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10 :: Love

Sora fell against the wall, the words hitting him like a speeding bullet train. Shaking his entire world and setting it back down, he felt those words hammer some nails into that world of his, keeping it stable once again.

He will make a fine recovery with time.

Sora slipped, making him realize that wearing only socks on a polished wood floor is quite slippery, and he found that the ending result of his butt and lower back landing slamming into the last step of the stair case was painful enough to really nail that fact into his memory.

Groaning to himself, he heard half hysterical laughter, and turned his head to see the familiar blonde on the couch in the living room, grin spread across his face as he laughed at the teen at the staircase, "Grace, haha, it isn't something you're good at, is it, Sor?"

Sora rolled his eyes at him and jumped up, ignoring the pain in his backside that came from the fall, he slid across the floor to land on the couch beside him, with enough grace to almost make that fall look like it couldn't happen. But he knew, Sora was an easy person to read.

"Whatever, Rox, whatever, you're the one who crashed into that door yesterday, so I don't want to hear it from you!"

Roxas's grin just spread, about to retort with a snappy comeback, but he suddenly felt a violent cough ripping through his throat, making him double over. Sora jumped and frowned, gently rubbing his back as he waited for him to recover.

They wouldn't be able to forget how sick he'd gotten.

Roxas breathed deeply and leaned back onto the couch, messaging his sore throat as he squinted his eyes shut, "Ow, that one hurt."

Sora rolled his eyes, "They all do, you still taking your meds?"

"Yeah, yeah, the, uh… What were they called?"


"Uh… Ginec-"

"Not even close."

Roxas pouted, narrowing his eyes at the brunette, "Why you always so mean to me? Ass."

Sora threw a hand over his mouth, muffling the chuckling he was attempting to hide, but Roxas still spun around to glare at him, "What?"

Sora burst out in his laughter, suddenly throwing himself on the blonde, making him fall back on the couch, letting the teen lay mostly on him, "We both know who the real ass is."

"What are you-" Roxas's eyes widened, then a blush ran across his face, "I am not! You're gonna be it!"

Sora grinned wider, "Nuh-uh! I can totally dominate you!"

"You couldn't dominate a-"

"Do NOT finish that sentence!" The couple jumped and snapped their attention to the doorway to the kitchen, seeing Kairi smirking at them as Xion just rolled her eyes, "If you two are gonna make out here, then do it in a room! We don't wanna see all that stuff!"

Naminé squeezed past them, looking quickly at the scene before pulling out her sketchbook, "Speak for yourself, you two just continue doing what you were doing, k? Pretend I'm not here!"

They jumped apart like they were burned, making Naminé glare at them, "What? I thought you two looked cute!"

Sora grinned at her, "Yeah, uh-huh, totally innocent intentions, right?"

She gave him a dirty look, but just stomped from the room, heading upstairs to Larxene's room, most likely. Larxene herself stepped out of the kitchen next looking at all of them as she sipped her cup of coffee, "Where'd Nam go?"

Kairi rolled her eyes, "You two just can't be separated for a minute, can you?"

"New couple, by law we're attached at the hip!" She yelled, marching out of the room, looking around before heading up the stairs also, "Naaaaaamiiiiiii!"

Roxas groaned at her yell, covering his ears and burying his face into Sora's shoulder, and, as predicted by the blonde, the chain reaction began, as Axel could be heard from somewhere in the house, "Who the HELL is yelling THIS FUCKING EARLY IN THE MORNING?"

"HEY! I'm trying to SLEEP!" Demyx yell could be heard in another location, probably his own room.

Marluxia screamed from the bathroom shower, somehow being heard with his horribly loud voice, "YOU'RE FUCKING ZEXION IN YOUR SLEEP NOW, TOO?"

Larxene's and Axel's impish laughter could be heard already, as Sora decided to also contribute to the yelling, "Jeez, Dem! I'm sure his ass hurts enough now! Give him a brake from the spanking at least!"

"WOULD YOU ALL SHUT UP?" Demyx screamed from his bedroom, even making Roxas start to laugh.

