Rain was coming down hard, covering the scent of the death that was plaguing the field. The blood that was spilt was quickly being soaked into the ground by the rain. Movement could be heard amoung the debris of what remains of a castle.


Thunder roaring and Lightning lighting up the sky. Crying and whimpering could be heard when the roar of thunder fades away. A boy probably no older than 12 was holding someone much bigger then him in his arms and by the figure of the person was most definitely a woman. The boy himself was not exactly human, for he had pointed ears like an elf, fox like feet and a fox tail. This boy was a fox demon by the name of Shippo and in his arms was the most person he cared for deeply, his adopted mother and his best friend. The woman he holds in his arms was none other than Kagome and she was dead.

All of his friends were gone as well, Sango, Miroku, Kouga, and Kirara. He didn't count that stupid half demon Inuyasha for he betrayed them by going to the clay pot Kikyo, who was working with Naraku.

Naraku...that name used to give him the chills just thinking about that monster...but now he gone, killed by Kagome. He wasn't sure how she killed him, but he figured it was that bright light from a few minutes ago was what killed the monster.


Shippo was completely soaked but he didn't care. All he could was stare at his mother, Kagome. She was completely covered with injuries that shouldn't have killed her, except one. There just below her chest was a gaping hole, it looked like something went right through her, and something did. One of Naraku's tenacles did it and it killed her.

As Shippo continuhoed to stare at her, he didn't notice the light that was coming from a small pink jewel that was lying in her limp hand and was getting brighter by the minute, until it was gone and in it's place a foot away was a woman, but she wasn't just any woman, she was Midoriko, creator of the Shikon Jewel.

She looked very sad at the site that layed before and knew immediatly what should be done.

"Little fox", Midoriko said softly so as not to startle the young fox demon before her, it didn't work. Shippo whipped his head at her at an amazing rate that he almost got whiplash while wrapping his arms around Kagome as to protect her, even though she was already dead. Shippo looked at the spirit that was before him in both amazement and wariness. "Please, listen to what I have to say. I wish you no harm only your attention", she said to Shippo in a low voice that was almost drowned out by the thunder and lightning.

Shippo only stared at her with narrowed eyes, while tightening his hold on Kagome's body. Midoriko sighed, knowing that the small fox would not answer her, so she continued on what she is going to say. "You care for my descendent alot, don't you little fox? I do care about her as well and I wish that it didn't come down to this. I know that you wanted her to be happy and still do even though she is dead....I know a way to give her that happiness that she deserved after all this chaos. I would very much to give her this but I also need to know if you do as well."

Shippo stared at the ancient spirit with disbelief at what he was hearing and begun to feel hope fill his body. 'A way to give her happiness. Is that possible?' Shippo thought as he looked down at Kagome and saw pain on her face that shouldn't be there, even though she is gone from this world. 'Happiness is the one thing that she never had even though she always smiled. She...she never felt happiness because that stupid Inuyasha kept breaking her heart for the last thirteen years and she gave up on ever being happy but always helped other to get their happiness but not of their own.....I know what to do now and I know that she deserves every bit of it!' As he thought this he had a determined look on his face as he turned his attention back to the spirit in front of him.

"Will what you are saying truly bring her happiness? She deserves it more than anyone. She's done so much for me and for others as well and never asked for anything in return! She deserves to be happy. She needs to be happy! Please bring her the happiness she deserves!" he yelled while tears were streaming down his face even though it was still raining you can still see them going down his face.

Midoriko didn't looked surprised that Shippo yelled at her, she nodded, "Yes, I agree that she deserves to be happy and what I'm going to do will not only bring her to a new world but also will destroy the Shikon no Tama for good." She smiled at the little fox demon and knelt down on the other side of Kagome. "She would want you to move on little boy, and be happy. She's would also want you to be happy as well. She loves you like a her own son. This is goodbye, young fox, and I wish you best of luck" Midoriko said to him as she took Kagome from Shippo and layed her on the ground.

She began to put her hands over Kagome's body and began to chant what appears to be a spell. Both began to glow blue and slowly were disappearing until there was a flash of light and there were gone. Gone from this world and into a new one.

Shippo stood up from his position on the ground and looked up as the sky begun to clear up. "Mama, I hope you find happiness."

And with that a new adventure began for Kagome and one that will lead her to her happiness and possibly a new future.



Kagome was 28 when she died. She's been in the Fuedel Era for 13 years since she was 15.

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