trained to fight the terrorists. He shrugged the suggestion off. They hadn't thrown him into Leavenworth or told him lies. His brain told him that the man and woman he'd seen on the roof were the real enemy. Somehow he knew them from somewhere, but…

'They had arrested me on the base at Quantico.' This thought ran through his head. He could feel that he knew the woman agent well, but his mind refused to help him out. Tony angrily shook his head as if to clear it for some reason or another. He had to keep going. He was a marine.

"Where are you, Corporal?" Strahan's voice asked in the external earwig he wore. The voice sounded worried.

"Top floor of the opposite building, Gunny." He tried to conceal the pain and his harsh breathing.

"Are you wounded, Alex?" Strahan asked. Concern filled his voice, but not out of pity. The real pity was that they would have a lame duck and it might be better to put him out his misery. There could be no weak links to their cell. "Stay put and we'll get you."

"Can't," Tony said, his feet moving one step at a time. "They're not far behind!"

"All right, you keep going and contact me when you're safe." Strahan's voice sounded reassuring.

Tony limped across the roof, the pain drowning out all his other senses. He stopped for a moment and listened; he could hear footsteps behind him. With much difficulty, he reloaded the Glock as shock and sweat broke out on his forehead. It trickled down his brows and into his eyes.

He shook his head as much to be rid of the sweat as he did to shake away the pain. He pulled back the slide on the weapon, shifted it to his right hand and held it as steady as he could. He held it at the ready, waiting for the person to appear. Tony could feel the pulsing of the blood from his leg wound.

It was his turn to give them some pain, he thought.


Ziva spoke into her radio microphone. McGee looked up as she spoke. "Gibbs, Tony leapt to the opposite roof. We nicked his leg and he's dripping blood!"

"What? I told you I didn't want you shooting him. You got that, David? McGee, you two have to chase him down," Gibbs barked into their earwigs. "Stan and I will chase down Strahan."

"You got it, boss," McGee said, answering before Ziva could speak. "We'll let you know how our progress is going."

"Right," Gibbs replied. "Remember, he's one of us even if he doesn't know it. Don't shoot unless you have too."

"Got it, boss," McGee said again. Ziva glared at him, but McGee ignored it and muttered, "Come on."

They rushed quickly over to the edge of the roof. McGee looked down and whistled. As he looked down, Ziva took a dozen paces backwards and then ran at the ledge for a running jump. McGee looked up as she vaulted both roofs, landing hard on the other building.

She stood up stiffly and looked up at him. "What are you waiting for? Come on, McGee. Jump!"

McGee shook his head. "I'd never make it," McGee said quickly, knowing his limitations. He began moving towards the fire escape. "You chase him down and I'll be right behind you."

Without another word, Ziva turned and glanced down at the blood trail and then sprinted around the corner. Chunks of debris flew up as bullets ploughed into the roof around her. She dropped into cover. Ziva swung the gun around and had a glimpse Tony half leaning, half limping towards the other end of the warehouse. Her gun pointed at his back and her finger began to squeeze the trigger, but something inside her slowed her resolve.

"Tony, throw the gun away and turn around," she said slowly.

"I think you've got the wrong person, lady." Tony turned around, but the Glock never left his hand. "I will tell you one thing. I'm not going back to Leavenworth." He looked straight into her deep brown eyes from a distance.

"Tony, it's me," she tried, hoping that the man in front of her would remember who she was and consequently who he was.

"Again, you have the wrong man, lady," Tony snarled. "Though..." He cocked his head to the side. "...I may not know who this "Tony" is, but I remember you." Recollection rushed across his face. "You're one of the NCIS Agents who sent me to Leavenworth. I promised you that I'd kill you for it."

"Please put the gun down," Ziva said quietly. What happened to the man she loved?

"Sorry, sweetheart,." Tony's voice was cynical. His hand squeezed the trigger tightly. "Not gonna happen!"

Tony finger squeezed the trigger and the rounds exploded out of the Glock and slammed into her chest, tearing through the black windbreaker and shirt she wore.

It was an automatic reaction, one reaction that had been drummed into her psyche by Mossad. The reflex to fire already came as she fell backwards on the roof. Ziva's SIG fired one bullet that tore through Tony's right temple. Pain exploded, the bullet slid across his temple. Tony's hand clutched at the wound as blood poured from the deep gash and pooled through his fingers. Tony swayed for a few seconds, trying to regain his balance.


The name bounced around in his head as something on the wrong side of his memory tried to jolt itself back into his mind. He hesitated for a moment to look back at the body of the woman. Still swaying crazily, he stumbled to the ledge of the building. The sound of hammering footsteps behind him made him turn around and he caught sight of a man he thought he recognised. He grasped the rails of the ladder and began to descend

McGee cradled Ziva in his arms. He glanced at the bullet holed, shredded shirt she wore. He looked up to see Tony disappear over the edge, half his face covered with blood.

"Tony!" he shouted angrily at Tony's disappearing figure. He looked down at Ziva as she opened her eyes and smiled up at him. "Stay with me, Ziva."

"Nice to know you care, McGee," Ziva said through clenched teeth. Pain burst and ripped through her chest as her nervous system transmitted the signal to her brain. Ziva grimaced from the pain.

"That bastard! He shot me!"

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