Kairi just sighed at the residents of the house, finding it amazing they haven't all gone insane living together just yet, and then walked up to the TV, turning the volume up to hopefully catch some of the news, "Coming up on Destiny Island News…"

She grumbled to herself as Sora giggled rather girlishly, making Roxas push him, but Xion jumped onto the floor in front of the TV, pulling the Playstation and controllers out. She raised her eyebrow at Sora and threw him a controller, making Kairi throw her hands up at them, "This early in the morning? Really? You're like children!"

"WHOSE HAVING BABIES?" Axel screamed from… somewhere, it was coming from the direction of the garage, strangely enough.



"SAYS YOU!" Sora retorted, making Roxas groan from the scream being only an inch from his ear, as he rested comfortably against the brunette's arm and shoulder. The arm suddenly moved, being thrown around his chest, making Roxas smile, until he saw Sora getting a more comfortable grip on the controller… Oh well, he'd have him whipped eventually.

Larxene threw her door open, "HEY! NONE OF YOU SHOULD REPRODUCE, SO SHUT UP!"

"WAIT, ZEXY!" Demyx's door was slammed open, and stomping was heard as they suddenly saw Zexion glaring violently at the world around him, heading straight for the kitchen, sharp whispers of "Coffee" was the only thing heard from him.

Demyx didn't take long to be seen running after him, grinning brightly at those in the living room. Then, to Kairi's immense joy, Marluxia finally left the bathroom, bright pink bathroom hugging his body a little too tightly as he smiled contently and walked up the stairs to his own room. Kairi quickly ran into the bathroom after him, making Axel raise an eyebrow at her as he walked into the living room from the garage.

He grinned evilly and jumped onto the couch beside Roxas, throwing his arms around the small blonde, "ROXAS! WHY? Why did you choose my little brother over me! I'm so damn smexy! Much more smexy than him!"

Sora's jaw dropped, along with the game controller, "Hey! I am so much smexier than you!"

Roxas glared at him, as his boyfriend just stared at them for a moment, Roxas still in Axel's arms, the teen was quite annoyed, "… AND?"

"Oh, and Roxas's ass is totally mine, take your Grampa hands off him."

"They're not Grampa hands!"

"My ASS is not YOURS!"

"Jeez, you guys are so easily offended," He gasped and grabbed the remote again, "I mean, really, Axe you grab Roxie every day, ever since Roxie's parents bought this house for us!"

Axel just pouted, staring at his hands and walked off, and Roxas continued to glare at his boyfriend, who was completely absorbed in his game against Xion… Until Roxas walked past him and broke his gaze at the screen, "Huh? Roxie, where you going?"

Roxas continued, not looking behind himself as he climbed the stairs, leaving Sora to raise and eyebrow and Xion to giggle at him, "Oooh, someone's in for a spanking!"

Marluxia yelled from his room, "Is it Zexion? Demyx! We told you to give his ass a break!"

"I AM!" A bang and scream were heard from the kitchen immediately afterwards, followed quickly by a, "I'm sorry, Zexy!"

Sora ignored them and left the game, running up the stairs and towards his and Roxas's room, the moment he stepped inside, he found Roxas scowling at him. Slowly the teen closed the door behind him, wondering what the hell Roxas could be so upset about, as it had obviously been a joke, but then Roxas was on him, pushing him flush against the door.

Their mouths were connected like they had been welded together, and it didn't look like there was any thoughts of separation for them. As Roxas's hands traveled up into Sora's hair, tangling his fingers in the strands, Sora quickly wrapped his around the other's lower back, messaging random designs through his shirt and into his skin.

A lick at Sora's bottom lip, and the first thought that popped into his mind was that he was most definitely not in any trouble at all; he didn't hesitate to let that tongue slip into his mouth. Moaning softly, he slowly let one of his hands trail up under Roxas's shirt, gently gliding his fingers against the soft skin of his side.

Roxas shivered, gasping in his mouth, but didn't stop for a moment, as Sora let his hand travel back down in the same way, trailing off farther down to his butt. Letting the other hand also fall down to the same area, he pulled Roxas even closer to him, prying his legs apart with his knee to settle them in a much more… comfortable position.

