A sweet little drabble, which I originally wrote with InuYasha/Kagome in mind, but this is open to some amount of interpretation. This is my first work published on FanFiction, however not the first thing I have attempted to write. Please review and tell me your thoughts! Arigato! Thanks!

She awoke gasping, and instinctively searched for the pair of golden eyes she was fairly sure would be watching and waiting for her to be OK. Her own dark eyes found his gold, and a moment of total openness passed between them. The saw in the depths of his eyes his overwhelming concern for her, and relief at her being fine. She saw pain and longing hidden there, and uncertainty, his heart torn between two. And, buried so deep she was fairly sure he didn't know it was there, she saw fiery, protective, forever love.

He watched her wake from the nightmares, and waited uncharacteristically patiently for her eyes to flash to his. Then he knew she was OK, and in her right mind. He saw her fear, and relief at waking up. He saw unwavering confidence that she would be protected from whatever was out to get her. Deeper down he saw hurt and sadness there, and knew it was from his running off all the time. And, buried so deep it was almost impossible to pick out, he saw pure, unwavering, unending love.

But then their friends had to check, see that she was fine, and it was back to business as normal: argue; insult each other; tease; whatever. But they both knew how the other felt, and this ran as a very faint undercurrent to all they said and did.

They say eyes are windows to the soul, and these two knew that to be the truth.

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