Chapter Eight: Yeloh Meets Yami Yugi

It was... ... ... ... … Yami Yugi!

He was wearing tight leather pants, that hugged his man-thingie and his awesome ass.

"Boyfriend!" said Yeloh, addressing her boyfriend.

"Girlfriend!" said Yami Yugi, addressing her girlfriend.

"Can we have sex now?" said Yeloh, wanting to have sex.

"First I have to get my own body." said Yami Yugi. Yami Yugi gave her his Slipher the Executive God Card.

"I have all four god cards!" said Yeloh. "I summon Slipher, Obilesk, Ra, and Yellow Magician God, the highest of them all, to kill me so Yami Yugi can have a body!"

The four gods became real, and made an ancient Egyptian temple rise from the recently made Japanese stadium.

Yeloh died painlessly, in a really cool, but solemn way.

Everyone cried, even the sluts in Hell, but especially Yami Yugi.

However with his tears, mixed with the Millennium Puzzle mixed with Millennium Sword, it brought Yeloh back to life, and gave Yami Yugi a new body, as Yuri Annu got a new body too.

Everybody was happy. Duke, Kaiba, and Joey all sexed next to Bakura, Pegasus, and Marik who were all sexing, while Yuri and Yami Yugi sexed like they used to do when they were friends in the Ancient Egyptian days as Yuri was a sister of Kisara as Yeloh and Yugi sexed.

And then..........they started frenching passively, as he put his thingie into her you-know-what.

"That sex was great, and the dueling was fun." they both said simultaneously at the same time.

Yeloh and Yugi got married and Yuri and Yami got married. And it all ended happily ever after. The moral of the story is that friendship is a powerful bond that lasts a lifetime, and violence is never the answer.