Felicity quickly slipped on a pair of Ben's old breeches, relishing the feel of the soft cotton and the scent of him on the cloth.

Today was a gorgeous day, and Felicity had all intentions of riding Penny.

She started humming as she ran down the stairs, then whistling as she got outside.

Penny was already in the corral, saddled and brushed.

Felicity bounced past the stable hands, giving them a cheerfukl hello.

When she came closer, Felicity could see Ben leaning up against the rectangular paddock, talking to Marcus.

"Good morning" she said as she opened the gate.

"Good morning" they both replied, then turned back to their business.

Felicity climbed up on Penny's back, so happy that she could almost fly.

Then, she realized something was wrong.

Penny was acting strangely, cantering oddly.

Then, she was flying through the air, barely getting out a small yell before she hit the fence of the corrall.

She registered a sharp pain in her head, then everything was black.

Ben was leaning against the fencepost, talking about a new mare they had just gotten in.

Then, the peace was shattered by a scream from behind him.

Ben quickly turned around, just in time to see Felicity hit the Fence and crumple to the ground.

"Felcity!" he yelled, unlatching the gate.

The horse continued running around the corral, bucking and kicking.

Ben finally reached Felicity, turning her over as gently as possible.

"Lissie, can you hear me?"

Her face was deathly pale, contrasting with the dirt on her cheek and the gash on her head.

Ben quickly put his hand over the wound in an effort to staunch the bleeding.

"Marcus, quickly get the house physician" he said to the slave that was watching on helplessly.

"Hold on Lissie" Ben whispered.

The physician was there in an instant, quickly bringing out the sewing kit.

"We must stitch up the wound" Was all the physician said as he threaded a needle with strong thread.

Ben nodded and held Felicity's head in his hands, ignoring the crimson liquid staining his hands.

It was all over in a second.

The physician tied off the knot, then dabbed some medicine on the stitches.

Then, he was gone.

Ben gathered Felicity back into his arms and ran up to the house.

Mrs. Merriman was waiting for him.

"The doctor fixed her up, she needs rest" Ben said, bringing her into the house.

A few days later, Felicity was let out of the house, the gash on her head healing well.

She came slowly up to the corral, watching Ben train a mare.

When he finished, ben came to talk to her.

"Good day Miss Felicity" he said.

"How are you feeling?"

Felicity pu a hand up to shield her eyes.

"Fine, thanks to you"

Ben smiled and hung his jakcet on the fence.

"I have another fine mare here today, if you would like to look at her"

Felicity nodded.

The two went on to another corral, in it was a beautiful black mare.

"Isn't she pretty, Lissie?"

Ben unlatched the corral, then noticed Felicity hanging back.


Felicity's face was white, and she was shaking visibly.

"I-I can't Ben, I just can't"

Ben held out his arms to her.

"Lissie, it's alright! Mary won't hurt you"

Felicity backed away more.

"I can't"

Then, she was gone, leaving a very confused Ben in her wake.

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