Roxas groaned quietly, finally braking the kiss and letting them both gasp for breath, he bucked forward and grinded against Sora's hips, in turn making the other moan with him. In some sort of retaliation, Sora locked himself onto the blonde's pale neck, licking and gently nibbling at the soft skin there, he started to move his knee.

Groaning at the treatment, Roxas gulped heavily, repeating the grinding against Sora, feeling his erection pressing against the others through their clothing, he gasped as he suddenly felt Sora bite down on a spot just below his jaw. He suddenly really wished he had gotten their pants off before they decided to do this.

Like ready his mind, Sora's hands went straight to Roxas's belt, undoing it quickly, surprisingly since his fingers shook, but he let it fall to the floor as he undid those pants and began pushing them down. He didn't care if they were off or not, he just wanted to get to the good part.

Roxas grinded down one more time before letting himself be pushed off just slightly, his jeans pooling at his ankles on the floor, he stumbled messily out of them as he was pushed back. He let Sora guide him, instead directing his attention to the teen's neck, tanned, smooth, soft, and unmarked. He wanted to make it his.

He nibbled on it, a harsher nip making Sora hold his breath for a heartbeat longer ever once in a while, Roxas gasped as he was suddenly sent sprawling back onto his bed. His jeans were ripped off him, making him look up as Sora nearly tore his shirt and jeans from himself, he followed the idea and also took his shirt off, leaving the two in only their boxers as Sora climbed over him.

Roxas smirked at him, making the brunette blush lightly, suddenly quite aware of his own heavy breathing, but that didn't matter. He just wanted to mess Roxas up, in a very good way. He smashed their lips together, a wet and sloppy kiss being the result, and he pushed the teen against the mattress, moving one of his legs out so he could sit between them, he grinded up into the blonde's butt.

Roxas could feel Sora's erection press against his butt, and his own erection rubbing against Sora's stomach through the cloth of their boxers. He groaned again, biting his lip and breaking the kiss to keep himself from making a louder noise. Things were getting really hot, and he didn't know how far this was gonna go.

His original plan had been to just make-out with him, remind Sora who was the pants in their relationship, but that was apparently not what was transpiring. He whimpered ever so softly as another grind against his bottom sent chills of pleasure through him, and he sucked in another deep breath, knowing this was going a lot farther than they had thought.

Were they really going to have sex?

Sora continued his motions, grinding himself into Roxas's butt, feeling Roxas buck forward into his stomach in turn, he could feel the tension building in them. He wasn't sure how far Roxas wanted to go, how far either of them wanted to go. Roxas was still sick after all, and the doctor said no strenuous exercise for him… Did sex count as strenuous exercise?


But if Roxas really wanted it, would that stop him? No way in Hell.

"R-Rox, you-do you really?"

"Yes!" Roxas snapped it quickly, not giving Sora chance to elaborate any more, "Yes, just-more."

Their words sounded strangled, but they wouldn't be speaking much anyways, so Sora's hands went straight down to the other teen's underwear, nearly tearing them off with the speed he pulled them down. Roxas groaned as he felt himself exposed to the cooler air, which was strange, as the air felt like it was burning his lungs, not freezing cold like it was to… uh, his part.

Looking down at him, Sora grinned, making Roxas gulp and avert his gaze, "H-Hey, what's with that look? Creeper, stop staring and do something!"

Sora's grin just turned more mischievous as he leaned down, taking a attentive lick at Roxas, making the other flinch and stifle a noise, the blonde couldn't stop his groan when he was suddenly engulfed with that warmth, though.

Sora slowly moved up and down, making the teen below him squirm, he was sure that his hands were going to leave bruises on his hips, ones that would mean Roxas would be to embarrassed to wear his bathing suit later, but that didn't matter.

Because he would rip whatever shirt he was wearing off in front of everybody, so they would all know who Roxas belonged to.

