"Guys..........I am-" I started but was interepted by .......Ares.

That idiot.

"Ares", I said in a fake cheery voice, "what are you doing here?"

"Oh just congratulating you of the soon wedding!"he said in a fake uninterested voice.

"You want me to come back don't you"even before I was done talking Ares was jumping up and down exclaiming"Yes,yes,YES!!!!!!" Then he was hugging me and was describing about how bad life was with out me and my fighting, cause apparently none of the gods ever fought with him because they were jealous of his strength and all that. Its scary how arrogant and innocent this big soldier is I thought unhappily.

Then came a very angry Dionysus, " I am so not scared of you pup, you wanna battle lets go imbecile"



"Ever since she is been a god she always ruins our fun"mumbled a grumpy Dionysus. I was no where near hurt I expected this from Dionysus. Then in pop all the gods.

They smile at me and dad walks up to me and gives me my pearl necklace I loved this necklace it was my harbor when I had it around it made me feel in the water or at mount Olympus.

Then my dad started talking with Carlisle which made Apollo go talk with his daughter Alice. Which led to a immortal party.

As I sat down I smiled the wind at my side blowing nice warm air in my face with my hair that was in a bun but know had some hair open loosely.

Edward came and sat beside me and asked, "you did not tell me that you were so............powerful."

I smiled "its okay now you know."

He gave me his favorite crooked smile in return.

"Everything is perfect" we said in synchronize.( I dont know how to spell but they said it together)

This story is on hold till Bellas story is done and im starting a new story as well tilll then guys jus give me nice ideas. thks