The shifty man wearing the standard black suit with black tie, required of all Secret Service Agents, stood in one of the outside hallways of the White House. He stood facing the door way to the Oval Office, assuming an unwavering stance. This is Eagle Eyes, the shady observer who conducted the attempt on the President's life just a few short hours ago. He along with several other Canadian Operatives have infiltrated the U.S. Government in order to carry out their plans to take revenge on the United States from within. Eagle Eyes turns a sharp right into an adjoining hallway and makes a contact on his cell phone.

"Eagle Eyes, reporting in." he says.

"What have you to report." says the rough voice on the other end of the line.

"Sir, the earlier attempt failed. We never expected the President to carry out his own retaliation." says Eagle Eyes.

"Indeed, he'll be much tougher to eliminate him than previously thought. Where is he now?"

"He's holed up with some others in the Oval Office. What should I do?"

"Nothing for the present moment, sit tight. I myself will try to make an entrance, see what I can find out." says the shadowy voice.

"Understood, I'll keep a vigil on the outside. Eagle Eyes out…" he says as he snaps the cell phone shut.

While inside the Oval Office, things had taken a turn for the worst. Gabrielle Chavez lay passed out on the sofa, with her husband frantically trying to revive her, while their daughter Cassie was in the background trying to understand everything that was happening.

"Sweety, love kitten…c'mon baby. It's me Jay, wake up Gabby, c'mon." says the President as he gently fans his unconscious wife.

Cassie paces back and forth "Ok so what your telling me, is you guys are from some other planet or something and this other guy is not my dad."

"Well young lady try to understand we are from essentially the same planet, only a different dimension you see. The Colonel over here is essentially your father, only twenty years younger and from a separate alternate universe." says the Professor.

Cassie just nods her head absent mindedly as if the information passed on by the Professor has gone completely over her head. Arturo realizes this and begins another explanation.

"Try to think of it like this young woman, I…" he starts to say.

Just than Maria cuts in "I'll take it from here Max." she says as she takes a hold of Cassie's arm and tries to explain the situation in more simplistic terms.

The Professor goes over to Jason who it seems is lost in deep thought as he just stares at the unconscious form of the First Lady "Well in all this commotion I would've expected more of a response from you my boy. What a…what seems to be troubling you?"

"It's her Professor, it's my Gabrielle. Just the thought of her and me, married. It was all I ever used to dream of." Jason says, his stare on the First Lady not breaking for a second.

"Well than I take it you and the First Lady had a bit of a history back on your world. " says Arturo.

"Yea, you could say that." Jason answers his voice breaking slightly.

"Listen to me Colonel, I've seen this very same scenario played out many times in my past travels. Encountering the doubles of lost loved ones that meant a great deal to us in our home dimensions. I myself once ran into my late wife on one of the many universes I landed in. But what you must try to remember is that these people are not the same ones we knew back home. Take you and the President for instance, you share many of the same qualities, but you also hold more than a few differences as well. That woman lying on the couch is not the same one you knew back home. " says Arturo.

Jason just breaks his vigilant stare of the First Lady and shoots the Professor a "Yeah Whatever" type of stare as he walks over to the couch. The President gets up to see to his daughter and leaves the unconscious Gabrielle alone for a moment. Jason looks down and gently brushes a strand of hair away from Gabby's face and smiles warmly.

"Even a little older, your just as beautiful as I remember you." he whispers.

Arturo just shakes his head as he watches the scene unfold "I suppose he'll have to learn the hard way." he thinks to himself.

Slowly the lovely First Lady opens her gorgeous almond shaped eyes, the form of the younger Jason gradually coming into sharp focus. She smiles at him and reaches up to caress the side of his face.

"Oh Jay, is that really you, I thought…" she breaks off as she suddenly realizes that the face of the man looking down at her is much younger than the face of her real husband. Her eyes dart across the room to see the President. The shock of seeing both her husband and a younger version of himself kicks in once again and she lets out a loud squeal, jumping from the couch.

Jason stammers back and tries to reach out to her, as if to silently say that he wasn't trying to hurt her. But before he can do so, he is retrained by the Professor.

"Let her be." says Arturo.

Jason tries to fight the Professor's hold "No Professor, you don't understand."

Gabrielle goes running into her husband's arms and begins to sob slightly "Oh Jason what's going on!"

The President embraces his bride and holds her firmly "It's ok baby, it's ok. Shhhh…I'm here, no one is gonna hurt you."

After a few minutes of her face buried in the older Jason's chest, the First Lady regains her composure and lifts her head to face the other Jason "Who is that, my God Jay he looks just like you, only younger. What the hell is going on!"

"Mom it's the coolest thing ever, these people are from some other universe. That guy is daddy, only younger. I can't wait to tell my science professor about this!" squeals Cassie in a child like manner.

Gabrielle just stares at the Colonel in awe inspired disbelief. She slowly unfurls herself from her husband's embrace and ventures toward the younger Jason Chavez. Once again she reaches out but this time brushes his lips with her fingertips "This can't be real, your saying your really my husband?"

Jason shakes off the Professor's hold and takes Gabrielle's hand in his own "Yes, I am Jason Miguel Chavez, just not the one you know."

The President strides over and yanks his wife's hand away from Jason's grasp jealously and pulls her back "Don't touch her." he says sternly as the other Jason shoots him an angered glance.

"How can this be?" asks Gabby timidly.

The President still holds a malevolent stare on his younger doppleganger and addresses Arturo "Ok Professor, so my wife can understand who you people really are. Take it from the top."

The rather large man with a clean shaven head sat behind his lofty desk in his moderate size office, the receiver of his telephone pressed firmly against his ear. That last bit of remaining daylight of the fading afternoon, spilled through his closed blinds. The man was not particularly muscular but bulky nonetheless. A pair of large glasses sat snugly on his nose and his hands dwarfed the telephone receiver he was holding. The man stood at least a good six and a half feet tall. This is Dr. Thaddeus Strong, top scientific advisor to President Jason Chavez.

"Yes officer I understand, because of the rather bizarre nature of the suspects story, I think I would appreciate a chance to look at the police report of their stay. The President would consider it a personal favor to him." says Strong over the phone.

"Well ok, if the President insists on it, I'll fax you over a copy of the report. Tell President Chavez the S.F.P.D. is behind him all the way!" said the officer on the other end of the line obviously trying to suck up.

"Thank you officer I will give him the message, goodbye." says Strong as he hangs up the phone.

A few seconds later the fax machine in his office comes to life, printing out a lengthy report straight from the San Fransisco Police Department. Strong gleefully retrieves the report and flips through it's contents, every second his eyes growing more satisfied by the material.

"Professor Maximillian Arturo and Dr. Maria Chavez aye? To the untrained ear, this report would sound like the ravings of a lunatic. However to me it could be the potential breakthrough I've been looking for." he says as he once again picks up the phone and makes a call.

"It's me, I think I may have the perfect plan…" he says to the person on the other end.

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