It hurts. To breath, think and exist. Both my back and front is bleeding and to make it worst, the wound is poisonous. The beast fiends were killed but at the cost of my own life. So much for my dream of mage queen.

I used to think that if I was ever going to die; my friends and lover would be surrounding me, crying, trying to heal me and screaming at me to live. But no… I was alone. Not even animals were here. All that's here is the bright light of the moon but even that was becoming blurred.

If we didn't have that stupid quarrel maybe things wouldn't be like this. You would be here protecting me or maybe we would not even be here. I can't even remember who the idiot who started that quarrel was. Truthfully, I didn't even think it would be like this. I thought that we would soon make up, laughing together… but the truth was different.

I used to hate you. The arrogant guy who just became a rune knight on pure accident, asking Dia if it would work because I was still in training. Forced to travel with you and your idiot brother. As least there was Rina but soon more idiots joined.

After a while, I realized you weren't that bad. In fact, you were actually nice and soon, I developed a crush on you. When you found out about your father, I wanted to help you no matter what and I did.

You saved my life by becoming a master and my feelings from crush turned to pure love. You always got back up no matter what happened and you didn't hate me when you found out I was a beast fiend. You said the same things I said to you back then. How ironic was that?

Then when I tried to kill myself, you made the final bond with me and saved my life. I was so happy. When a witch and master make the final bond, it means that they would live their lives together forever.

But now I know that final bond was a lie. Here I am at death's door while you're probably off somewhere with Fatima. Now I wonder whether you really liked me. Right after that stupid quarrel you immediately got together with Fatima and everyone left me. Rina, Karen and obviously, Ayano, still talked to me but the rest, much less or didn't at all.

When I opened my eyes again I saw a silhouette. No matter how blurry my vision had become I could still tell who it was. I couldn't believe it. You were right there smiling at me like always. There were so many things I wanted to tell you but I knew time was up.

So with my last breath and best smile, I say this

'I'm sorry. I love you and goodbye.'

The Ember witch's body was found two days later. On her funeral, two things were missing. One was the Ember witch's ring, the other was the rune knight himself. Even now neither has been found.