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"I'm. A. What?" a girl said slowly. She sat in a chair; she was still in her school uniform. A silver haired boy, the chairman of Cross Academy and her aunt sat across from her. Well, the boy was standing behind the chairman. He didn't look amused about being here.

"A Vampire Hunter." The girl's aunt answered again. The chairman nodded once again.

"Like in those books that I have?" the girl asked.

"Yes! Now will you quit asking pointless questions!" The silver haired boy yelled at her.

"Remember when you first came here to my home and you didn't remember a single thing of what happened to your parents or… even who you were?" The aunt asked.

"Zero-kun! How about you head back to the school. I'll be okay." The chairman said to the silver haired boy. The boy sighed and just left the room.

"No. Not really." The girl finally answered.

"See! I told you there was no way Zane would remember! Honey, go to your room please." The aunt said.

"Yes Aunt Crystal." Zane said. She got up and went to her room.

"What the hell!" I shouted when I got to my room. I flung my school bag into the chair on one side of my small room and flopped down on my bed. Eventually I looked at the photo of my 'older brother', 'mom', and 'dad'. I recognized me and that was it. Next to it was a picture of Crystal and I.

"She has finally gone off the fuckin deep end. I really need to stop hanging around those people at lunch. Though they're the only ones that'll let me sit with them. Gwad I'm such an idiot." I told the air. Why should I care at all? I changed into different clothes and walked out to the living room.

"I'm going out! Need anything?" I asked my aunt. I started to get the feeling the chairman was eating here.

"Yes, maybe some food. We are going to have a couple more people over people over."

"Yay." I said with sarcasm. I walked out the door after putting my shoes on. I walked down the street. Another silver haired boy walked by me, he looked familiar also. I continued walking and ignored the feeling growing in my chest and the pain in my neck.

"Zane-chan! Rare to see you in this part of town." The clerk at the grocery said to me. I tried to smile like I always do. Though it didn't turn out nicely. The clerk turned away and went back to her work. I walked away and sighed. Smiles aren't my thing. I bought the groceries and started to home. There it was still light out to my joy.

"Zane! Over here!" A familiar voice yelled at me. I turned and saw Khan; he's one of the people I sit by at lunch. I walked over towards him.

"What?" I asked annoyed.

"Hi." Khan answered. I walked away and headed for home. Khan never talks to me in school but out side of it the only thing he says to me is 'hi' so I usually get annoyed. I ran into someone because I wasn't paying any attention to where I was going.

"Sorry." I said lamely. I didn't even bother to meet the person's face. I just walked around him and continued towards home. Deep down I felt like turning around to see who it was that I had ran into. I didn't even bother with those feelings. Crystal is always saying that I used to be a very happy child. Though after my parents died and my big brother disappeared. I became unhappy.

"How is it that every time I try to remember my past? I can't." I whispered to myself. I leaned back against the wall of an alley. I heard a scream down from me. My body reacted faster then me. I found myself running down the alley. A woman ran into me knocking me to my ass and her on top of me.

"I'm so sorry!" the woman yelled getting off me. She looked scared.

"I'm okay what about you?" I asked.

"No!! There are two men down there who just attacked me!!" she yelled at me. I regretted asking that question. I stood up and looked in the direction she had come from.

"Well, lets go maybe we can a police officer and you can tell them." I told her. I held out my hand for her to take. The woman took it and I helped her up. I walked to the entrance of the alley (How many of you are saying run for it! The woman is a frickin vampire!) and the woman was following me. We were still a good distance from the entrance when her grip on my hand tightened.

"What's the matter?" I asked about to turn around. The woman had also quit walking so I was dragged back a bit.

"You're a Hunter like that man." The woman said. Her nails dug into my hand. I winced and turned around.

"What's a 'Hunter'" I asked. I tried to pull my hand out of her grasp. The woman's eyes glowed blood red. Pain racked my head and my vision became slightly blurred. The woman was very close to me with a killer intent. When I tried to move, my body wouldn't though. A shot rang out in the alley and the woman turned to dust in front of me. I only made out the shape of someone holding a gun before I passed out.

Dream scene-really a memory

"Big brother!" Zane yelled running towards a boy with white colored blond hair. He turned around and caught the child in his arms. Tears were streaming down Zane's face.

"What happened?" her big brother asked. Zane buried her face into his shoulder crying. Both heard footsteps approaching them.

"I'm so sorry. I saw her and thought she was lost. Instead I scared her." A cold voice said. Zane's big brother saw a man with one red eye and one blue eye. He also knew he was a vampire.

"You're a pure-blood." He hissed at the vampire. The man bowed and left. Not before giving them his name.

"Rido Kuran." The vampire said. He was gone in a moment just like when he showed up.

"Zane! If he ever comes near you again scream and whatever you do don't let him bite you." Her brother said when they got home. Zane nodded like her life depended on it. Later that night Zane awoke to the sound of banging. She looked around her room and saw that her window was open.

Zane got out of her bed and went to get her big brother. He was sitting at the desk in his room when she walked into his room. She saw him holding a piece of paper. It had the same seal on it as her parent's letters that Zane brought in from the mailbox.

"What is it?" he asked putting the paper down.

"My window is open." Zane answered. Her big brother nodded and stood up. He walked to her room and shut the window for her. He tucked Zane into her bed again.

"Good night." He told her kissing her forehead.

"Nighty-night." Zane whispered. He closed her door not even thinking about the thing in her room. Zane sat up and looked around her room. When she laid back down she heard a chuckle from the darkness.

"Well little Vampire Hunter. Looks like you are my meal tonight." It was Rido's voice. Zane went to shout something but his hand covered her mouth. She saw his glowing eyes and felt fear sweep through her. She bit his hand, which to the vampire's surprise really hurt.

"Brother!!" I yelled. I was sitting up breathing heavily. I blinked a few times and looked around. I was in my room, but the silver haired guy named Zero was sitting at my desk not looking at me. He was looking at my pictures though.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" I shouted. He seemed to snap out of his trance that he was in. My door opened in a flash my aunt and the chairman standing in my doorway. Crystal punched the chairman in the arm. I realized I still didn't know his name.

"Kaien you idiot! I told you that wasn't a good idea." Crystal yelled at him.

"Um…perhaps you were right." Kaien said. Zero stood up and left the room.

"Come on, lets' eat honey." Crystal said. I nodded and got off my bed. I looked down at my hand where the woman…no…vampire had a hold of me. I followed my aunt to the kitchen. We were eating dinner in when I decide to end the silence.

"I believe you." I told Kaien. I stared at him while he looked dumbfounded and lost for words.

"You believe me?" Kaien choked out. He pushed his glasses higher up on his nose. I nodded and continued to eat. Crystal looked at me with worry.

"What changed your mind?" Kaien asked after dinner. Crystal was in the kitchen washing dishes. I sat on the some what small couch we had in the living room. Zero sat next to me, hate actually coming from him in waves.

"Nothing really, I just kind of felt like I believed you after you told me."

"Or was it run in with a vampire?" Zero asked not looking at me. I swallowed.

"Both. You think I shouldn't be a Vampire Hunter. Don't you?" I asked him. Zero nodded.

"Anyone who passes out at the sight of blood or a vampire doesn't have any reason to be a Vampire Hunter." He said.

"I passed out due to something else. Not because of a damn bloodsucker or blood itself. I take human anatomy at the college here as an extra class." I told Zero.

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