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Demon Thinking

Demon Talk


Flashback- - -

"Aara-kun (hic) will I(hic) s(hic)ee you again(hic)?" Nari cried. Her head was on Gaara's shoulder. Tears wetting his shirt. Her best friend was leaving. She didn't want him to leave. "Let's make a promise. A promsie of that when i return again to see you or something...i will marry you. Ne."he said. "H-hai(hic).." she wrapped her arms more tightly around Gaara's nekc.. "D-dont (hic) leave(hic)!"

"Gomen N-chan but i have to..." He wrapped his small arms around Nari's waist. Aishiteru, Aara-kun" she whispered in his ear. "Aishiteru, N-chan."

Flashback End- - -

That was when they were thre. Nari's feeling for Gaara increased over nine years of him not with her. The promise they made still rang throught her head. '...I will marry you...'. .She will never forget them.

Now Nari was standing in front of Gaara. Well not in-in front of Gaara...but..yeah, She looked at him. His eye's were not the same. They were cold and had a murderous tint in them. Nari's heart cracked under his gaze. 'He..he doesn't remember. He doesn't remember. I..he was the only reason i wanted to evern live. To be able to see him smile again. I see him now and he..doesn't looke like Aara-kun...THAT'S NOT AARA-KUN!!!!' she screamed.'Kit calm down He remembers.' the fox said. Calming her down a bit. 'I hope..'.