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He slammed his fist on the on the dark oak table. The sound echoed throughout the room. Frustrated. You could call him that but really, deep on the inside he was upset, hurt, in pain, angry, mad, in a haste to hurt - hurt someone, the person that made him feel this way. But he couldn't. She was already taken from him.

It was a corrupted type of pain. His one-sided love – hate relationship.

He wanted to hurt her. Possibly even kill her. But he knew he wouldn't dare. Not even if she was in front of him. He would bow down to her and do whatever she pleased. She was his light. In a small word but big meaning, she was his goddess, his warmth, his love, his.

He only wanted to hurt her for leaving him but he wanted to hurt himself for letting her go – for letting her die.

He wanted her back. He wanted his light, his goddess, his warmth, his love, his Hermione, back.

Enough! He told himself.

As the new Dark Lord he had to get control. Use his power to achieve what he wanted.

He had to think this all out clearly. He didn't want any mistakes to occur. He wanted it to flow perfectly this time – nothing was to go wrong. He needs to get back to her. The easiest and quickest solution would to find a potion since spell casting (and formulating a new spell altogether) would be take too much time. Runes could only be drawn by a professional; Dark Lord or not, they would have to travel from Romania as runes are used a lot to keep the dragons in control.

Then, he thought of his sixth year, his last year at Hogwarts. Romilda Vane's love potion was very powerful. He pondered over if she was any good at others. Well, as the new potion's mistress at Hogwarts she better be.

He only knew she worked as the Hogwart's potion's mistress because Draco Malfoy's son complained about her teaching over the winter break. He wasn't heartless nor was he Lord Voldemort; he talked to his followers and their families. The Malfoys were quite close to him and Draco tried to save her life and his mother's and almost lost his life trying to go back in and save her. This is why Draco was in his good graces.

Anyway, Draco's son, Scorpius, complained to his father and the Dark Lord about Professor Vane and even asked if he could fire her. He didn't think his father would actually propose to the Board of Governors that Professor Vane should be fired.

He lightly glided into the next room opening the dark oak doors with a loud bang. He walked to the back of the room and to the head of the table and passed the people in dark cloaks at the table. He sat at the head, his power seething. The others backed off lightly as they felt his power radiate off of him, and tried to look as if it was nothing.

He growled. "Malfoy," he snapped. "Get me Vane. Romilda Vane."

"The Potion Mistress at Hogwarts, my Lord?" he asked with a bowed head; his fine, white-blond hair falling over his forehead.

He smirked. "Yes, the very one. Bring her to the potions lab in the dudgeons," he said. "Go."

During his school years at Hogwarts he used to think that Snape used the dudgeons as his classroom to scare his students, while that maybe, potions reacted differently with or without lighting.

The Dark Lord followed after him leaving a quiet group of followers in his wake.

He walked in the burgundy, gold, and black hallways down to his rooms in thought.

She haunted his dreams, never leaving him alone. Haunted him for eight years. She was always there. Or something that reminds him of her is there. He could not take it any longer. He needed her. He needed her soft skin. The smell of dust of old books, the natural smell of her and…a smell only a person close to her can smell, a vanilla of types. But over all she smelled a beautiful enticing scent that enraptures him.

She was always there for him, for Harry. She never left him.

She only left when he made her in first year when he went to Querill. She never intentionally left him when she got petrified. In third year, he took her to go back in time, she stayed with him through it all, and she saved his life from Remus Lupin in werewolf form. In fourth year, she stayed by his side when others, like Ron, didn't. She gave him the information for finishing the task.

Harry should have known there that Ron was no good but he went back to being friends with him. He was foolish for that and letting Hermione go to the Yule Ball with Krum. In fifth year, Hermione fought alongside of him for the most part in the Department of Mysteries and still stayed be him in the sixth year, though let go somewhat because of the Half-Blood Prince, but she was still there. She was with him throughout the Horcrux mission, even when Ron gave her the option of coming with him. She still stayed with Harry. He was still blind.

He went to his room and sat on his bed. It was larger than a kind size bed (magic!) with burgundy and black blankets and pillows. Thinking about how he could have been so blind to her. He wished he could go back and fix it all. Stop Voldemort, tell Hermione how he feels, get rid of Ron and his-god-awful sister, lose Dumbledore, and gain his true inheritance.

Well that's the plan actually. Get the girl and get rid of the bad guys; the overall hero/good guy story – if he was the good guy.

But that's why he needed Vane. She will be making his new future…well, technically it really was only a potion but this potion allowed him to go back to the past and let him live it and change it.

There was a dull pop.

"Master Lord Harry Potter, sir, mister Mallyfoy bought missey Vane."

"Okay," he took a deep breath and looked at the house-elf, Dobby. He grew older in the past years but he still had his bubbly and happy personality. Harry found a spell that seemed to work on everything but wizards and witches, to give him life again after dying by Bellatrix Lestrange's knife, the bitch. "Thank you, Dobby."

"Is Master Lord Harry Potter, sir, thinking about his missey 'Inee?" Dobby asked softly looking sadly at his master's black shiny shoes.

"Yes, Dobby, I'm thinking of Hermione," Harry sighed.

"Don't worry, Master Harry Potter, sir, you will be great, she will love you, and happy, happy ending," he said, pulling on his ears with wide eyes.

"Thank you, Dobby. We must go, or would you not like to join me?" he asked, not commanding but truly asking for an opinion. He has been asking the question to Dobby since he found a way to go to the past and every answer has been the same.

"No, Master Harry Potter, sir, Dobby must make arrangements for your Missey 'Inee, so, kind she was!" Dobby said pulling his ears and hopping on his feet as if they were on fire. His green eyes were shining. "Dobby must go make beautiful for her, must – must go, Master Harry Potter,sir."

Harry nodded and walked down to the dark, dreary dudgeons, letting himself be pushed by the small, overly hyper house-elf, to meet Draco Malfoy and Romilda Vane

Harry was thinking of his plans.

He had to do many things and get rid of many people and pesky objects. Over the summer, before the Quidditch World Cup, he would have to get rid of as many Horcruxes as possible. Because he already destroyed them once, he knew where they were he just had to worry about transportation and detectable magic. Harry knew the diary was gone from the epic adventure and events in the Chamber of Secrets. The Marvolo Gaunt's ring is in the Gaunt's house ruins. The Slytherin's Locket is at the Black House with Kreacher. The Hufflepuff's Cup would either be in the LeStrange's vault or in the Chamber of Secrets. The diadem of Ravenclaw (in the Room of Requirement), Nagini, and his scar would have to wait until Hogwarts's first term, maybe. Hopefully, the process will be quicker than he was planning.

Besides Voldemort, he would need to get Sirius's name cleared as well as expose the fake Moody i.e. Barty Couch Jr. If he could – could? He meant when – when he exposed baby crouch, he can save Cedric's life and with any luck delay or stop Voldemort's rebirth altogether.

As Harry thought this over, he realized he would need an ally. He thought over and over again about who this could possibility be. He determined that Snape would be a fine ally. But he knew he would have to bargain with him as well as possible buy his trust.

He was also planning on going to Gringotts to receive his inheritance but the most important part of his plan was…

Of course, make Hermione Granger fall unbelievably and undeniably in love with him.