Note: This is Kagome's point of view.

By Icka! M. Chif

Inuyasha and I look a lot alike.

Not now, not when he's half youkai, walking down the trail grumbling about the world in general.

But when he's human, we look a lot alike.

There are some differences of course, he's got violet eyes and I've got grey, but he could almost be my older brother or something. It's really quite scary.

What if we were related? I am 400 years in the past, he could be my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great- wait, dang it, lost count.


Oh, forget it. He could be my many times Great Grandfather.

Wait, this is 400 years in the past. What if I stayed here after we collected the shards? *I* could be my own many time Great Grandmother!

Maybe that's why I was sent back in time, I was supposed to say here after we find the shards.

But what if after we find the shards, I decide to stay in the future, and I'm actually supposed to stay in the past, does that mean I would no longer exist?

Does that mean my whole family line would no longer exist and the future as I know it wouldn't happen at all?

"Kagome-chan?" Shippou's voice snaps me out of my thoughts. He's up in the basket on the bike, looking at me with big concerned eyes. "You okay?"

I rub my head, the thoughts still swirling and conflicting. "Yeah." I mutter. "I just have a headache."