Chapter One: Yeloh Meets Yugi

Yeloh has blond hair, big blue eyes, was athletic, and thin. She didn't wear a school uniform, but instead wore a white coat thing over a black shirt type thing with black pants like Kaiba, and wore a leather bondage collar like Yugi, and leather wrist bands. She had a golden Millennium Sword and a golden Professional Duel Disk.

A mean teacher called Yeloh to the front of the class to introduce herself.

"My full name is Yeloh Kiiroi Serenity Duelist Joy Katt Kaiba, but you can just call me Yeloh! I'm a transfer from Hogwarts, a secret school in Wales (its a town in England), but they kicked me out because I had too many magical powers and they said my Millennium Sword was cheating. I own a company bigger than KaibaCorp and Industrial Illusions, but I work at KaibaCorp when I'm not running YellowCorp. " said Yeloh in a melodic voice.

After clapping in awe at her excellent articulation techniques, everyone watched her in fascination and care, all the men and even some women developed a crush for her just by looking at her!

Yeloh sat in a chair located around all of Yugi's friends.

Yugi was crying, but in a manly way, so it was still cool, but also in a sentimental way, so it was still sad.

"What's wrong?" said Yeloh questioningly.

"Tea broke up with me for no reason." said Yugi explainingly.

"Aw, that's so sad." said Yeloh, observing Yugi's sadness and feeling sympathy for him. "I can be your girlfriend!"

"SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME!" said Yugi declaring how great the situation is and kissing Yeloh.

Duke Devlin, my least favorite character, came up to Yeloh.

"Would you, like, be my girlfriend?" said Duke asking her out.

"No." said Yeloh, swinging her sword at him. It didn't kill him, it just destroyed him a little.

Then it was time to do a test. Yeloh had a 4.0 average, and was super-smart.

She crouched in her chair, ate loads of candy, and developed bags under her eyes just like other smart people do.

But then the mean teacher said. "SIT NORMAL!" said the teacher, shoutingly.

"No." said Yeloh defiantly, then getting up and slicing her teacher with the sword. It didn't kill her, it might of sent her to the Shadow Realm as the harmless edge of the sword cut into her.

The class cheered and threw a party.

But then the blue men with the party van with invisible guns came in and started shooting like crazy.

"I'm frightened!" said Yugi, frightened.

"It's OK, I know all forms of Ancient Egyptian Martial Arts." said Yeloh, beating up all of the bad guys with her super powers and Ancient Egyptian Martial Arts.

"I'm so happy I think we should have a whole bunch of people battle you, Yeloh!" said Kaiba proposingly.

"Sure!" said Yeloh agreeingly.

"ATTENTION DUELISTS! My hair is telling me the first opponent, Joey!" said Kemo, announcingly.