Roxas shuddered, feeling Sora's tongue tease the slit, he didn't notice Sora's fingers until they were poking into his mouth. Living in a house with so many other gay guys and perverts, he knew what Sora was planning, so he quickly took them in his mouth, licking and coating them with as much saliva as he could.

Sora let his fingers run down his chest lightly, just barely breezing over his nipples, and circling his belly button only once before coming to his legs. Sora spread them apart further, letting his fingers probe Roxas's hole teasingly.

Roxas sucked in his breath, nervous, knowing pain was ahead, but that the pleasure would make it all worth it. As the first finger entered, the uncomfortable feeling didn't bother him too much, after all, he had been expecting worse. But the second finger…

"Fuck…" Roxas groaned, trying to shift his hips around, wishing the sting would just go away already, but with the constant source of sucking from Sora's mouth, he had to gasp as Sora dragged his teeth down his length lightly.

Slowly, the scissoring of Sora's fingers he was adjusted to, and then the third was added, and he felt himself loosen up to that one as well. Panting, his vision and mind blurred, with Sora still moving up and down his length, and those fingers sending tingling pleasure up his spine, he moaned Sora's name quietly.

Sora pulled his fingers out, and let Roxas's length fall from his mouth, leaving the blonde panting with a groan, he spit onto his hand, coating his own length with saliva and hoping that it would be enough for this.

Pulling Roxas closer to him, he lined himself up with his entrance, and looked down at those soft baby blues, glazed over with the sort of look that made chills run up Sora's spine. He was pretty sure if he wasn't hard already, that look could make him in seconds.

Roxas nodded slowly, and Sora gently began to push in, watching his lover closely as he entered. The first part was fine, good even, it felt so good, but past the part where Sora's fingers stretched…

That hurt like a mother fucking bitch.

He winced, making Sora slow down, but not completely stop. He couldn't, maybe if Roxas said so, but without the direct words, he just couldn't. It was like he was being pulled in, by that heat, that tightness. He groaned, loudly as he finally became fully sheathed.

He waited, looming over the blonde's body as they both panted rapidly, he opened his eyes to look down at Roxas's flushed face, waiting for any kind of sign that he was ready for movement. Roxas, in turn, after what felt like forever, finally moved his hips down, groaning as he felt Sora move inside him.

Sora placed his hands back on his hips, pulling out slowly before snapping back in, making Roxas moan loudly, he repeated this again, and again. Sweat dripped from their bodies, making their skin slide against each other easier, and Roxas clutched at Sora's back, digging his nails into just under the guy's shoulder blades.

The tension was coiling in their stomachs tightly, their noises becoming more unrestrained, Sora's thrusts were beginning to turn out of their rhythm, and Roxas wrapped his legs around his waist, attempting to bring him even closer, even deeper.

Sora could feel himself coming closer to the edge, thrusting harder and deeper inside the blonde beneath him, and suddenly he felt Roxas's walls clutch all around him. Roxas nearly screamed, and Sora smashed their mouths together once again, feeling himself also release into his lover.

He collapsed, barely moving himself, to the side of Roxas, still half way on top of the guy. They panted, basking in the post-orgasm feeling, the silence around them was ringing in their ears until Roxas cracked his eyes open slightly, letting out a small, raspy whisper, "I love you."

Sora's eyes widened in surprise, his breath catching momentarily until the warmest smile Roxas had seen from him spread across his features, "I love you, too."






Roxas glared at the ceiling above them, "I'm gonna kill something."

Sora just grinned, kissing his cheek and snuggling up to him, "You're ass is gonna hurt like a bitch, I'll kill them for you later. Cuddle first."

Roxas blushed a bit, mostly out of embarrassment that he now realized everyone in the house probably had heard them, and let his eyes travel around their room, finally resting on the collage of pictures Sora had made on their wall for him, back when they first moved in.

All of the pictures were of them together, in the hospital, at Lulu's Bakery, in Roxas's room at Lulu's. But the most important part of it, the part that always made him smile the most was how the pictures spelt a word.


Sora had said pictures were worth a thousand words, but those pictures only meant one.