Disclaimer: All characters except the narrator belong to someone else.

Inuyasha does Rocky Horror.
By Icka! M. Chif


"What?! We haven't even started yet!"

"Don't have to." Inuyasha crosses his arms stubbornly. "The title's bad enough."

"Aww... C'mon. You could be Dr. Frank N Furter! He's the main character!"

Inuyasha glares out from under his bangs. "Then why is it called 'Rocky Horror'?"

"Uh.... I don't know..."

"Feh. Idiot."

"Oh, C'mon! It'll be fun!"

"There's no yiffin' way in the Nine Hells that you are going to get me to dress up like *that*!"

"You get to sleep with Kagome. She'll play Janet."

"...." Inuyasha pauses, then frowns. "Wait... Doesn't he also end up sleeping with his creation, his assistants AND the bumbling human?"

"You mean SuperA- uh, Brad? Well, um, now that you mention it..."


"What? Afraid of showing off your cute l'l tail?"

Inuyasha carefully moves to guard his rear. "I don't have a tail." He mutters darkly.

"Fine then. Sesshou-maru can be Frank. You can be Brad!"

That brings a low growl from the half youkai. "You don't value your life, do you?"

"Uh... well..."

Inuyasha reaches for the sword that rests on his hip.

"Okay! Okay! Never mind! Who do you want to play?"


"There's no one called that in the play!"

"Exactly." Inuyasha storms off.

"I could drop an anvil on you, ya know!"

He ignores the comment and disappears.

"Okay... We can do it without him then. Kagome is Janet... Kikyo can be Magenta, Naraku can be Riff-Raff... Hmm... Sango and Miroku would make a good Columbia and Eddie..."

"Am I late?"


Shippou steps out, dressed as Frank N Furter, complete with pearls, high heels and cape. "I'm ready! When do we start?"

"Ano... aren't you a little young?"

"I'm older than I look!" He declares puffing himself up.

"Then again... maybe this was a bad idea after all..."