"And so, the Lord gave his life for us in hopes that we would keep the commandments and take all his advice into our own hands, so that we could be God's perfect people"

Light Yagami sat at the back of the church, staring up at the ceiling in utter boredom. It seemed to him like someone had taken him here so he could feel guilty, so his conscience could punish him for the sins he had committed.

The funny thing was, it wasn't working.

If Light was a little kid, then maybe he might've given into his conscience and broken down. But Light was not a little kid, he was a near genius and he would not give in to weakening thoughts!

But, this ceremony was getting a bit annoying.........

"Mom!!! I wanna go home!"

In front of Light sat his family, which consisted of his Mother, his Father and his little sister. If it wasn't for them, he'd probably go on a killing spree.

"You can't go now; we're right in the middle of it!"

Light let out a sigh, shutting his eyes. He couldn't help but feel a little bored, sitting in a room with people who praised a fake God. If he was actually real, Light would show him.

Light would be the new God.

"Here us Lord and forgive us of our sins, for we are truly sorry and beg for your mercy"

The priest walked down the aisle, stopping in front of Light.

"Son? Would you mind telling me why you are sleeping in the Lord's House?"

Light opened his eyes and stared at the Priest lazily.

"Because I'm bored" He answered

Normally, Light's answer would be a lot different. He'd apologise, sitting up and actually pretending to care about this God.

But today, Light just didn't give a fuck.

"Is that so?" The Priest said, raising an eyebrow "Then I suppose you've committed a lot of sins recently"

That was a horrible accusation, but Light smiled, enjoying the inside joke.

"You wouldn't believe it" He answered

The ceremony soon ended and the Yagami's walked out of the church, smiles on their faces. They'd taken the bread, drunk the wine and had a pretty good time. But Ryuk was bursting to say something, and Light wanted to talk to him anyways.

"I'm just gonna go for a quick walk to clear my head" Light told his family, walking into the graveyard next door.

"Well, THAT was interesting" Light said, kicking a pebble in the way

"It was" Ryuk agreed "But I was wondering something"


"Do you think you were being punished, having to talk to the priest?"

"I don't know" Light answered, stopping in front of a gravestone "Am I being punished? Or is this what it feels like to win?"

Light would never know that answer.