Title: Venus Trap
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance
Word length 402
Sypnosis One would think that 'plant' and 'earth' would be two words that just went together naturally but...
Rating PG, somehow
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: One-sided Marluxia/Lexaeus
Notes: It should also be said that Marluxia was another one who didn't really want to work with me for last year's Lexmonth, but then Amber cheerfully suggested that he and Lex be mudwrestling... And I didn't have anything else to go on. ;


For all that it's gone through in the last few minutes, the Delphinium Sacrosanct, Marluxia's sprawling garden, has survived the preluding 'scuffle' quite well. Already do its many vines and roots twist through upturned dirt, and flowers lazily open up their petals. While it may be a mess, it also remains almost spitefully beautiful, concealing lethal poisons and razor sharp thorns.

It is, in every way, a perfect summary for the individual pinned beneath Lexaeus.

Both of them lack their black Organization jackets, but mud takes its place in coating their sleeveless arms and sticking to their faces. Despite the situation, Marluxia doesn't seem bothered, almost mocking as he leers up at Lexaeus. "That was certainly an interesting response," he drawls, peering up through his eyelashes as if innocent. "Why, I was unaware you could even fake anger, Lexaeus."

The other Nobody does not reply. He only tries to catch his breath, panting as he stares in Marluxia's eyes. Sweat mingles with the mud on his face before he finally pushes himself up onto his feet. Wiping his forehead with the back of his arm, Lexaeus glares down at Marluxia. "Do not make such remarks about Vexen or Xaldin ever again," he warns in a dark, solemn tone. "If I catch you talking about the other original members in such a manner again..."

The threat is left hanging, almost tangibly, in the air.

Sitting up, Marluxia shakes his hair out, and still wears that damnable smirk of his. "As you wish." The Sacrosanct rustles, acting as if one entity. Trees groan, a low sound which reverberates through the indoor garden. Slithering through the grass and dirt, a vine coyly coils loosely around one of Lexaeus' ankles, an action which earns the man's frown. As Lexaeus shakes it off, Marluxia gets onto his feet, looking at the other up and down. "After all, it wouldn't do to strain relations in the Organization."

Perceptive as always, Lexaeus catches the sarcasm which hides in Marluxia's deceivingly pleasant tone. His eyes narrow slightly, but in the end, Lexaeus only turns away and disappears through the corridor of darkness. Left alone in the Sacrosanct, Marluxia throws back his head and laughs lightly. Form up above in the trees, another voice joins in with an amused giggle. "Oh, Mar," Larxene says fondly as she drops down gracefully. Matching her friend's smirk with one of her own.

"You really can't flirt like other people, can you?"